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Best Baby Activity Table – Reviews & Comparison 2020

Looking for the Best Baby Activity Table?

Babies need fun, educational and practical toys but what is the best baby activity table? And what should you look for when buying an activity table for your baby?

Some of the most important elements of an activity table are the size, features included, and how safe the toy is. When searching for a baby activity table it’s easy to get lost in the marathon of products and brands. Finding the most trending activities tables that have stood the test of time, are fun, and promote learning and are affordable is hard to do. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best baby activity tables after doing hours of relentless research. We’ve narrowed it down to our 5 highest rated. 

PreviewPriceBrandRatingEditor's Pick
Check Price
Manhattan Toy Tree Toy Adventure Activity Center
4.8/5Top Rating
Check PriceBright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center
4.6/5Best Performance
Check PriceVTech Magic Star Learning Table
4.7/5Top Quality
Check PriceVicks LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

4.6/5Best Value
Check Price Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Table

4.5/5Best Quality

Best Baby Activity Tables

1. Manhattan Toy Tree Toy Adventure Activity Center

The Manhattan Toy Tree Toy Adventure Activity Center is a top choice for wooden activity tables, The table is made from solid wood and is detailed with charisma.

It features a smart and fun design which makes it very appealing to kids. The dieting is stylish and functional and many parents prefer to keep them in eye’s view as they don’t stick out and come in a variety of colors. 

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The Tree Toy is aimed for kids between 12 months and 5 years. Weighing 10.63lbs it can be a bit heavy but this is a design feature that comes with a four-section stand which specifically prevents it from falling. The base is removable so smaller toddlers can still play without having to stretch. 

The toys are the best part of animals, insects, paths, doors just to name a few. All in all, it features enough toys to keep your baby engaged and help with their fine motor skills.


  •  Non-Toxic Product
  •  Lots of Features and Activities
  •  Doesn’t need Batteries
  •  Great Size & Design 


 Not suitable for Babies Under 12 Months

 – A little Expensive

2. Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center

Bright Starts Around We Go is a popular baby activity table that many parents are family with. This table is a 2 in 1 double up as a walker. This makes it stylish and practical as you can use it for multiple purposes. The walker comes with a seat that swings 360 degrees around the table.

The best part is it promotes standing and walking with its dynamic roles and features. It’s important to note the entire table is weighted so that it cannot tip over. You can also remove the seat then you are ready so your child can learn to walk.

It comes equipped with a whirlpool of toys and features included nobs and sections that can slide, push, rattle, spin, just to name a few. There is even a few piano keys that play sounds and an interactive flipbook.

Lastly, to make them stand out Bright Stars added a drink holder and a snack tray. This just tops off a perfect designed activity table that is functional, dynamic, durable, and stimulates learning but in a fun way. 

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2 in 1 acidity table and walker

Enhances Motor and Fine Skills

Lots of Activities Available

The chari is Adjustable 

Easy to Clean


 Can take a little while to put together 

3. VTech Magic Star Learning Table

The VTech Magic Star Learning Table is a table that is full of interactivity. This popular brand has designed a very active table with an ambulance of lights and music,

With a star-shaped table this baby activity table stands out from the crowd with its unique design. You can even detach the legs just in case you want to play entirely on the floor which is s smart and practical feature.

It’s aimed at babies who cannot stand unassisted and means that the baby table can actually grow with your child. 

With a variety of features, sounds, music, and activities  (including it being Bilingual )the Tech Magic star Learning table will keep your little ones stimulated and engaged for longer periods. It helps with fine motor skills, rhythm, and even color recognition. 

The best part is it’s very cost-effective and many reviews say it holds their baby’s attention way more than other toys. Overall it’s an agent product and a great buy!


  •  Bilingual
  •  Legs can come off for Floor play
  •  Affordable & Cost effective 
  •  Comes in a variety Colors


 – Some reviews have complained that it can topple over rather easily

4. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

The LeapFrog Learn and Groove Activity Table is a very popular pick. It features two play modes: 1. music and 2. learning. Your baby can easily switch between modes just by turning the pages of the book in the middle of the table. This is a great way to keep them engaged and stimulated for longer periods. 

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 With a recent bilingual option, Leapfrog has updated the product with over 70 tunes. They haven’t forgotten about cool features and include things that press, slide, pull, and play and shapes, colors, and numbers.  This all helps with their fine motor skills and will even increase their ability to learn cause and effect. 

Lastly, may parents have been happy with the sing-along feature. Kids can learn songs very popular nursery rhymes and this will hold their attention for longer. 


  •  Smart & Bilingual
  •  Multiple Modes of Play
  •  Affordable & Sturdy 
  • Assemble time is fast


 – The Table is a Small Area

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around the Town Learning Table

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Another is an amazing baby activity table. This unique baby activity table provides your little ones with real role-play activities.

Things like checking out the zoo, farm, and even a market. It comes equipped with three levels of educational play that are age-specific. 1: Explore, 2: Encourage, 3: Pretend.

This fun and dynamic baby tase harness the role-playing elements and t=sttreghts your Childs imagination, Each place has something important for your baby to do or an important process for them to carry out. For example, the zoo will teach them about animals and how to take care of them

It comes with a bilingual option which is very good and has over 120 songs, phrases, and sounds. This will keep your baby engaged and stimulated for a long time!


 Cost effective

120 songs, phrase, and sounds. 


Improves imagination and role play


 – Table doesn’t have good grip so can slide across the floor

These are the Best Baby Activity Table we recommend. Always ensure safety is the number one priority on your list and pick one that will last!

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