Baby Likes to Sleep With Face Buried

Have you ever wondered why your baby likes to sleep with face buried?

I know, it sounds crazy. You spend months teaching them not to face burry, and then, one day, they do it anyway.

By about four months, most babies’ sleep cycles are more similar to adults. They go through active and quiet sleep during the night. 

The difference is that when a baby is in active sleep, the baby moves around more than an adult would.

She might toss and turn, stretch her arms up above her head, and make faces. When she’s in quiet sleep, she’s very still.

All parents get worried when they see their little one sleeping with face buried in the bedding.

They are concerned that their baby might suffocate or become sick due to this habit.

However, there is no need to worry as this is a common practice and habit of babies.

While most children grow out of it by the time they are one year old, some continue to sleep with their faces buried even after two years. 

Doctors say that there is nothing to worry about if a baby likes to sleep with face buried in bedding as long as the baby can breathe properly.

Why does the baby like to sleep with Face Buried?

If you are wondering why babies like to sleep with their faces buried, here are the reasons:

  • A reflexive response to trying to suckle. Babies sometimes do this in their sleep, and as a result, their faces end up pressed against the pillow or mattress. 
  • The baby simply enjoys having something covering his face. The womb is warm and dark, so covering one’s face when sleeping may make your baby feel more comfortable, safe, and secure.
  • Babies love the smell of Mommy because that reminds them of home and comfort. If your newborn is sleeping with her face on the mattress (or on your chest), she may just be getting a big whiff of you.
  • Sleeping facedown can make things easier for your baby because her nose isn’t pressed up against something soft like cotton or another fabric. Instead, she can breathe easier into the mattress and feel as though she has more room.

How long do babies sleep with their faces buried?

Babies normally sleep with their faces buried in the mattress or pillow, especially if they’re facedown.

This is because they’re trying to get away from whatever it is that’s disturbing them.

Once they have finally fallen asleep, they are likely to wake up again a few minutes later and continue to sleep on their side until they wake up again.

So, how long do babies sleep with their faces buried?

  • Well, it depends on how much adrenaline has been released by the baby during the nap. 
  • Usually, after about four hours or so of sleeping with your face buried into the mattress or pillow, you’ll typically wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

1. Is there any risk involved when the baby sleeps with face buried?

If your baby likes to sleep with face buried, should you be worried?

  • Yes, you should worry a bit. Babies need to breathe through their noses or mouth to get the oxygen they need. For most babies, this happens naturally, even while they are asleep. However, some babies like to sleep with their faces buried in mattresses or other soft bedding. This may cause them not to get enough oxygen.
  • If your baby has this tendency, you can reduce the risk of suffocation by making sure she doesn’t sleep on soft surfaces such as a waterbed, couch cushion, pillow, bean bag chair, or sheepskin rug. 
  • You also shouldn’t let your baby sleep with stuffed animals or blankets but don’t worry; this won’t harm her development. The safest place for your baby to sleep is on her back in a crib that meets current safety standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

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2. How to stop the baby from burying his face while sleeping

When your baby likes to sleep with their face buried, you are most likely going to get worried about whether your baby is safe or not, as having a pillow covering his face could make him suffocate.

Here are some ways in which you can stop your baby from burying his face while sleeping:

  • A rolled-up towel on either side of the head will make sure that your baby’s head is not on the mattress or pillow when he throws his arms out and buries his face. 
  • You should also avoid using any type of mattress protectors, such as waterproof sheets or plastic covers to keep your face dry.
  • You should not give him any toys that have sharp points or edges because they may be hazardous if they get stuck in his throat while he is sleeping.
  • Always check on your child frequently throughout the night, so there is no chance for him getting into trouble with anything dangerous during sleep hours.


The things babies do to soothe themselves are adorable and sometimes kind of strange.

In the end, if the baby likes to sleep with face buried, there’s nothing to worry about. Your baby will naturally begin to turn his or her head towards their position of comfort over time. 

The only time you should get worried is when the baby’s breathing system is affected by their sleeping position.

If anything is alarming, then you should consider changing this position. Nonetheless, no one size fits all when it comes to babies. 

So enjoy parenthood by learning each day what your baby’s preferences are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do babies dig their faces into you? 

There are many reasons why babies, especially newborns and infants, might like to dig their face into your chest.

As they get older and start exploring the world around them, they discover that you have a unique smell.

They may also experience comfort as your body’s warmth helps them to feel safe and secure.

For some babies, it may be just a matter of having something to hold on to and play with, especially if they have to spend time in a baby carrier or a car seat.

Why does my baby burrow her head? 

It is normal for newborn babies to burrow their heads into soft, comfortable places.

They may do this just because they like the sensation, or they may be trying to find a place that feels comforting or familiar.

Many babies burrow their heads into soft mattresses, pillows, and the soft underside of their parents’ forearms. 

So if your baby likes to go deep, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s completely natural. Some babies burrow so deeply that they press the top of their heads hard enough to leave a mark.

If it hurts you or your baby, though, let your baby lie back and enjoy the world from a horizontal position instead.

Why do babies want to sleep face down? 

Though we might wonder why a baby would want to sleep face down, it’s not all that different from adults wanting to sleep on their stomachs.

It’s a little strange that we don’t see more adults sleeping this way.

But really, babies have somewhat awkward proportions from the beginning; their heads are much larger in proportion to their bodies than adults.

When facing down, the baby’s body supports their large head, allowing those smaller shoulders and underdeveloped neck muscles to relax.

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