6 Year Old Obsessed With Private Parts
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6 Year Old Obsessed With Private Parts – 4 Smart Parenting Tips

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Having a 6 year old obsessed with private parts issue is sometimes difficult to parent.

Children are curious creatures that can become obsessed with anything- from toy cars to dolls and even pets, it’s not odd to find that a child is not letting go of some things.

However, what happens when you’re 6 year old obsessed with private parts?

Here’s what you should do when you see this happening with your child. 

Why is your 6 Year Old Obsessed With Private Parts?

6 Year Old Obsessed With Private Parts

The simplest reason for this is that your child enjoys it.

At this age, children are immune to embarrassment and don’t understand that they shouldn’t be showing off their private parts.

This is mostly why your 6 year old will likely prefer to run around naked and keep touching their private parts, even in public. 

In addition, children who usually play together may be quite curious about the differences in their genitalia.

This involves lots of touching each other, pointing, and asking questions.

While this behavior is usually harmless, it usually signals a need for more information which is where you come in as a parent. 

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What you can do about it?

At 6 years old, your child is just becoming aware of how they look and some of the things their body can do.

They may also have started noticing some differences in the sexes, especially when it comes to private parts. 

Your child’s obsession with them is just their way of exploring this new reality and it is up to you to make this process go as smoothly as possible.

Some of the ways you can use to get past this phase include:

1. Keep your cool

6 Year Old Obsessed With Private Parts

Your child needs to know that their private parts are nothing to be ashamed about, as this is the attitude they’ll grow up with.

Be sure not to show them that they have done something bad by touching or playing with them.

In addition, speak to them in a calm voice and try not to show any anger you may be feeling in the moment.

2. Find distractions

If your 6 year old keeps touching or playing with private parts in public, you can quickly find them something else to do with their hands.

You can also remove them from the immediate environment or introduce a different activity.

3. Have The Talk

6 Year Old Obsessed With Private Parts

While 6 years may seem like a bit too early to have the sex talk, it may be the perfect time to satisfy your child’s curiosity.

You can start by telling them the correct names for the different sex organs and what they do.

This is also where you can talk about why your child should keep their private parts hidden.

4. Set boundaries

It is important that your child knows that there’s nothing wrong with touching their private parts.

However, make sure that they understand that such behavior should only happen in their bedroom and not in public. 

You should also teach them that it is not appropriate to touch other people’s private parts, even when playing with friends.

Furthermore, your 6-year-old should also know that no one else is allowed to touch their genitalia, and to report anyone who tries to you. 

It’s hard to know what to do about a 6 year old obsessed with private parts, especially when they keep embarrassing you in public.

However, try these helpful tips and always remember that this is just another stage of growing up.

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