Best Baby Bath Mats

10 Safest Picks Best Baby Bath Mats 2020

Looking for the best baby bath mats?

When it comes to babies, you don’t want to go wrong. Bath mats are not only practical but also save a great deal from sudden injuries and accidents. These provide ample grip to the squirmy baby’s feet, and prevents sliding or slipping into the water. Almost like the third hand, it keeps your little one out of harm’s way. Bath mats can be great for safer and fun tub time.

What to Look For In a Baby Bath Mat?

Here’s what you should look for when buying a bath mat for toddlers:


Go for materials like PVC, rubber, or a mix, as they are generally safe on the skin. Look for terms like BPA or phthalates free in bath mats. 


Always check for the right size and shape of the mat, which fits the bathtub correctly. A thick mat is ideal as it helps the toddler move comfortably without hurting themselves.

Suction Cups

Suction cups or grip are super crucial for bathing mats. This means the mat will stay in place no matter how your toddler moves or jumps on the mat. Not having a good suction can displace the mat causing your kid to slip and fall.


Damp mats are the breeding ground for molds. You surely don’t want to such mats for your little one. Bathing mats should always be comfortable, clean, and maintain.

Best Baby Bath Mats: Our Top Picks

#1 Aprice Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Is your baby a complete wriggler? The Aprice non-slip baby bath will be an excellent choice for you in that case.

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The Aprice bath mat has anti-slip lines, which prevents it from slipping or moving. It has about 277 suction cups, which firmly holds the mat in place. These cups work excellently well on any smooth bathing floor (non-textured ones), whether tub or shower. 

In dimension, the bath mat measures about 27×14 inches, which is big enough for toddlers to play during the shower time comfortably. Moreover, it uses an eco-friendly material that keeps your baby safe from unwanted allergies and infections.

This product is rated as one of the best non slip bath mats for babies.


  • Fun and colorful 3D patterns
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Quick cleaning and drying
  • 277 suction cups for stability


  • The suction does not work on textured floors

#2 Infantino 2-in-1 Bath Mat & Storage Basket

Another attractive bath mat is the Infantino 2-in-1 that comes with a storage basket. The cute patterns and design make it an absolute favorite for kids.

This one is a multi-functional bath mat. Once done with the shower session, you can quickly fold it up into a basket. Use it for drip drying bath toys and keep the tub off the mess.

This non-toxic bath mat for babies also has suction cups on the bottom, which helps hold the mat. The hook on the top lets you hang it for quick drying too. 


  • Multi-purpose and versatile use
  • Suction cups for a firm grip
  • Premium material for comfortable usage


  • Poor suction keeps floating on the tub

#3 Salinka Ocean Anti Slip Baby Bath Mat

The Salinka Ocean is one of the best baby bath mats for its material use and durability. It is a lead and phthalates free mat that is perfect for toddlers as it does not harm the skin. The Salinka bath mat has a durable make and uses mold-resistant PVC material. 

Mildews occur when the mat remains damp and does not have proper water circulation. The material of this bath mat prevents forming any mildew on it. You can also call it one of the best baby anti slip bath mats.

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  • Lead and phthalates free
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Handy bag for easy transport
  • Durable


  • Anti-slip does not work

#4 Hermosa Collection Square Shower Mats

The Hermosa collection consists of a few of the best bath mats for babies. One of the best features of the Hermosa mats is that they are entirely free BPAs, latex, or phthalate. 

It incorporates hundreds of suction cups, which reduce the risk of slipping or falling. It also comes with many drainage holes that allow non-stop drainage. 

Moreover, these mats are perfect for multipurpose usage. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best baby bath mats available in the market.


  • Ultra-strong suction cups
  • BPA, latex, phthalate-free
  • Innumerable drainage holes
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Corners often roll up and do not stick to the surface

#5 Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat

Immensely appealing in design, the Munchkin Quack Duck bath mat is a winner for kids. The mat comes in the shape of a quack duck, which most kids tend to love. 

The multiple suction cups on the bottom of the mat help it stay stable on the surface without shifting places. Irrespective of the shape, it can also be quickly rolled up for easy and convenient storage. One issue that customers face is the size of the mat. 


  • Several suction cups
  • Convenient storage
  • Skid-resistant


  • Quite small

#6 Warrah Baby Bath Mat

With hundreds of suction cups, the Warrah product is one of the best baby bath mats. The ultra-string suction cups keep the mat secured on the floor without slipping it away. 

The pretty design of the mat becomes an instant favorite for kids. However, the suction cups only work on smooth surfaces and not on textured ones. Also, it has easy maintenance, which also rules out any chances of molds and mildews.


  • Hundreds of suction cups
  • Pretty design


  • The suction does not work on textured surfaces

#7 Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

Made of premium rubber, the Munchkin Dandy dots bath mat is an absolute favorite for kids. This candy-colored bath mat is skid-resistant and holds the mat in place. 

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The size of the mat is quite big, which is suitable for most toddlers and also fits bathtubs comfortably. It is made of premium rubber and is also BPA and latex-free.


  • Skid-resistant
  • Rubber make
  • Fun design


  • It is not mildew resistant

#8 Liuba Baby Bath Mat

The Liuba baby bath mat is made of premium PVC, which is safe and extremely durable. It has numerous suction cups that hold the mat firmly to the ground without slipping away.

However, the suction cups only work on smooth and clean surfaces. It is not apt for textured floors or tubs. The fish pattern on the mat becomes an instant favorite of your kid with its bright and vibrant colors. It is one of the best non slip bath mat for babies.


  • Hundreds of suction cups
  • Bright and colorful design


  • The suction cups don’t work on textured surfaces

#9 Kikkerland Bath Mat

The Kikkerland bath mat comes with a fun whale design. It is made of premium rubber with no-slip super suction suckers on the bottom. This helps the mat stay in place. 

It is both latex-free and mildew resistant, making it an excellent pick for your young one. Gently cleaning it every two weeks can make it last up to two years.


  • Natural rubber make
  • No-slip super suction bottom


  • The suction cups do not work well

#10 IKEA Patrull Bathtub Mat

Made of premium rubber, the Ikea patrull bath mat offers ample suction to hold the mat to the ground. The thickness of the mat is also perfect for your kid to play on without hurting the feet.

The holes in the mat ensure continuous drainage and avoid dampness or molds. You can hang it for drying after every use to maintain the freshness of the mat.


  • Premium rubber make
  • Continuous drainage


  • Customers complain of poor make


Bathing mats make bath time fun for babies. If we were to decide, the Aprice Non-Slip Bathtub Mat is our best pick. A premium material make, ample suction and anti-bacterial aspects make this the best buy from the lot.

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