Baby Doesn't Like Formula
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Baby Doesn’t Like Formula

It’s a fact that infants can be finicky eaters even before their first teeth erupt. You are definitely not the only parent who struggles to bottle-feed their child.

There can be several reasons your baby doesn’t like formula.

Formula feeding is a popular and convenient way to feed babies; it is seen as easy over breastfeeding.

Most formula-feeding moms know the difficulty of finding the perfect formula, which the babies would instantly like.

There’s a great struggle involved in getting the right formula for a baby. 

Baby Doesn’t Like Formula

There is no one formula we can feed all babies. Instead, there are different formulas to satisfy every baby’s unique needs of taste and fulfillment.

Every baby is different in terms of what they like; some babies are totally easy going. 

This article helps you identify what you can do to get your baby to eat.

If you haven’t considered so far, do it now to check out the baby aisle at the nearest store. You may just find more options than you ever expected.

There are various brands that make these formulas; you will have to figure out which is the best according to your baby’s needs. 

You can avoid your baby feeling cranky every time you feed them by offering them different options.

It is important to observe if your baby is experiencing allergic reactions such as rashes or vomiting.

You should consult a pediatrician immediately if the baby is unable to digest the formula food. 

You might get a little help on the special formula options for your baby.

This article means to bring together some reasons why your baby does not like what you feed them and what you should replace your products with. 

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They Have a Taste for Breast Milk 

If your baby has tasted breast milk first, it may be hard for the baby to switch to formula because maybe they hate the taste and smell of it.

Unfortunately, a lot of times, it so happens that your baby may crave breast milk even when they have not tasted it yet. 

However, there are many ways to feed formulas, and you can make it much like a breastfeeding experience for your baby.

What you can do to recreate that experience is warming the milk, trying to incorporate skin-to-skin contact, and matching the nipple size of the bottle with your own. 

Their Stomach Can’t Digest Formula

Some of the best child health experts say that babies can be allergic to proteins the formula foods contain.

Some studies conclude 20% of babies cannot tolerate the lactose in cow’s milk formula. 

A lot of parents have confirmed that babies with lactose intolerance are generally irritable, bloated, and have loose stools all the time.

It is natural for babies to have this condition; whatever brand formula you feed them is unnecessary to agree with their stomach.

Their sensitive stomachs will also need time to adjust to what you feed them. 

They May Be Refusing Because They Don’t Feel Hunger. 

There’s nothing to be surprised about if your baby refuses the formula all the time and especially if you have just introduced solids in his diet. 

The reason is clearly that they feel too full of drinking or eating. It is never right to overfeed during infancy as it may lead to weight issues to deal with. 

Instead, one should go for a routine wellness exam of the baby once a month or every two months.

Child specialists can immediately tell if the weight is increasing rapidly and what portion to divide your baby’s meals. 


Baby doesn’t like formula for various reasons. As new parents, you must identify what your baby likes best.

It doesn’t happen on the go; one has to keep patience and find out over a period what suits your baby best.

You can also consult some of your parent friends or even the Pediatrician to help you understand how to manage to feed your baby carefully. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do If My Baby Doesn’t Like Formula?

You can trick your baby sometimes into taking the bottle almost instantly.

The best way is to distract your baby; you can casually offer a bottle while taking a walk outside and playing with them. They will cheerfully take it. 

How Do I Know If a Baby Doesn’t Like Formula? 

Some of the signs to know if your baby doesn’t like the formula are fussiness after feeding, loose stools, gassy feeling, and loud crying.

All this allergic reaction may be due to a particular formula you are feeding the baby. 

How Can I Get My Baby to Take Formula? 

Replacing breastfeeding with a bottle might help. Next, choose a feeding time your baby does not like to be explicitly fed.

As you notice your baby begins to adjust to the change, slowly skip additional breastfeeding one at a time till your goal is achieved. 

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