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9 Best Toy Phone For Kids 2020

Looking for the best toy phone for kids?

Kids simply love to imitate their parents, don’t they? With all the technological advancements happening around, why not hook them up with a fun-tech gadget too.

Handing them over your smartphone is not an option. In a way, it can also affect the cognitive development of your child. An ideal go-to are toy phones. They almost act like time bargains for parents. They keep toddlers glued to the pre-fed music, and cute animal images, for hours.

Then again, when buying anything for kids, you need to be doubly sure about the quality, material, and so on. Not to worry, we have reviewed a few of the best toy phones for kids, give it a quick read to find the best one.

What to Look for in a Baby Toy Phone?

Here is what you should look for while purchasing a baby toy phone for the kids:


Always go for materials like PVC or rubber or their mix, since they are mostly safe on the skin. 

Toy Phone Size

When buying a toy phone for toddlers, try to avoid tiny or small-sized phones for kids, as they may try to eat it and hurt themselves.


Kids usually tend to put everything in their mouths. Look for a product that is easy to wash or sanitize so that you can clean it often.

Learning Habits

Take a note of the learning habits which the baby toy phone is encouraging.

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Best Toy Phone For Kids: Our Top Picks

#1 Leapfrog Chat And Count Baby Phone

Need a new learning path for your toddler? The Leapfrog Chat And Count Baby phone will be an excellent choice for your kid.

Leapfrog’s baby phone has 10 number buttons. On pressing the button, an energetic scout appears on the screen. The scout teaches social manners to the kids. This phone is appropriate for the kids aging up to 18 months. 

It supports trade calls and voice mails with the in-built puppy scout. Moreover, it has a push music button and installed sing-along songs to teach counting or manners to your kid. It provides the additional functionality of customizing the learning ideas to the parents via its online support.


  • Learning with a fun concept
  • Music support and sing along feature
  • Values and learning can be customized via online support
  • Interactive learning with built-in puppy scout


  • The speakers are too loud

#2 Toysery Cell Phone And Key Toy Set

Another innovative baby toy phone is this one by Toysery. It comes with a smart remote and a bunch of keys. A piece of soft music is pre-fed into the keys to keep your baby entertained and relaxed. 

The colorful design with lights embedded in it makes this phone very appealing to the little ones. Moreover, it helps babies to develop new skills in them. It is also lightweight and portable, which makes it one of the best cell phones for toddlers.


  • Relaxing music
  • Locked battery compartment 
  • Helps develop motor skills 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • It doesn’t have any button to stop the music

#3 Fisher-Price Classic Retro Chatter Phone

Fisher-Price Classic Retro Chatter Phone, as the name suggests, is an old fashioned toy phone. It has a rotatory dial pad and eyes installed in it. The eyes move up and down whenever kids dial anything. 

It is moreover a pretend and play telephone, which suits best for the kids who love dress-up games. This is a classic baby toy phone that keeps kids engaged in talking and makes them smile.

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  • Cute retro design 
  • Classic rotatory dial pad 
  • BPA free virgin plastic


  • Very short cord

#4 Vtech Call And Chat Learning Phone

Vtech Call and Chat Learning Phone is one of the best toy phones for kids. It provides enormous features to the users, including applications like a clock, music, gaming, and photos. 

To improvise the concept of learning among kids, this toy phone has ten interactive and learning apps installed in it. The apps encourage kids to play with their knowledge of numbers, letters, alphabets, and colors. 

It also provides in-built support of voice chat with a friendly bird. This is a techy baby phone with numerous buttons like the phone call button, call ending button, etc. 


  • Support multiple mobile applications
  • Promotes all-round development in kids
  • Perfect size for kids


  • Quite noisy, which scares kids sometimes

#5 Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Smartphone

Need a musical device to keep your toddler busy? Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn smartphone will be the perfect choice in that case.

This baby toy phone comes embedded with ’12’ big app tile, which produces different songs or fun phrases. It teaches counting, alphabets, social manners to your kids using the buttons on the phone. 

With cute lights and music, it prompts your kid to dance on songs and sing along. It is one of the best toy phones for one-year-olds.


  • 20+ songs 
  • 12 app tiles
  • Both entertaining and encouraging skills


  • The maximum volume is hardly audible

#6 Bright Starts Giggle And Ring Phone

The Bright Start Giggle and Ring Phone comes in the shape of a cute banana. It can be peeled to open and close the phone. 

With the unique design, the phone promotes learning with a fun concept. It consists of 10 number keys that perform all the functionalities right from music to lights, numbers to alphabets, and new phrases. 


  • Supports learn with a fun concept
  • Enhances the imagination of your kids
  • Provides music, light and lot more in a single device
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  • No volume control available

#7 Nuo Peng Learning Smart Music Baby Phone

The Nuo Pend learning smart music baby phone is one of the best toy phones for kids when considering the musical aspect of the device. 

Along with music mode, this phone supports dialing mode. The dialing mode teaches your kids new songs, counting digits, alphabets, and some basic phrases. 

On pressing the hang-up button thrice, it plays soft music that relaxes your kid and may even make them dance. This phone is made up of virgin plastic, and thus it is 100% safe for kids. 


  • Keeps kids busy
  • Soft relaxing music
  • Premium material make


  • All volume setting produces an equal intensity of sound

#8 Plan Toys My First Phone

Are you worried about the quality of the product being used in the baby toy phones? Plan Toys My First Phone is made up of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. 

Not only does it help teach motor skills in kids, but it also brings a sense of belonging. It is one of the best toy phones for kids for the premium features and appealing design. 


  • Made up of eco-friendly material


  • Buttons make noise when pressed

#9 Vtech Little Smart Phone

The Vtech smartphone is a trendy looking play phone that becomes an instant favorite of all kids. 

It not only supports music and LEDs but also has a holographic puppy image that looks really fun for kids. It is the perfect pretend play toy phone for your kid. Pre-fed music encourages your kid to have fun, sing, and dance.


  • Perfect size for kids
  • Premium material make


  • Has only the basic features


Toy phones can be the perfect option to develop social and communicative skills in your kid. Our recommendation is the LeapFrog Chat and Count Baby Phone as it has so much to offer. A premium material used, different activities, and pre-fed voicemails, makes it both value-adding and safe for your little one.

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