Are Wax Melts Safe for Babies?
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Are Wax Melts Safe for Babies?

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Are wax melts safe for babies?

Many families use scented candles and air fresheners as decorative objects in their homes.

They not only help to reduce foul odors, but some people believe they also help with relaxing.

Recent claims about the possible danger from these things have surfaced on the internet; people may misinterpret some of these, while others have more merit.

Naturally, parents may wonder if these goods are dangerous to their children.

Some of these articles show a connection between scented candles and cancer. Read about wax melts and if they are safe for babies. 

Are Wax Melts Safe for Babies

Your desire to maintain yourself and your child as healthy as possible jumps into high gear when you learn you’re pregnant.

Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising responsibly, and maintaining a secure environment is all.

The most difficult element is protecting yourself and your unborn child against toxins in the air you breathe, your food, water, and household goods.

The majority of wax melts are safe for newborns, but not all of them are.

Choose beeswax or soy wax melts because they are manufactured with natural materials and are therefore safe for newborns.

Paraffin wax is not good for infants because it is a byproduct of the oil purification process and releases toxic fumes.

Scented candles and air fresheners are generally safe when used in a familiar environment.

A review of the medical literature found no strong evidence associating casual use of these goods with negative health effects in those with no underlying medical issues.

On the other hand, these products release various chemicals into the indoor environment’s circulating air.

Even in everyday conditions, exposure to these substances can irritate the airways, especially for persons who have allergies or asthma.

These diseases are common in children, affecting around 20-30% of all children.

1. Wax Melts Are Safe for Babies Since They Do Not Emit Soot 

When you burn anything, anything soot is created, which is harmful to newborns.

They can cause respiratory problems in babies whose lungs are still developing.

There is now mounting evidence that soot pollution impairs the development of babies’ brains. So, let’s make an effort to limit their exposure to it.

Wax melts use wax warmers (also known as candle warmers) to melt the wax, and because they don’t burn anything, they don’t emit soot.

It is a significant benefit over scented candles. It’s worth noting that some wax warmers utilize candles to melt the wax, so go for those that use electricity.

Experts have one to suggest further down the page.

If you’re pregnant and burning scented candles, keep in mind that the soot produced by the candle can harm the baby in your womb.

Experts recommend switching to wax melts if you have any smell at home.

2. Wax Melts Are Safe Since They Do Not Contain Any Flames

You should also examine whether wax melts are physically dangerous to your kid. Avoid using candles because, between 2014 and 2018, there were an estimated 7,610 residential fires caused by candles every year in the United States.

The good news is that because wax warmers lack a wick, there is no risk of fire.

Experts saw a demonstration of how quickly a fire can spread through a room, and it only took four seconds for the entire area to catch fire.

Wax warmers come in two varieties: those that use electricity and a candle.

If you have a toddler, choose an electric wax warmer to prevent the chance of a fire, and keep the wax warmer out of reach.

Few wax warmers are powered by electricity and feature a timer that helps them switch off automatically.

Your warmer should not run continuously, and do not forget to turn it off.

3. What Do the Experts Have to Say About It?

Let’s look at what the experts have to say about it. Scented candles and air fresheners have been a topic of discussion in publications, and they always advise caution.

However, finding a reliable source for wax melts is difficult.

Candles and air fresheners are generally harmless when used in routine settings.

However, it has the potential to emit chemicals and irritate the airways. It affects roughly 20-30% of all children.

Professionals advise utilizing products sparingly and avoiding them altogether if possible.

However, according to my study, the biggest issue with scented candles is paraffin wax and soot formed when a candle burns.

By applying what we’ve learned, we’ve concluded that you shouldn’t use paraffin wax melts and that wax melts are far safer than candles because they don’t produce soot.

4. It’s Best to Limit the Use of Wax Melts in Bedrooms

Whether you share a room with your baby, or she sleeps independently, it’s a good idea to limit the use of any type of fragrance in the bedroom, including wax melts, for the following reasons.

Rooms are normally smaller than the living room, and people usually shut their windows and doors when sleeping.

It causes whatever is in the air to linger for longer.

Your child also spends a lot of time sleeping in his room, so you won’t want to expose him to any kind of odor under those conditions, at least not often enough, as per the research.

Your baby’s lungs are still developing, so wait until she’s around two years old before applying any scent.

They are commonly used in the living room and other house areas, although rarely used in the bedroom.

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So, now you know about wax melts and if they are safe for babies.

It is, without a doubt, the safest fragrance option you are aware of, as there is no negative information about it on the internet, in the news, or among my peers. 

Always check with your baby’s pediatrician to see if wax melts are safe for them; every baby is different and may respond differently to different things.

Though make sure to avoid the candles in the bedroom, you can use them in open areas of the house like the drawing or dining room.

Consult a doctor in case of any doubts; prevention is better than cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Candles Are Suitable for Infants?

Only use beeswax, soy, or palm oil candles, burning cleaner and longer than paraffin-based candles. Bee’s wax is naturally aromatic and is generally harmless and non-allergenic.

The paraffin candles are the results of oil purification and release toxic fumes.

Instead, use the above candles since they do not produce any soot, and companies make sure to manufacture them from natural ingredients. 

Is It Safe to Use Wax Melts?

Wax melts are safe since they do not produce soot, contain no toxic compounds, and you can use them without a flame.

They are wonderful for the environment, but they are also healthy.

There was no irritation of the lungs, no respiratory difficulties, and no stains on the furnishings.

Take these things into consideration because babies have their organs at a developing stage, which can be extremely harmful to them. Wait until they turn at least 2 years.

Are Candles Harmful to Children?

The strongly scented candles are more dangerous since they contain synthetic fragrances.

Over time, inhalation of these compounds can be extremely harmful, particularly to an infant’s growing lungs, prompting asthma attacks and allergies.

Do not use paraffin candles at home as per the expert’s advice. Try to use candles rarely, and better if you can stop it altogether.



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