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9 Baby Walkers With Big Wheels 2020

Interested in baby walkers with big wheels?

Is it difficult to take your little one for a walk, carrying them in your arms? Do you prefer to attach them to your back/front? Inconvenient, right? Take your baby for a stroll in a comfortable, safe, well-cushioned baby walker with big wheels. This ensures the safety and comfort of the baby alongside your convenience. Let us guide you in choosing the perfect baby walker. 

What Should You Be In A Baby Walker?

Listing down the key features to be taken into consideration: 


The comfort of your baby should be the utmost priority. You should be looking at a walker that has a soft, cushioned, and well-padded seat. Look for walkers with safety bumpers and anti-slip pads to ensure the safety of your little one.  

Wheels of Walker  

While looking for a walker, try to find a product with sturdy wheels that provide complete rotation and proper protection to your baby. One should consider baby walkers with large wheels.


Look for a baby walker that has ample space for babies. Also, choose a baby walker is compact, foldable, and storage efficient. 

Additional Features

Do consider a walker that accommodates additional features like songs, light, and toys to entertain your baby and keep them engaged in enjoyable activities.

9 Baby Walkers With Big Wheels: Our top pick

#1 Joovy Spoon Walker – Best Overall

Joovy Spoon presents a multi-functional walker on which your baby can feed, play, and walk-in. With an extra-large washable tray, it provides the appropriate space to keep your baby’s food. 

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It has a very soft and comfortable padded seat with a washable cover. With its over-sized wheels, it has three adjustable heights. It is made up of BPA, PVC, and phthalates free material and thus 100% safe for your baby. It is a baby walker with rubber wheels.

This walker supports 30 pounds of weight and is 35.5 inches high.


  • It has a perfect non-slippery grip 
  • A Large washable tray, perfect for snack time of your baby.
  • It has three different height settings.


  • Slightly bulky 

 #2 The Pooh Music and Lights Walker – Best All-Rounder

The Pooh Music and Light Walker, as the name suggests, is a Disney based walker with beautiful lighting and joyful music for toddlers. The bee knees music always encourages the baby to walk.

It also has some alphabets and activities available at its backpack tray top. This walker is capable of 360degree rotation because of its strong wheels.

It has 12 songs and four toys related to Winnie Pooh, including Piglet flower, pop-up pooh bear honey pop, beaded arch, and spinning ball.


  • It is very budget-friendly
  • It is effortless to assemble and fold this walker
  • It keeps baby entertained with joyful songs and fun games


  • It doesn’t have an option for locking wheel

 #3 A Bout Walker – Best For Physical Development

Looking for a 2-in-one walker that not only promotes the physical development of toddlers but also develops their interactive skills.

It is a colorful walker with an adorable look that attracts your baby. This is a baby walker with rubber wheels. With a very comfortable seat, it provides full support to the baby and helps them move quickly. 

It has a detachable toy station with various songs, games, and lights for your kid’s entertainment.


  • Made up of BPA and phthalates free soft material
  • Provide three adjustable heights for growing kids
  • With a washable tray, it is effortless to clean 


  • This walker is not suitable for carpets or rugs.

 #4 Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker – Best for Independent Movement

A colorful, attractive, and sturdy walker is all your baby wants in his growth years. Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker, is a comfortable and sturdy walker that provides freedom of movement to your kids.

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It, too, has various toys installed, to keep your baby entertained. It has three adjustable heights as per your baby’s requirement.


  • Provides independent movement to your kids
  • Suitable for babies aged above six months
  • It can hold up to 26 kgs of weight


  • It doesn’t have a braking system installed.

 #5 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker – Best for Developing Motor Skills

It is a 2-in-one convertible walker that can be transformed into either a seated walker or a walk-behind walker. 

Using this walker on the carpet is very easy due to its big wheelsIt has a beautiful flower mirror, a bead bar, and a spinning ball for your kid’s motor skill development. 

It can hold a weight between 15-26 pounds and thus suitable for 9month to 3 years old baby. It is simple to wash and clean this walker. It is often considered as one of a kind baby walker with big wheels. 


  • Provides adjustable height
  • Can be converted into a walk-behind walker via seating walker or vice versa easily
  • Easy to assemble and compact


  • Not for grown-up kids.

 #6 KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker – Best Interactive

Is your baby a superhero fan? KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker is made for your baby. It is a batman inspired walker with a super cool design having a flashlight and produces sound. 

It suits 6month to 3-year-old babies perfectly. It gets folded into a compact, storage efficient walker. Made up of 100% pure polyester, it is safe for kids. It is a baby walker with big wheels.


  • A fancy design that attracts kids
  • It has a comfortable and 100% safe padded seat
  • It produces light and sound with the help of button controls


  • Doesn’t provide 360-degree rotation to kids

 #7 Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker – Best Adjustable

Minnie Mouse Music and Light Baby walker is a Disney inspired walker that attracts kids with its beautiful color and design. It provides 12 different songs and multiple games to keep babies engaged in fun activities.

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It has a sizeable swingable table at both sides to store toys and snacks. It comes with three different height adjustments to perfectly fit your toddler.


  • It has 4 Disney games and 12 songs pre-installed in it.
  • It provides three different height adjustment for a growing baby
  • It has a comfortable and padded seat for the baby


  • Not recommended for short babies
  • It doesn’t have a wheel lock mechanism

 #8 Safety 1st Baby Walker – Best for Growing Toddlers

Safety 1st Baby walker has an extra-large base to protect the baby’s feet from its wheels. It has a wide tray with three toys placed on it to keep your baby entertained. It is one of the best walkers for carpet because of its durable wheels.

It has a removable seat cover, which is machine washable. It can be easily folded and stored. Three different height adjustments make it usable in the growing months of your baby.


  • It is effortless to assemble and fold this walker
  • It has durable and compact wheels
  • It has a water-resistant and padded seat


  • The only front wheel of this walker provides rotation

#9 Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Best for Riding 

The name of this walker itself justifies its usage. Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is perfect for your baby if he/she wants to experience the ride with variable speeds. It has different buttons that can set up 60+ different melodies, songs, and phrases for your kids. 

It is recommended for 9month to 3-year-old babies.


  • It provides variable speed control for your baby so that he can enjoy a perfect ride
  • It is very sturdy and thus lasts long
  • It gives a 360 degrees rotation to babies


  • It requires a battery for all its features


Now that you have realized how important a baby walker is in your life let us help you with our recommendation. The Joovy Spoon Walker is our choice and can be quickly voted as one of the multi-functional, convenient, comfortable, and safe baby walkers for your infant. Happy Parenting. 

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