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Baby Cries After Bath – 3 Ways To Avoid Shed Tears

Bath time is one of the most fun times for both the baby and you.

Babies love to splash around and play in the water.  It also gives you both an excellent time to bond.

But it’s not always that simple or fun. Sometimes, babies tend to cry after baths

What’s the reason behind this? And what can you do when baby cries after bath? Here’s everything you need to know;

Reasons Why Baby Cries After Bath

Reasons Why Baby Cries After Bath

As a new parent, you’re probably used to your baby crying at all times of the day and night.

However, you may find it strange when your baby keeps crying right after bath time.

One of the reasons this might be happening is because your baby wants to prolong their contact with you. 

During the bath, you’ll be holding the baby at all times, and after you put them down to dress, they may start kicking up a fuss.

Your baby may also not like getting out of the warm bath and feeling the cold air around them again.

The kind of soap you use on your baby is also very important as some may cause skin irritation. 

Also, if your baby has a diaper rash, they may enjoy being diaperless after a bath and will start crying when you dress them up.

Your baby could also be crying after a bath because they are tired, especially when the bath is right before bedtime. 

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What To Do When Baby Cries After Bath

What To Do When Baby Cries After Bath

When your baby keeps crying and consoling them is not working, it may feel like everything you do is not working out.

Don’t worry, though! Here are some tips on how you can calm them down again:

  1. You can reduce the drastic temperature change for your baby by making sure that you have a warm towel and clothes waiting after the bath. You can get this by putting them in the dryer for a few minutes and wrapping your baby in immediately when you take them out of the bath.

  2. Once you have the baby wrapped up in a warm towel, spend a few minutes cuddling and playing with them post-bath. It will make your baby feel safe and calm, and you can also leave them diaperless for a few minutes, which your baby will enjoy.

  3. If you notice that your baby cries after a bath because they are tired, you should consider changing the bathing time to be more alert afterward.

Be sure to check that your baby’s bathing conditions are okay before you start.

This includes making sure that the water temperature is not too hot, which could hurt your baby.

It would be best if you also were sure to choose the right soap and remove all the dust and other irritants from the bathing area. 

If you and your baby enjoy bath time, it can be quite a shock when your baby cries after bathing.

However, once you know what could be causing this, you’ll be able to rectify the situation and go back to enjoying all the clean fun of bath time with your baby.

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