Baby Wont Stay Latched
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Baby Wont Stay Latched

We’ve all experienced problems where, for whatever reason or another, our baby won’t latch to our nipple.

The eradication of this is crucial for you and your kid because it can result from a number of problems.

I know how difficult it is to breastfeed when the  baby wont stay latched.

This is because a child needs to obtain enough milk.

But when a baby doesn’t stay latched, there could be issues related to his weight gaining or improper nutrition intake.

This article will find out what happens when a baby isn’t properly drinking breast milk.

Baby Wont Stay Latched

Usually, babies latch on well and are properly able to obtain their feed.

But with some babies, there can be issues in latching because of several reasons. So, why a baby won’t stay latched?

There are problems with the babies that cannot stay latched.

When the baby is crying too much because he’s hungry, he may not stay latched. He might become fussy and get distracted in crying.

Make sure to note the time when you feed your baby. Don’t wait for him to start crying until you feed him.

Babies are obstinate! Once you make them wait for their feed, they won’t stay latched to you until you pamper them.

Another main problem why a baby won’t stay latched is because he is too sleepy. Usually, newborns have a habit of falling asleep while drinking milk.

So, if the baby is already asleep, wake them up after at least 2 hours for feeding him. 

You should entertain him and keep him engaged while you’re breastfeeding him. 

Your large nipples or breasts may also make it impossible for the baby to stay latched. Even the nipples of average size are too big for a newborn baby.

Using a nipple shield is helpful as the baby will be able to drink the milk properly.

1. Notice the Baby’s Behavior

In the majority of cases, babies are the ones who contribute to the latching issues. Either they’re too distracted or too sleepy to obtain their feed efficiently.

Try to feed your baby after every two hours of feeding him. Don’t make him cry much! If he starts crying, he may not concentrate on drinking the milk.

This is the reason why some infants don’t gain weight or even lose weight sometimes.

Try baiting your toddler into drinking the milk. For example, squeeze a drop or two of your breast milk over the baby’s face.

This may compel him to fill his tummy up quickly. 

2. The Size Of Your Breasts/Nipples

If your nipples or breasts are too large, your baby won’t stay latched for long. Already, for an infant, it is difficult to learn how to drink breast milk. 

When your large nipple could fill up the infant’s mouth, he won’t stay latched to you.

But, as I said earlier, you can use a nipple shield to make the baby stay latched to you until his tummy is full.

Mothers will large breasts have to hold onto their nipple until their baby is satisfied with his feed. But don’t worry, this won’t continue for long.

Ultimately, your baby will learn how to position him in your lap to drink milk.

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3. Solving The Problem

Ensuring proper transfer of nutrition into a baby is essential for his proper growth.

Therefore, you must make sure that your baby doesn’t get distracted while drinking milk.

One option is to pump the breast milk and store it in a bottle. Then, after the bottle is filled, you can feed your baby from the bottle.

This is an alternative for women having big breasts/nipples.

If you feel engorgement pain when the baby is sucking milk, you can choose to breastfeed him less.

By this, I do not mean that you have to feed him less. Instead, you may switch to the baby formula


Don’t worry if your baby won’t stay latched. After all, he’s an infant; he’ll take some time to get used to it.

Try feeding the baby when he’s wide awake. If he’s asleep, you may switch to feeding him in a baby bottle.

You may also try to feed the baby while lying down. This may eliminate the problem of latching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Baby Keep Pulling Off When Breastfeeding?

Babies may pull off when they’re distracted or while sleeping. Sometimes they may get fussy because the milk supply is too fast or too slow.

Babies keep pulling off when you’re feeding them while they’re asleep.

Why Does My Baby Keep Latching And Unlatching?

When the milk supply becomes too fast or too slow, the baby keeps latching. Finally, he gets distracted and asks for a faster milk supply.

Babies are too impatient to wait for the milk supply to become faster.

What Can I Do If My Baby Is Frustrated While Breastfeeding?

A baby is frustrated while breastfeeding if the baby gets distracted or the milk supply is too slow.

In the former case, you can try feeding the baby while lying down.

However, if the milk supply is too low, you may switch to baby formula or feeding him the breast pumped milk in a bottle.

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