Baby Moves Around In Crib While Sleeping
Baby Toddler Safety

Baby Moves Around In Crib While Sleeping

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For years, our society has been told that we should be sleeping like babies, so observing our children and seeing how active they are when they’re supposed to be asleep is shocking.

When new parents are taught safe sleep, and the concept of ‘back is best,’ they may worry these crib antics are not typical or could harm their child.

Baby Moves Around In Crib While Sleeping

The experience is exciting – and a little frightening! It is like watching your baby become mobile.

Flipping your baby over for the first time is a moment you’ll want to capture.

It’s exciting to watch them demonstrate their skill to grandparents or friends.

However, it can get old quickly when they start flipping over in their crib.

If you find your child trying a new position night after night and nap after the nap, you might rethink your initial excitement.

Even in their crib and during nap time, and as long as certain precautions are taken, it is considered safe for babies to roll over once they can do so.

Here’s a closer look at the new milestone so you won’t lose more sleep.

You can expect your little ones to start moving more once they learn to control their body movement.

The crib or playpen can serve as the perfect place to practice maneuvering, and your baby will likely take every chance to practice this new skill!

It’s often the same reason adults switch positions while sleeping – getting comfortable – why adults do it, too, during naps and at night.

You may still notice that your baby is rolling around after falling asleep because they are in an uncomfortable position.

1. How Safe Is It? 

Swaddling a baby once they start rolling isn’t safe for them.

The ability of your child to move their arms when they are swaddled is severely limited.

As a result, a baby who is rolling may find themselves in a position that restricts their breathing and may not be able to move out of it.

Additionally, a blanket or swaddle that has been pulled and tugged in an attempt to flip can become loose, resulting in a potential suffocation risk.

Once your child is rolling around, consider a sleep sack with open arms instead of a swaddle.

As long as the baby is not swaddled, is it okay for them to roll around?

You can, as long as you take a few extra precautions to make sure of their safety.

As soon as your baby is moving, it’s imperative to keep their sleeping area clear of pillows, blankets, or other objects that may cause suffocation.

(Once your child starts rolling over, the entire area is fair game, so they should be safe in the sleeping area.)

The crib sheet should be tight and flat, and your baby should always sleep on their back. They do not have to sleep on their back all the time.

2. How Do I Deal With A Stuck Baby?

Flipping your child back onto their back can be the most effective solution if your child rolls and gets stuck on their stomach.

Most parents are willing to flip their babies over to get them out of the situation.

The phase of having your child stuck on their stomach usually lasts a few weeks while your child learns to move both ways.

You must place your infant on his back as much as possible to decrease the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

When an infant can turn themselves over on their own, it’s okay for them to sleep on their stomach or side.

Therefore, if your child is capable of sleeping on their stomach and appears to enjoy the position, you can let them continue to do so.

3. What If My Baby Wakes Up Crying When They Roll Into A Position?

The simple solution may be to flip your baby back onto their back and use a pacifier or some soothing sounds to help them fall back asleep, much like a baby who is stuck on their stomach for a few weeks.

It may be best to try preventing the situation from occurring in the first place if you find this disrupts your baby’s – or your own – shut-eye.

The Swanling Slumber Sleeper and the Tranquilo Safe Sleep Swaddle Blanket (which is not a real swaddle) are some products available to prevent a baby from rolling over.

It’s essential to verify any product’s safety and compliance with SIDS prevention recommendations before using it.

4. How Can I Keep My Baby From Falling Asleep If All The Movement Keeps Him Awake?

It’s common for some babies to wake up in the middle of the night from rolling around in their crib, but other children will never want to sleep.

You can help your child master their new skill and take a little bit of the excitement out of pre-sleep rolling practice by giving them ample opportunity to practice rolling during non-napping times.

Initially, they will be awake due to their new skill, but it will wear off eventually – we promise you that.

The short/missed naps may have to be tolerated in the meantime, but don’t give up!

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Now, you know, the baby moves around in the crib

As a baby’s muscle develops, he will move more, often ending up in the corner of the crib or sideways.

REM sleep (the dream cycle) is babies’ most active sleep stage. You should be able to keep your little one safe as long as you take precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Baby Move So Much When He Is In His Crib?

Do not worry about it. While young babies wriggle and cry often, older children (and new parents) can sleep peacefully for hours at a time.

The reason is that most of the time they spend in the REM (rapid eye movement) is designed to make them feel light and active and make them move, dream, and wake with a whimper.

When A Baby Sleeps, Do They Move Constantly?

Infants move quite a bit during sleep. It’s a very active sleep. Infants may coo, moan, or smile just as toddlers might mumble in their sleep.

What Causes Babies To Move Around In Cribs?

Your little one will naturally begin moving more as soon as they realize they can control their body movements.

Babies will probably take advantage of any opportunity to practice their new skills, and a crib or playpen is the perfect place for them to do so!



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