Are Babies Born With Eyebrows
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Are Babies Born With Eyebrows

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Are you staring at your little one and can’t stop wondering, are babies born with eyebrows?

Welcome to the club! You are not the first parent to have such endless questions. 

You need to know, though, that no baby is born the same as the other one. That means their development, from hair to walking and other factors will vary. 

Still, we get why one would be concerned about eyebrows. So, here’s what you need to know.

Are Babies Born With Eyebrows?

The answer is not a straightforward yes or no. Like all hair, eyebrow follicular development occurs in the womb, and most babies are thus born with follicles. 

But, as nature has it, babies will have different full and developed eyebrows at different times.

Some will have them at birth, some after a few days or weeks, while others will take months and years to get eyebrows.

Humans have many genes controlling eyebrow growth; therefore, even babies are likely to develop eyebrows at different times.

As long as your baby has no underlying medical condition, you can rest easy and let them develop at their pace. 

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1. What Is The Average Age For Babies To Have Eyebrows?

The average baby takes two to three months to have distinct eyebrows. However, other babies have full eyebrows at birth, while others take up to one year. 

Either way, your baby is lovely, and there is nothing much to worry about. Remember that eyebrow growth is genetically determined.

You can only do your best by waiting for nature to take its course.

2. Do Babies Look Worse Without Eyebrows?

All babies are so adorable. They have fine skin tones, chubby cheeks, warm smiles, and cute eyes.

Surprisingly, no one even cares much whether they have eyebrows or not unless they look at the baby. 

Lack of eyebrows has a negligible effect on your baby’s appearance compared to that of an adult.

So don’t worry if your baby’s eyebrows still aren’t visible in pictures yet; with time, you will see them!

3. Do Baby’s Eyebrows Become Darker?

The baby’s genes determine the color and development of the eyebrows. Therefore, you can’t be sure whether or not your baby will have darker eyebrows. 

However, it will take time for your baby’s DNA to produce dark and rough eyebrows. So, the baby eyebrows are lighter in color and soft, which will change with age.

4. Your Baby Has Eyebrows If You Look Closely

Fun fact, all babies are born with eyebrows; it is just that you can see them. But, as mentioned, not all babies are born with lush, dark, and super visible eyebrows. 

Still, if you can’t see any eyebrows on your baby, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not there.

Your baby is likely to have blonde eyebrows that are lighter in color and are cheeky enough not to show up in pictures. 

To see them, hold your baby’s eyebrow line against the light or use your flashlight instead to examine the eyebrows closely.

Blonde eyebrows quickly show up under sunlight.

On the other hand, your baby might be having sparse eyebrows. The chances are higher if any of the parents have sparse eyebrows.

In some cases, the eyebrows will fill up with time and become as dark and beautiful as you might like them.

5. What Products Can I Use To Make Baby Eyebrows Grow?

Natural products such as coconut and olive oils and aloe vera pulp can stimulate hair growth.

However, the products are untested scientifically and might harm your baby’s skin.

There is plenty of synthetic products that can stimulate hair growth, which can cause breakout and allergies in your baby.

You can use the products with the doctor’s advice, else wait for natural growth.


Are babies born with eyebrows? Yes, babies are born with eyebrows. However, they are not as visible on every baby.

Some babies will have blonde or sparse eyebrows that you cannot see.

If you take a close look, though, you can see them. If you can’t see your baby’s eyebrows, there is no need to panic.

Give it time, and they will start to show up as your little one grows. 

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