Baby Swallowing Bath Water
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Baby Swallowing Bath Water

It feels terrifying to see a baby swallowing bathwater! But, unfortunately, a mother is usually in the doldrums of what to do in such a situation.

Or how to prevent this incident from repeating. 

Don’t worry; baby-specific products are made of harmless ingredients. Now let’s see how you can prevent your baby from swallowing bathwater.

Baby Swallowing Bath Water

First of all, relax; all baby products are made of harmless ingredients. Therefore, there is no direct harm to your infant’s health. 

But, should you be concerned when you see a baby swallowing bathwater?

Think carefully, how much water your infant has swallowed. This can easily help you to figure out the intensity of the problem.

Swallowing shampoos and body washes sound awful, doesn’t it? It is suggested that you prevent your baby from swallowing either of the two.

It may be possible that the baby may have swallowed a mouth full of the shampoo. 

You might’ve noticed that when your baby had swallowed bathwater, he must’ve coughed a little.

This forced gulp will make the baby cough but wouldn’t do more harm than that. 

Baby swallowing bath water in higher amounts can cause harm. This is so because he’s consumed more amount of shampoo or body wash.

Some brands might also contain harmful ingredients which may disturb the baby’s health.

Don’t panic, as there are very rare chances that the baby consumes a lot of the bathwater.

However, if this happens, immediately consult a doctor to prevent anything serious.

If the baby has burped after swallowing bath water, it means the water has gone into the stomach.

1. Signs That Baby Has Swallowed Bath Water

You must know that swallowing excess bath water may cause dry drowning in infants.

In addition, you might notice excessive coughing, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, and chest pains when the baby has swallowed bathwater.

If you see such signs, immediately call 911 as your child is in extreme danger. This situation is known as dry drowning.

In dry drowning, your kid is suffering from respiratory distress. 

The most important sign that your child is suffering from dry drowning is that he is unconscious.

If your child is still conscious at least an hour after swallowing bath water, then he is danger-free. 

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2. Did The Baby Drink Soapy Bathwater?

Infants up to 6 months of age should not be allowed to drink any water. Instead, they only feed on milk, be it breastmilk or formula. 

Hence, be very careful when you wash him up. As mothers, you have to ensure that the bathwater doesn’t go into your baby’s mouth.

This may disrupt the infant’s system and may cause water intoxication. 

Baby products companies make sure to produce minimally harmful products. But obviously, when consumed in larger quantities may affect your baby’s health.

If the baby has drunk soapy bathwater, immediately consult a doctor to prevent anything major from happening.

3. Preventing The Situation

So, what to do when you find a baby swallowing bathwater?

Well, one option is to use suction seats. When the baby is seated on a suction seat in the bathtub, the risk of him swallowing bath water reduces. 

It is a few inches elevated from the ground that keeps the baby from drowning in the water. Hence, the baby will get the least chance to swallow the bathwater.

Bathing your naughty monkey will hardly take more than 15 minutes. So, it’s better if you keep all the required materials inside the bathroom.

This way, you wouldn’t have to rush out again, leaving your little one alone in the bathtub.


In the end, baby swallowing bath water is not a matter of concern. But yes, if he’s swallowed too much of it, you must immediately take him to a doctor.

As mothers, you might already know that babies shouldn’t be drinking any water till six months.

After that, you must protect your infant from any kind of health risks. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens If A Baby Swallows Bathwater?

Don’t worry. Probably nothing will happen if the baby has consumed a very less quantity of bathwater.

Also, the baby products are minimally poisonous; hence, they’re the least dangerous. But try your best to prevent water from going into your baby’s mouth.

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Drowning?

If the baby has swallowed too much of the bathwater, there are chances of suffering from dry drowning.

If your child has difficulty breathing after gulping bathwater, this may be a sign of dry drowning. Consciousness is another crucial sign of dry drowning.

If the baby is still conscious, he’s safe and immune to dry drowning.

Is It Okay If My Baby Drank Soapy Water?

It is okay, in minimal quantities, to drink the soapy bathwater. But still, you’re not sure about the safety of your product’s ingredients.

Therefore, make sure that your infant does not consume any of it. 

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