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5 Best Baby Scales for your Little Ones 2020

Looking for the Best Baby Scales?

We bet you love watching your baby grow! Tracking the little changes is not just essential but is so much fulfilling too. While we do go for regular check-ups to doctors, nothing can beat a quick self-check. Noticing the changes is crucial, so you know your baby’s health is fine and moving at the right pace. Baby scales do just that!

You can keep track of your baby’s height and weight without rushing to the doctor every time. Let’s go over a few of the best baby scales that meet the safety standards and provide accurate information.

What to Look for in a Baby Scale?

Here are the few points which one should consider while looking for a baby scale-

Weight Capacity

While purchasing a baby scale, do look for the upper limit of the weight which the scale can tolerate. Try to find a range that can measure at least 60-70 lbs.

Power Consumption

Some of the scales work on solar power, electricity, and others on AA or AAA batteries. Consider the type of power consumption you want.


When looking for the best baby scale, accuracy plays an important role. You do not want the Scale to show absurd weight or height for your child. Consider the baby scale, which is accurate up to 2 grams.


Go for a premium material scale that is safe for babies. One can look for a product that has an anti-slip material’s coating at its bench.

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Best Baby Scale: Our Top Picks

#1 Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Are you looking for a product to monitor the proper growth of your baby? Hatch baby grow smart changing pad and Scale is the product you must consider. It keeps track of the growth of your baby in the most precise and accurate way. 

This Scale comes with a smart 2nd generation changing pad, automatic weight reading, and a growth chart. The Scale also keeps track of the sleeping and feeding patterns of your infant. It supports a mobile application as well.

It provides excellent accuracy of 0.25 ounce, which is measured by the built-in weight scale. With complete nursery care, this smart changing pad keeps track of diaper changing times as well. 

The pad’s base is manufactured with soft foam, making it very easy to clean and sanitize it. It can also measure breastfeed weight, which can be immensely helpful for new moms. It is one of the best baby scales for breastfeeding.


  • Smooth and easy to clean pad
  • It is a smart scale with high accuracy
  • Measures the weight and overall growth of baby effectively


  • It suffers from the zero-error problem

#2 Ozeri All-In-One Baby and Toddler Scale

With a weight, height, and head circumference measuring propertiesthe Ozeri all-in-one toddler scale provides multi-functionality to its user into a single device. 

It provides an accuracy of up to 0.1 pounds. It can hold a maximum weight of 55 pounds or 25 kg, which means it can be used for adults. The built-in memory card can keep the data of 8 infants at a time.

The maximum height measurement of this Scale is up to 31.5 inches. It provides a quick comparison of the weight and height of your kid between earlier and recent records. 

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The Ozeri scale also has a button to switch the option of weight and height efficiently. Its packaging includes a gender-specific chart to measure weight and height as per age.


  • Automatically shuts down after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Button provides easy switching among the units and types of measurements
  • Provides great nursing facility


  • Very touch-sensitive

#3 Aquascape Bathtub Digital Scale

Another attractive digital scale is the Aquascape bathtub digital scale. This 3-in-1 scale measures your infant’s weight and temperature and lets you bathe your little one in it. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

With perfectly adjustable dimensions, this bathtub will fit your kiddo well, giving him space to move and have a fun bathing time. This baby scale is accurate to 2 grams. Made of BPA free plastic, this bathtub is 100% safe for infants. 

It has two levels of adjustments, one which suits the babies of 0-6 months while the other is for babies ranging between 6-24 months. It also has an anti-slip pad that keeps kids steady in water and prevents them from slipping. 

The memory card keeps a record of your child’s weight and height over time. This helps in understanding the growth pattern of your child and make changes to diet accordingly.


  • A spacious tub that records overall growth of your baby
  • Records accurate weight and temperature of babies
  • Anti-slip material make


  • Water may get into the digital screen

#4 Health-o-meter Grow with me Scale

The Health-o-meter is a great monitor with the utmost accuracy of weight measurement up to 0.5 ounces. This Scale is a 2-in-one scale that helps track the weight and height of your infant. It is a removable tray that takes the shape of a teddy bear as your baby grows. It has a maximum weight capacity of 60 pounds. 

This machine has the additional functionality of ignoring the weight of diaper or blanket while weighing your baby. The packaging comes with a chart that tracks your infant’s weight and height as per their gender.

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A safety tray that comes with the scale locks the baby precisely, so they do not slip or trip off the tray. An additional tooth tracker in the Scale keeps track of the tooth health of your kiddo.


  • Provides accurate and precise weight and height measurement
  • It has a weight capacity of 60 pounds
  • The growth chart accurately tracks the all-round development of your kid


  • For stable measurement, it needs to turn the switch on and off frequently.

#5 Smart Weighs Smart Tare Digital Scale

A bathroom scale embedded with the Smart Tare digital scale provides accurate weight measurement in kilograms and pounds. It gives a quick weight measurement and doesn’t require explicit tapping. 

Its high precision is the four embedded sensors, which measure the weight faultlessly each time. It has an attractive, sleek design and a tempered glass coating. 

With a digital display that shows battery percentage, weight, and backlit LED, this machine has a smart tare button in the middle of the Scale.


  • Keeps track of the weight of the mother as well as the infant.
  • It has an embedded auto shut off and on the button. 
  • Accurate weight tracker with a very high weight capacity


  • It takes 10 seconds to get ready for reweighing


We hope you must have learned how to choose the right Scale for your kid by now. But as per our best baby scale reviews, we recommend the Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale for its exceptional features and quality make. The 2nd generation changing pad, automatic weight reading, and a growth chart are a few of the factors that stand apart from the rest of the products.

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