Baby Hates Formula All of a Sudden
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Baby Hates Formula All of a Sudden

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The truth is that even before their first teeth grow, newborns can be finicky eaters.

If it looks like your baby hates formula all of a sudden, do not worry because this is a common occurrence.

It’s simple to enter full-on mom panic mode when your baby abruptly refuses a bottle. But try your best to be calm!

There could be several reasons for this. Luckily, there are methods to make formula enjoyable for your baby.

It is important to know that babies may become easily distracted during feedings as they grow older.

Or your baby may just prefer to eat new solid foods if you have already exposed them to them. 

You should make a point of reading the sections below to know why your baby hates formula all of a sudden and what you should do about it.

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Reasons Why Baby Hates Formula All of a Sudden

A baby may dislike or hate formula because of the taste or texture.

Another reason could be that they are experiencing belly pain from gas or because you have switched them to a different brand.

It’s also possible that your kid is overfed and lacks the hunger or motivation to drink additional milk.

When you offer the bottle, if there is a lot happening, your infant may become distracted by the shift or new environment.

If they are sick, they will seek solace from something familiar, such as the breast, rather than taking a bottle.

Don’t try to force your infant to take a bottle from anyone after you’ve tried everything.

Remove the bottle and reintroduce it every half-hour until she agrees.

Sure, it seems that your baby hates formulas all of a sudden, but with the right measures, they will begin to accept it.

Before we get to these measures, let us look at the other common reasons why your baby hates formula all of a sudden in detail:

1. Your Baby Prefers Nursing

Baby Hates Formula All of a Sudden

If you’re breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, it’s very typical for your baby to refuse the bottle in favor of nursing.

In fact, for many breastfeeding families, this is the most common reason for bottle rejection.

Or maybe the baby just wants attention.

Even if your baby has previously accepted a bottle without issue, it’s usual for breastfed newborns to experience heightened bouts of bottle refusal.

This is specially the case when they’re going through a growth spurt or require a little extra attention.

2. Past Negative Experience With Bottles

This is also a major reason why many refuse to drink from bottles.

Suppose your baby has had a bad experience with a bottle in the past such as if your baby was healthy at first but then grew ill.

In that case, they may link the bottle with being sick and having a bad experience.

Once you have identified the reason why the baby is refusing the formula, you can try doing the following things:

3. Learn How to Bottle Feed

Understand that bottle-feeding should be practiced with a calm and rested baby rather than one who is overly hungry and fussy.

Attempting to bottle-feed irritable babies may upset them even more. This will sabotage your attempts.

Having someone other than mum offer the bottle is a good idea.

Understandably, babies equate feeding with the soothing sensation of nursing.

Taking the bottle from another caregiver requires the mum to be out of the house or just in another room for some newborns.

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4. When the Infant Isn’t Too Hungry, Provide the Bottle

When babies have a hard time taking a bottle, offering it between feedings or when the baby isn’t hungry will help.

It takes time and effort to learn a new skill. The truth is that we all have more of both when we are well-rested and calm.

Several babies initially refuse the bottle, but with patience and persistence, they eventually accept it.

Give the child time. When the infant is quiet, feed using a bottle.

5. Determine Which Milk Temperature is Preferred by your Baby

Baby Hates Formula All of a Sudden

Some babies prefer room temperature milk. Yet, cold milk is preferred by others.

Experiment a little to determine if your child has a favorite. Warm the bottle nipple before feeding to avoid it becoming chilly.

Chill the bottle nipple in the fridge before feeding a teething infant.

6. Test Your Breastmilk By Tasting and Smelling 

Many women report that their expressed breastmilk has a strong odor or has a soapy taste.

One suggestion is that the lipase enzyme, which normally breaks down lipids in breastfeeding, is to blame. 

Another possibility is that the changed odor and taste are linked to certain fats in your diets, such as fish oil or other oil supplements.

To see if it helps, you could try not eating fish for a period of not taking fatty acid supplements.

Although this breastmilk is entirely healthy for newborns to consume, some people dislike the flavor.

It is important to know whether your breastmilk is fine so that bottled milk does not turn off the infant later.

Final Thoughts

It can be unpleasant when your baby hates formula all of a sudden.

Remember, babies aren’t always on board when switching from breast to bottle.

You might start to think, “How comes my baby hates formulas all of a sudden?”

Maybe you’re going back to work or want others to help feed your baby. 

Don’t be concerned. Usually, when your baby doesn’t take a bottle, they’re just struggling with the learning curve.

They’re new to the world, so they have a lot to learn. Sometimes there may be some motor skill or medical condition causing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal if your baby hates formula all of a sudden?

Yes. It is perfectly normal when your baby refuses to be fed with a bottle.

While this is not the way it should be, it does not mean that your baby has any problem.

Is formula good enough for my baby?

You should not feel bad about bottle-feeding your baby while there are others out there who are strictly breastfeeding theirs.

In fact, there is research showing that some of the most intelligent people we know were bottle-fed as kids.

Will my infant finally accept the bottle?

This, like most other periods that newborns and toddlers go through, will pass.

Refusing the bottle is a normal occurrence that isn’t a problem unless you turn it into a power struggle between you and your child.

The best thing you can do is stick to your usual feeding schedule.

This should include giving your baby a bottle at regular intervals. She may fight back, but don’t become frustrated or give in by nursing her.


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