Accidentally Gave Baby Honey
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Accidentally Gave Baby Honey! What Do I Do?

An exciting phase of your newborn’s development is when you try different foods with him. 

Some parents prefer adding honey to the milk or formula, which is okay but after a certain age.

Remembering that I accidentally gave baby honey actually scares me. There’s a certain time to introduce honey and salt to the baby.

Accidentally Gave Baby Honey

First of all, remember that babies shouldn’t be given anything except milk before six months of age. Not even water!

Their digestive system is still under development. Therefore, their bodies will not be able to digest anything other than milk.

But what if you accidentally gave baby honey? What if you added honey into the formula to make it tastier for the baby?

Honey and all are okay but after a certain age. There are certain risks associated with feeding honey to a developing infant. 

If you introduce honey to the baby too soon or accidentally did so, there is a risk of infant botulism.

This is a pretty rare condition, but still, you should be on the safer side. 

What To Do If I Accidentally Gave Baby Honey?

Next, you should keep your baby under observation for 18-36 hours to check for any allergic reactions.

Look for symptoms such as lost appetite, a weak cry, breathing difficulty, and weakness in the body.

If you see any of these symptoms, immediately consult a doctor. However, there is no need to panic as infant botulism cases are very rare in the US. 

Do not introduce honey to your newborn until their first birthday to be on the safer side.

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1. Is Honey Good For My Baby?

Most people consider honey a better alternative to sugar. However, experts say that even sugared items should not be introduced to the baby too soon.

So, what should I give my baby for a sweet taste?

Well, honey is your best option here. Its nutritional value is way beyond your imagination.

Honey contains vitamins B and C, which are very beneficial for a developing baby. 

You can use honey as a substitute for sugar as it is sweeter than sugar. Babies love honey, so you won’t have much difficulty feeding it to the baby.

Start with introducing a tablespoon of honey to the baby.

2. How Should I Introduce Honey?

First things first, wait until your baby’s first to introduce honey to him. Then, never be in a hurry to introduce new items to your toddler. 

Most parents add a bit of honey to their baby’s favorite food. This is a great option to start with. 

When you first feed honey to your little one, you should not feed him before 4-5 days. This is so because you have to observe your baby’s reaction to it.

Look for any symptoms or allergic reactions.

If everything goes well, you may incorporate honey into the baby’s daily routine. A tablespoon of honey is enough to start with.

3. When Can I Give Honey To My Baby?

I’ve repeatedly been saying this, don’t introduce honey to your little one before he is 12 months of age.

There can be severe problems for the baby if his digestive system is too weak.

Waiting till 12 months gives your baby’s digestive system enough time to develop. Anyway, after six months of age, you’re allowed to introduce solid foods into your baby’s diet. 

It is time to introduce new foods to the baby. So, you should feed honey slowly to the baby, waiting for at least 4-5 days to look for any allergic reactions.

If there are any allergic reactions, you must consult a doctor.


Introducing new foods to your little one is fun. But you have to be very careful about the timing. 

If you feed him something new too soon, it might result in serious problems.

If you accidentally gave baby honey, keep him under observation for 2-3 days. Consulting an expert would be best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Chances Of A Baby Getting Botulism From Honey?

You’re lucky that there is only a 2.1 percent chance that your baby might suffer from botulism.

This is because very few cases of infant botulism have been discovered in the US. Still, you should be very careful when introducing new foods to the baby. 

How Do I Know If My Baby Has Botulism?

Weakness in the infant’s body is a sign of infant botulism. For example, your infant may show floppy movements because his muscles become weak.

In addition, he will give weak cries and refuse to drink or eat anything. Loss of appetite is another sign of infant botulism.

Can Honey Harm My Baby?

Honey is considered to be a very nutritional source for the baby. But yes, feeding it at the wrong time can harm your little one.

Instead, introduce honey to the baby after he is 12 months old. Once you give him honey for the first time, wait for at least 4-5 days to check for any reactions.

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