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5 Best Baby Hair Brush For All Toddlers

Looking for baby hairbrushes for toddlers and tots?

Do you ever wonder how to take care of your little one’s hair? It’s not just about a pretty or neat appearance. How you take care of your toddler’s hair affects both the soft scalp’s health and hair growth. Not taking care can lead to so many unwanted issues, like a flaky or greasy scalp, and even rashes. Babies are delicate, and they should be treated with the utmost care and love.

We have brought to you a few of the best baby hair brushes, that’ll not only help you tame those little strands, but also will be super smooth on the scalp. 

What Should You Be Looking For In The Best Baby Hairbrush?


Look for the correct size, so that you can use it in the growing years of your baby too. A brush with a medium handle will provide you a comfortable and perfect grip.


While looking for a hairbrush, always consider one which is easily made up of BPA free material. Pick a water-resistant brush, so that you can wash the brush with water and soap easily and also something that is not too rough to your baby’s skin.

Design of Brush

Always choose a hairbrush, which has beautiful color and inscribed with some cartoon characters. Kids will love colorful, pretty hairbrush more as compared to a basic hairbrush.


While picking the best baby hairbrush, look for characteristics like anti-bacterial properties, deals with cradle cap or eczema. Prefer a brush that provides smooth movement over the scalp and detangle hairs with minimal hair loss.

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Best Baby Hair Brush: Our Pick

#1 FridaBaby DermFrida SkinSoother – Best Overall

If you are looking for a hairbrush that deals with cradle cap, FridaBaby DermaFrida SkinSoother is one of the best options. It is a multifunctional hairbrush that helps to deal with cradle cap and eczema on the one hand and keep your baby’s scalp healthy on the other. 

It has a water-resistant mechanism; you don’t need to dry it explicitly. This hairbrush is made up of silicone material, and thus it is safe for your baby’s skin. It is enriched with anti-bacterial properties as well.

As you brush in the right movement on your toddler’s scalp, it massages his skin, improving the overall blood flow. 

One can hold it easily in between his fingers as it provides a firm grip. Additionally, what makes it the best baby hairbrush is the replacement brush available in its packaging. 

It is a natural hair brush designed in such a manner to provide a very smooth brushing experience along with the cleansing of the scalp. It is comfortable for both kids and parents in all ways.


● Its packaging includes two similar brushes

● It has anti-bacterial properties

● It massages the scalp of your toddlers and simulates their blood flow


● It is somewhat small in size

#2 Summer Infant Brush & Comb – Best for Flaky Scalp

Summar Infant introduces a set of brush and comb, which is quite pocket friendly. It has two different products, a hairbrush, and a hair comb. 

You can easily use it for a baby boy or a baby girl because it’s a gender-neutral light blue-white color and perfect texture. 

What makes it the best hairbrush for baby is its thick and dense tooth, which makes it very easy and less painful to detangle your toddler’s hair. 

This is not specifically designed for babies, and people of all age groups can use this set because of its perfect size. 

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The bristles of brush and comb won’t be hard and rough on the scalp of your baby. To deal with the cradle cap, this brush or comb applies the required friction on the scalp.

Made up of plastic, it is water repellent, and thus, one can easily wash this set with warm water and soap. You can use it effectively in the growing hairs of your baby because of its sturdy body. 


● It is a long brush, so, even adults can use this brush and comb set

● With its wide bristles, it detangles hair very quickly

● It is easy to clean plastic brush and com set


● It is available in just one color option

#3 Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush & Comb – Super Comfortable Grip

Available in pink and blue color, Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb set is suitable for both boys and girls. It is quite pocket friendly with a brush and a comb included in a single packaging.

It is an organic hair brush that provides easy detangling of hairs and a smooth movement across your toddler’s scalp. 

This set is one of the best baby hairbrushes as it suits well for sensitive skin as well. It has a dual-density-teeth, and you can use the broader or thinner bristle side as per your requirement.

Kids can themselves comb their hairs with this comb and brush set as they grow up. 

Made up of BPA and phthalate-free plastic, it is quite simple to clean this product with warm water and soap. It is awarded the hospital’s choice product and ensures all the safety standards for kids.


● It has both fine and wide teeth available in a single comb

● It is effortless to clean this set with water and soap

● It is suitable for sensitive skin as well


● Some users complain that its bristles fall out after using it for a while

#4 Royal Infant Natural Goat Hair Brush – Perfect for Greasy Scalp

If you are looking for an organic baby hairbrush, Royal Infant Natural Goat Hair Brush is a perfect choice. It is an excellent hairbrush for toddlers with fine hair. 

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Its goat hair brush ensures the smooth movement of brush on the scalp without irritation. 

When you massage with this brush over your infant’s scalp, it stimulates the blood flow and relaxes your baby. It is a non-static hairbrush and keeps your baby’s hair tangle-free and reduces frizz.


● It is an eco-friendly hairbrush with hair goat bristle and beechwood handle.

● With its anti-bacterial property, it helps to deal with cradle cap

● The brush helps to stimulate the blood flow when massaged over scalp


● Goat hair bristles shed quickly.

#5 Disney Minnie Brush & Comb Set – Best for Fine Strands

Is your baby a Disney fan? Disney Minnie Brush & Comb set is then perfect for him. It is a cute little set of a comb and a brush with a pink base and white polka dots. 

This set has ultra-soft teeth that make a gentle movement on the scalp. With wide bristles, it detangles hair very well. It is one of the best brush for baby fine hair because of its soft bristles.  

This set has long brush and comb, and thus it can be used in the growing years of your kids. This set is enriched with anti-bacterial properties as well and, therefore, 100% safe for kids


● Disney inspired set of comb and brush with pretty look

● It has anti-bacterial properties

● Made up of plastic, it becomes pretty easy to clean this set


● Adults may find the handle of brush harder


You don’t want to go wrong while nurturing your baby, and choosing a perfect hairbrush is super important to maintain good scalp health.

If you’d like us to suggest, we think the FridaBaby DermFrida SkinSoother hairbrush is the one to go for. It has a premium material use and is totally safe for your kid.

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