Baby Sleeps Against Side of Crib
Baby Toddler Safety

Baby Sleeps Against Side of Crib

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Are you concerned that baby sleeps against side of crib?

Babies and kids sleep all the time. They don’t care about the best way to sleep; they just do it.

However, some babies sleep on their stomachs while some are on their sides. 

Many new parents are surprised to find that their baby keeps rolling toward the side of their crib.

This can lead to a frustrating situation where they roll hard enough to fall out of the crib and wake up crying. 

In fact, most babies end up sleeping against the side of their cribs at some point in their early months, so there is only a small percentage of infants who don’t do this. 

As long as your child doesn’t have any issues with mobility or head control and can easily move away from the side of their crib and into another position, it is fine if the baby sleeps against side of crib.

Your baby can sleep safely in his crib without worrying about whether he’ll roll out if he’s sleeping against the side or hurt himself in any way if he falls asleep with his arm hanging out of the crib.

Neither is going to happen, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Why a Baby Sleeps Against Side of Crib

There are a few reasons why your child might prefer one side of the crib over another. Here are some of them:

  • Lack of space – If your child is used to sleeping in a small area, they may prefer sleeping against the wall or on one side of the crib. If they were in a womb, they were confined to a very small space and always had something hard to press against.


  • Security – Being up close to something sturdy feels safe and secure. A baby’s sense of security is heightened by being close to something solid, and that’s why babies feel more secure when they’re up against their crib walls.

Should You Let Baby Sleep Against Crib Side? Tips to Make It Easy

Some people worry if a baby sleeps against side of crib and wonder if it’s safe.

The short answer is yes, but only if you have a safety-approved crib with no broken or missing parts.

Also, as long as you follow all the other safe sleep guidelines from your doctor and crib manufacturer which are as follows:

  • While it’s best not to let your child sleep with soft bedding in his crib, he may need some kind of padding to help him feel comfortable at night. 


  • If you’re worried about letting your child sleep against the side of his crib, consider adding some bumpers designed specifically for infant cribs. These bumpers can help prevent bumps and cuts during the night and provide a little extra comfort when it’s time to sleep.


  • If you’re concerned about your baby rolling over in his sleep and getting trapped between the mattress and the crib side, consider using a swaddle that unzips at the bottom. This way, you can still swaddle your baby snugly, but he’ll have more freedom to move his legs around and potentially scoot out of danger if he rolls over.

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What to Do When Baby Sleeps Against Side of the Crib

If your baby sleeps against the side of the crib, consider the following things:

  • If you find your baby sleeping against the side of the crib with his head turned towards it and his body at an angle, you might want to transition him to a different sleeping position. 


  • Sleeping against the side of the crib can be dangerous because babies can suffocate if they get wedged into gaps between the mattress and side of the crib. In addition, if your baby is sleeping in a bassinet or cradle, he may roll out if he moves too far to one side.


  • However, this is not an issue if your baby is sleeping on his back in a standard crib. When your little one reaches about six months old, he will be able to lift himself and turn around on his own.


  • Once your child has shown you he can do this without falling off the bed, there’s nothing wrong with letting him sleep against the side of the crib if he wishes to do so.

Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Safely

Here are a few ways that you can apply to make your baby is safe while sleeping:

  • The safest way for your baby to sleep during his first six months is in a crib in your bedroom. It’s fine to put a small blanket or sheet in the crib with him, but nothing fluffy or pillowed.


  • The best position for your sleeping baby is on his back. Although it’s just as safe for him to sleep on his stomach as on his back, babies who are put on their stomachs are four times more prone to SIDS than those who are put to sleep on their backs, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).


  • You can help your baby learn to sleep on his back by making sure he gets plenty of face-to-face time when he’s awake so that he can see what’s going on around him. 


  • Being swaddled while he sleeps might also make him feel safe and secure and help him get used to sleeping on his back. In addition, you can buy special products called back, which are the best reminder tools that attach to your baby’s diaper and let caregivers know that he should be placed only on his back.


You don’t have to let your baby sleep in the crib right by your bed, but you need to be prepared to go in and check on him often.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the debate on how a baby should sleep.

What’s most important is that you create a consistent routine and environment that allows your baby to sleep peacefully, rather than fretting over whether the baby sleeps against side of crib.

Ideally, keeping your baby on their back and as close to you as possible will help them improve their chances of survival if they were to be found face down in their crib.

It’s impossible to keep them 100% of the time, so try to get in the habit of flipping your baby over when you put them down.

It won’t happen overnight, but consistency is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my baby from hitting the side of the crib? 

When babies lie on their backs and turn their heads from side to side, they have the tendency to hit their heads against the sides of the cribs they’re sleeping in.

This can cause them to be fussy and uncomfortable and make them want to sleep face down so they don’t get hurt. 

The best way to keep your baby from hitting the side of the crib is to make sure he understands that there will be no physical contact with any hard surfaces.

If you are unable to make your baby understand this, then a crib bumper may be needed.

How do I stop my baby from wriggling to the side of the bassinet? 

Choose a bassinet with an edge that will keep your baby from wriggling to the side.

Also, make sure your baby has enough room in the bottom of the bassinet to feel comfortable without his feet hanging out over the edge. 

The other thing is, when you put them down, put them in the middle, and if they start to move a bit, give their bottom a little pat and push them back over.

They will soon learn that wriggling means no sleep.

When do babies stop moving around in cribs? 

There are some variations on this among babies, but the majority stop moving in the crib when they are about six months old.

Some parents report that their baby’s head will even stop turning from side to side and that they lie still except for an occasional stretch. 

The most important factor that determines when your baby will stop moving around in their crib is how much they move around during their younger years.

If your baby moves a lot during their younger years, then you can expect them to continue moving around in their crib until they get older.

As such, it will take them longer to stop moving around in their crib compared to other babies who don’t move a lot.

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