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Dads and moms who raise kids alone face unique challenges. Many wonder about basic things like how to educate children while holding down demanding full-time jobs. Being a single parent doesn’t have to be a 24/7 pressure cooker. Millions of adults tackle responsibility without undue stress, build solid careers, and raise kids that turn out to be high achievers. What are some of the top questions single mothers and fathers ask?


Aside from wondering about how to navigate the homeschooling situation, they want to know about paying for college tuition, getting enough life insurance, keeping kids safe, establishing commonsense rules for dating, setting reasonable academic standards, and dealing with addictions. Consider the following questions and responses that pertain to the most common issues facing modern moms and dads.


Is Homeschooling a Viable Option?

A generation ago, adults who homeschooled their children were among a tiny minority. In the 2020s, the movement toward independent educational options is booming. Large numbers of youngsters from all economic backgrounds attend home-based schools, not all of which are operated by their families. Neighborhood academics are run by moms or dads, sometimes both, who invite nearby families to pay a cost-based fee to attend. These unique home centered classrooms typically limit attendance to no more than 12 enrollees.


To find out whether this non-traditional path is right for you, contact national and regional homeschool organizations and find out how to enroll your child in a program. Consider doing a one-week trial before making a commitment for an entire academic term. Note that most indie institutions publish their success rate at gaining admission to traditional high schools and colleges, as well as scores for attendees on routine, standardized tests.


Am I Legally Required to Pay for College?

There are no laws currently on the books that require adults to pay for educating children who have reached their 18th birthday, but many strive to assist with the high education costs. One technique that’s often overlooked is cosigning on a loan. For students who apply on their own, it can be next to impossible to gain loan approval due to a lack of credit history. But does that mean their parents must assist with the cost of going to college? The bottom line is that students are on their own after age 18.


Still, that doesn’t stop countless mothers and fathers from serving as cosigners, thus upping the chance for approval from financial institutions. If you decide to append your signature to a child’s application, gather all the facts first. Find out how it can potentially affect your credit should the loan ever go into default. It always makes sense to be well-informed before taking a major step like cosigning on someone else’s loan.


Should I Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a conundrum for most who are not in the financial industry. But it usually is wise for single moms and dads to get enough coverage to take care of their family’s financial needs in the event of death or disability. The market for various types of policies can be complex, and most working adults tend to feel a bit intimidated by the terminology and options. But life insurance is a core component of a well-rounded financial support system. Get excellent advice from a professional.


The best way to explore the subject is to meet with an independent agent and discuss your financial situation. These professionals are not contractually tied to carriers, so they are able to offer objective advice about your needs. Ask them how much insurance, and what kind, is right for you, based on your income, age, family size, and the benefit payout you want in the event of your death. There are dozens of kinds of whole life and term policies for people of all ages and income levels.


How Can I Keep My Kids Safe?

Safety comes in many forms. In addition to installing home security devices like motion sensitive alarms and smart locks, explain to children that they should never have any secrets with other adults, particularly adult neighbors, relatives, teachers, or school counselors. It is important to learn what to do when someone is mean to your child as well. If you date, don’t let your companions meet your children unless you intend to build a committed relationship.


What About Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking?

The drug & alcohol talk is a mainstay of modern child rearing. Be careful to avoid the mindset of “they’ll do it anyway, so my efforts are in vain,” because it’s a false concept and can be a copout. Remember, you are the role model. Your children watch what you do.


If you walk the walk about avoiding substance abuse, they’ll eventually follow the lead, even if they temporarily experiment in secret. Enforce at home bans even though you know they can obtain contraband elsewhere. Monitor them closely and have frank discussions about substance abuse. Let them know what the consequences are for those who let drugs and alcohol lure them into short-term bliss.



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