150 Nicknames for Natalie [Cute & Adorable]

Many people consider Natalie to be a very attractive name.

But things can get confusing when lots of people bear this name, which is not uncommon. Imagine getting so many replies at once when you scream “Natalie” in public.

It’s important to have a unique way you call every Natalie you know.

And this is where nicknames come in handy. There are lots of nicknames for Natalie to use.

Furthermore, choosing a nickname that matches the personality of your kid, friend, or loved one can boost their confidence, especially among their peers. 

Hence, this article provides a huge list of cute, creative, and unique nicknames for Natalie.

However, it’s important to know the origin and meaning of this amazing name first. Let’s discuss this below!

Origin and Meaning

Natalie is one of the variants of Natalia and it means “Christmas” or “birthday of the Lord”.

The name is of Latin origin and was derived from the Latin words “Natale domini”, which means “birth of the Lord”.

Since Natalie has a joyful meaning,  many parents don’t hesitate to give their female kids the name.

Even though Natalie was first popular in French Culture, it became very popular in English culture.

Now that you know the meaning and origin of Natalie, let’s proceed to the best nicknames to call your girl.

Cute Nicknames

Whether the beautiful Natalie you know is a friend or a loved one, she’ll be happy when you call her cute nicknames.

Check out the list below to make the most appropriate choice for your favorite person. 

  1. Nattie – a very common nickname for Natalie
  2. Natty
  3. Nat-at-tat
  4. NattieLuv
  5. Tallie
  6. Tweety Bird
  7. Nat-Nat – A sweet nickname for a baby Natalie
  8. Sis Natalie – If she’s a sister or like a sister to you
  9. Lil’NAt
  10. Nataliees
  11. Natka
  12. Nelly
  13. Natsack
  14. Nataleen
  15. Nattally
  16. NattieBoo – For someone who you find very loving and caring 
  17. Tally
  18. Nathy
  19. Nataal
  20. Natlee
  21. Nettie
  22. Nathie
  23. Talley
  24. Talie
  25. Nally
  26. Natalieie
  27. Nallie
  28. Bumble bee
  29. Naddie – A rare version of Nattie. Perfect to give your Natalie to make her stand out 
  30. Sweet Natalie

Funny Nicknames

It’s not bad to identify your Natalie humorously. Funny nicknames are also great choices for someone hilarious.

See some of the options available below:

  1. Nani
  2. Bee’s Knees
  3. Natalie Rod
  4. Big Natalie – If Natalie is a big girl
  5. Natalie Rup
  6. Nasty Nat
  7. NattieBug – Use this nickname for your little girl
  8. Nat-a-tat
  9. Lee-Lee
  10. Naughty
  11. Natabanana
  12. Nutty
  13. Mob Natalie
  14. NatCat
  15. Prickly pear
  16. Bunny
  17. Ta-ta
  18. Noodl-ie – A girl whose favorite food is noodles
  19. Natalwee – A baby girl who pees a lot
  20. Nutalie

Short Nicknames

Now, here’s something great about short nicknames: it helps strengthen trust in a friendship and other relationships.

So if Natalie is someone whom you’re very close to, then you might want to use some very short versions of her name.

  1. Nat – This is one of the most common nicknames for Natalie.
  2. Allie
  3. Lee – a variation of the last three letters of the name “Natalie”
  4. Naty 
  5. Ellie 
  6. Net – a variation of Nat. suits the girl who likes to surf the internet
  7. Li 
  8. TT – A very short but unique nickname to give your friend
  9. Nads
  10. Na-Na
  11. Nat-E – A very simple nickname for the girl whose middle name starts with “E”
  12. Lily – Choose this nickname for someone innocent who has decent behavior (pure as a lily flower)
  13. Nats
  14. Ally
  15. Gnat
  16. Natti
  17. Nia
  18. Nina
  19. Ellis
  20. Nata

Cool Nicknames

A cool nickname is best for a very cool Natalie. Perhaps, you always enjoy her company. See some cool nicknames below:

  1. Tilly 
  2. Natalie Montana – A girl who behaves or loves “Hannah Montana” 
  3. Gwen Stefani – Give this nickname to a girl that can sing pretty well
  4. Natty ice – If Natalie loves wearing Diamond Jewelry, give her this nickname
  5. Natabliss
  6. Natgirl – A good nickname for Natalie who likes to be a hero
  7. Tally-Ho
  8. SuperNatalie – A good nickname for a multi-talented Natalie. She’s just good at so many things!
  9. T-Girl – A simple name for your very cool friend
  10. Naturalie
  11. Knatty
  12. Sunshine – Give this nickname to a very kind, happy, and cheerful person. She’s very good at making people happy
  13. Attagirl
  14. T-Baby
  15. Dandelion
  16. AuntNat
  17. Twinkle
  18. Annett
  19. Neutralie
  20. Bistie 

Creative Nicknames

Probably, you want to give Natalie you know a nickname that best describes her personality, feel free to make a choice from the options below:

  1. Natalie biotic – She knows so much about biology and living organisms
  2. Natalie Bomb
  3. Nata-lie – For a Natalie whose life is centered on falsehood. She’s the kind you can’t trust
  4. Nala – is based on a popular female character in “The Lion King” (a popular Disney movie)
  5. Natz rats – for a no-good Natalie 
  6. Badalie – a nickname for Natalie with a long record of so many no-good habits
  7. Natastic – Choose this nickname for someone that’s simply fantastic
  8. Nat-tall-lee – if Natalie is a very tall girl, this nickname was created for her
  9. Nat-bat
  10. NewYear Nat – What other creative nickname can you give someone born on 1 January other than this?
  11. Natalie belle – 
  12. Neatalie – A girl who doesn’t feel comfortable when things are dirty
  13. Natalot – Choose this name for a girl that’s never content. This Natalie just wants more!
  14. ChefNat – She seems to have magic hands when it comes to cooking
  15. Naughtalie
  16. Natalista
  17. Navy
  18. Catalie
  19. Natalie curls – a girl who loves curly hair.
  20. Natalie the Urbana
  21. Natalierchy – Doing things in order is just her habit
  22. Natalie the Aesculapius
  23. Pink Natalie 
  24. Chatalie – She loves chatting!
  25. Natoku – She’s an expert in playing Sudoku games
  26. Natalie Tropicana 
  27. Amazon
  28. Nastalie – A Natalie with a very cruel attitude
  29. Bratalie – “Brat + Natalie”. Give your woman a nickname that has your name attached
  30. Natalie Head
  31. Nit–Nat – A girl that’s so obsessed with a popular chocolate bar named “Kit Kat”
  32. Notealie – Very good at taking notes of things and events
  33. Nat-race
  34. Hintalie – 
  35. Natysaurus Rex
  36. Farmalie – She knows so much about plants and agriculture. She can grow almost anything!
  37. NatalieKingCole – she has a pretty voice that can steal attention
  38. Knotalie – For a girl who knows how to tie and loose knots easily
  39. Nataleap
  40. Hatalie – has so much love for hats. Loves to put hats on every time.

Unique Nicknames

If you want to differentiate your favorite Natalie from the other “Natalies” around you, these unique nicknames below will do the trick.

  1. Angel
  2. Rafters
  3. Champ – This name is a good choice for a girl who strives to be victorious in everything
  4. Nutella
  5. Apollo11
  6. Crafters
  7. Bubbles
  8. Fiona
  9. Holly
  10. Natalie Star
  11. Barbie
  12. Blush Natalie
  13. Louise
  14. Internationalie – She has a broad knowledge of foreign affairs. She seems to be in different countries at once! 
  15. Noel
  16. Candy
  17. Shiny
  18. Jelly Nataliey
  19. Little Flower
  20. Clancy

Names Similar to Natalie 

Perhaps, you want a name for your child similar and pretty to Natalie, below are 20 beautiful names that are similar to Natalie:

  1. Novella
  2. Talia
  3. Anastasia
  4. Ashley
  5. Olivia
  6. Hadley
  7. Elodie
  8. Nadia
  9. Kylie
  10. Amelie
  11. Naomi
  12. Annie 
  13. Tasha
  14. Danielle
  15. Netty
  16. Rosalie
  17. Emily
  18. Nahla
  19. Evelina
  20. Berkeley 

Famous Names

Many female celebrities in the world go by the name Natalie. Here are some very famous names below:

  1. Natalie Portman – Israeli-American Actress. She starred as Jane Foster in the 2022 popular movie Thor: Love and Thunder. 
  2. Natalie of Serbia (Natalija Obrenović) – Queen of Serbia (1882 – 1889)
  3. Natalie Morales – An American actress, writer, and movie director
  4. Natalie L. Blair – Popular Australian actress
  5. Natalie D. Grant – Award-winning American contemporary gospel singer
  6. Natalie K. Neidhart – Canadian-American professional female wrestler
  7. Natalie Gulbis – American professional golfer
  8. Natalie Zea – An American actress
  9. Natalie J. Anderson – An English actress, TV presenter, and singer.
  10. Natalie Wood – An American actress

Variations of Natalie

Since the name Natalie originated many years ago, it has been modified in different parts of the world.

Moreover, all the variants mean the same thing. See them below:

  1. Natalee
  2. Nathalie
  3. Natasha
  4. Natacha
  5. Natasza
  6. Nataliya
  7. Natalina
  8. Natalija
  9. Natalia
  10. Natalka

Also see:

Final Thoughts

Now that’s our list of the best nicknames for Natalie, which is a very pretty and popular name.

So there’s every need to make your Natalie stand out with a special nickname.

Our comprehensive list of nicknames provides you with many options to save you from brainstorming about a nickname.

Just find out the ones that best describe who your Natalie is or what she means to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Natalie a Cute Name?

Natalie is a very cute name. Many people in the world find it attractive. Its meaning signifies a joyful event; it’s Christmas! 

And this is why many parents love it. In many parts of the world, parents use this name for their girl child very often.

Is Natalie a Rare Name?

Natalie isn’t a rare name at all. It has been very popular over the years.

It has been among the top 50 female names for a few decades now. And this popularity has been consistent since 2000 according to Social Security Administration data.

Interestingly, in the early 2000s, the name Natalie reached a high level of popularity.

It ranked among the top 20 popular female names and remained like that for many years. 

Presently, the name Natalie has dropped down from 50th position to 51st.

But it is still among the top 100 popular names, which is remarkable. This name maintains its popularity without being overused.

What Middle Names Go Well With Natalie?

No doubt, Natalie is a pretty name but it can go well with pairing with other beautiful middle names. Some amazing names to use with Natalie Rose, Kate, Grace, Jane, and Joy. 

In addition, Leah, Eve, Celine, Elena, and Scarlett equally make great middle names for Natalie.

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