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5 Best Breast Pump For Twins – Reviews & Comparison 2021

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As a mom of twins breastfeeding can be even more challenging (double as challenging!)

You’ve got 2 extra mouths to feed, 2 extra bodies to nourish and between it all yourself who needs to stay, fit healthy and active to keep all that milk flowing.

You already know the benefit of breast-feeding and know you need just a little help.

As parents ourselves we know the struggle of feeding your babies, from nappies to school uniforms, all children are fussy eaters.

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Breastfeeding is notoriously difficult, especially at the beginning so you should try to get as much help as possible.

A well manufactured, popular brand with a sturdy, functional and practical twin breast pump will make life so much easier.

From ache backs, dead arms and sore wrists breastfeeding moms experience it all.

To make it worse the marketplace for breastfeeding pumps is filled with hundreds of brands and products that can be confusing, time-consuming and irrelevant to twins.

Normal breast pumps do great jobs, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming researching dup great pumps as some of the requirements are a little different.

Having to pump twice, at the same time can be challenging so Getting the correct breast pump for twins is all that more important. 

We’ve put together the 5 best breast pumps for twins. It’s taken a lot of in-depth research and trial and error but we can now reveal the top 5 twin breast define pumps. 

PreviewPriceBrandRatingEditor's Pick
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Smibie Dual Motor Double Electric Breast Pump
4.8/5Top Rating
Check PriceElectric Double Breast Pump Phileex
4.6/5Best Performance
Check PriceMedela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump
4.7/5Top Quality
Check PricePhilips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Pump

4.6/5Best Value
Check Price Yunbaby S19 Double Electric Breast Pump

4.5/5Best Quality

Best Breast Pump For Twins

1. Smibie Dual Motor Double Electric Breast Pump 

The Smibie Dual Motor Double Electric Breast Pump is a breast pump that is a highly rated and quality investment.

It comes as a double breast pump as standard which makes it ideal for twins.

This  Portable Breast Pumps has 4 Phase Expression Modes and features 18 Adjustable Suction Power unit that ranges between 100V-240V.

In other words, it’s safe and practical.

This popular brand has tested its pump against other brands and has concluded that you can pump 80% faster using their pump than you can with other brands.

That’s a bold statement, but the proof is certainly in the pudding with such a handy unit.

This dual motor has a double function feature enabling both breast pumps to work simultaneously and with the same power. 

It comes with soft easy to use silicone pads that are helping to prevent discomfort during each use.

It even has a memory feature that remembers the exact settings that you left it on and powers up with those settings.

This saves you time and is more convenient as you can just turn it on and go. 

Lastly the pump is relatively quiet and The silicone used is BPA free.


  • 4 modes and 18 settings available.
  • Low volume pump
  • Dynamic and Practical 
  • Versatile coming in three different colours
  • Functional as you can use it as single or double pump
  • Includes a Rechargeable battery.


– Long usage may cause mild overheating  


2. Electric Double Breast Pump Phileex

Certified and recommended by doctors, The Phileex is a competitive and low-cost twin breast pump that doesn’t compromise on style or substance. 

This Double Electric Breast Pump is Protable and works with a Touch Screen.

It’s a fully Adjustable Mode and features a fully Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pump.

This means it’s perfect for twins. 

Coming in both single and double versions the Phileex is a practical and affordable double pump.

It has a separate massage mode to prepare your breast before suction.

It has a unique design and operation that can significantly reduce suction time but still deliver the same results as other brands.

It’s quiet and designed in a performance-based way.

It is an anti-backflow device meaning that it is more comfortable to use and is more power-efficient

It includes a USB connecting hat makes the researching process much easier.

It is free from BPA and is very safe for mothers. 


  • Recommended by doctors
  • Its portable, dynamic and user friendly 
  • Simple to use out of the box
  • Includes massage settings.
  • BPA free


– Not as comfortable fitting around your breast then other brands 


3. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela is arguable the top brand when it comes to mothers and babies and breastfeeding.

With a wide range of breastfeeding, nursing, and other new mum related products it’s a popular brand with a high-quality double breast pump.

It’s a stylish unit with a bunch of useful and practical accessories that many new mums rave about. 

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump is a Double Electric Breast Pump Kit with a Portable Battery Unit.

It includes a classy Microfiber Bag, a Removable Cooler, Bottles, 2 Breast Shield Sizes and eve a Contoured Ice Pack.

It really is the leader in the industry for accessorizing and it’s worth every cent!

Powered by a 120 VAC unit it doctor recommend and many use it while still in the hospital so you know it’s 100% safe.

Daily use is no problem and twin usage is not a problem.

It’s powerful but safe and even includes different swirled sizes for a more comfortable and secure fit around your breast.

The power adapter is perfectly manufactured with two-phase technology.

This makes the pump more efficient, fast but also safe and comfortable.


  • Portable breast pump
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Comes with a wide range of practical features
  • Smart two-phase technology.
  • Reliable brand with track record


A litter more difficult to clean then other brands 


4. Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

The Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump is a powerful breast pump that will amaze you.

With a beautiful ergonomic design its budge friendly and focus on comfort over style.

With a smart massaging feature it gentle stimulates your breast before it starts.

This aids the milking process and overall leaves you feel more soothed and relieved.

With multi expression modes, you can find the correct setting for you.

It’s very easy to switch between low, medium, and high and you’ll be able to feel the difference immediately

The pump has material that is all BPA free and overall is extremely safe to use.

With many moms needing a sturdy, durable unit that stye can use every day the Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump fit’s this description perfectly.

It’s very resistant and practical and even comes with a 20mm cushion. Score!


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Ergonomic & User friendly design
  • Free from BPA material
  • Powerful  double breast pump unit 
  • Dynamic Massage feature 
  • Cushion included.


The suction can be a little slower then other brands  

5. Yunbaby S19 Double Electric Breast Pump 

The Yunbaby  Double Electric Breast Pump is a fantastic option for twins.

It’s portable, compact, ergonomic and user friendly and most people absolutely fall in love. 

The Double Electric Breast Pump, Yunbaby S19 is extremely Quiet & has 6 Phase Mode.

It has an Adjustable Speed device that makes breast pumping much easier.

It even comes with a nightlight and some soother music!  

Being ultra-quiet it’s great to use at any time of day, including late at night after you put the little ones down, safe in the knowledge that you won’t wake them.

It’s able to pump directly into sterilized bags and these do come with the unit.

It’s a great touch as you can keep your milk fresher and tastier for longer. 

There are nine suction settings that will help you to manage how intense you need your suction.

It has an integrated backflow system that works in a very efficient way making this a dynamic and durable breast pump. 

With an impressive 3-hour battery life it should last for a few pumps before it needs to be charged again. 


  • Ultra quiet
  • 6 phase modes and an adjustable device 
  • Portable and ergonomic
  • Five sterilised bags included.
  • Integrated No backflow system


Battery life is a little on the low side 

These are the 5 Best Breast Pump For Twins we recommend.

Always choose comfort and safety over anything else!


This is our top pick!

No products found.
Bestseller No. 1
Bottle Sterili-zer, Bottle Cleaner for Baby Bottles Pacifiers Breast Pumps Large Capacity and 99.99% Cleaned in 8 Mins
  • ❤【99.99% Cleaned in 8 Mins】: Clean 99.99%+ of harmful things from pacifiers and baby bottles in 8 mins with high temperature circulating steam. Keep your baby bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, teethers and plastic toys clean!
  • ❤【One-button Control-Easy to Use】: GROWNSY strives for user friendly products for newborn. This one-button control design is perfect for parents and the old. Ster-ilizer can’t be turned off during working unless water dry out
  • ❤【Large Capacity】: Water 75ml ≈10 mins steri-lization. More water more time.Smart and practical baby bottle sterili-zer design holds up to 6 bottles at once as well as breast pumps, infant toys, pacifiers and more. Perfect for twins.
  • ❤【Auto-off】: Auto Power-off when the sterili-zing completes. More convenient Made of Food grade PP safety material. Wait for the Ste-rilizer cool down before use again, otherwise it can’t be turned on.
  • ❤【Clean Storage】: Keep saniti-zed baby bottles and accessories cleaned in a sterili-zed environment for over 12 hours.After receiving the machine, please boil the water several times then wipe the heating plate before using to use it normally
Bestseller No. 2
New Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow, Electric Breast Pump Closed System, Portable Breastpump, 2020 Version
  • HOSPITAL PERFORMANCE: New MaxFlow technology inspired by our symphony hospital grade multi-user breast pump - in a highly effective yet easy to use closed system pump
  • EASY TO USE: Ultra-efficient with few parts to clean and assemble; advanced motor generates vacuum with Max flow micro-vibrations for effective breast milk expression
  • COMFORTABLE PUMPING FOR MORE MILK: Clinically proven to increase milk volume by 11.8%*; includes 2 sizes of PersonalFit Flex breast shields with soft rim and oval shape for more comfort and better fit
  • ON THE GO PORTABILITY: Double electric breast pump designed for moms who pump several times per day; comes with everything needed to pump at home or away, including cooler bag, stylish pump bag, and convenient battery pack for mobile pumping
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS: Combined speed and vacuum settings are preprogrammed based on Medela extensive research in breastfeeding and pumping; 2 phase expression technology mimics baby's natural sucking rhythms
SaleBestseller No. 3
Momcozy Double Electric Breast Pump Portable Pain-Free Rechargable, Strong Suction Power, 9 Speeds 2 Modes, Timer and Memory Function, Hospital Grade
  • Pain Free & Fast Sucking - 2 Mode (pumping mode and massage mode), 9 levels for each mode. Massage mode helps to push the milk out of your milk ducts and reduce the discomfort of the breasts; 9 suction levels ensures every mom find her own rhythm and produce more milk in less time.
  • Portable & Wireless Use - Lightweight and portable pump and large capacity rechargeable battery for on the go pumping. After fully charged, the electric breast pump can be used for 1.5 hours (used 3-6 times).
  • Hospital Grade Breast Pump - Made of food-grade soft silicone. Skin-friendly, safe and BPA-free. Closed system, the backflow protector valve helps prevent milk backup into the tubing, protected mother and baby from germs.
  • More User-Friendly Design - Contains 2 extra-long anti-overflow milk bag clips, which can directly lead breast milk into the milk storage bag. 2 food-grade silicone pacifiers and feeding bottles can feed the baby directly after pumping. The silicone shields can be firmly adsorbed on breasts of various sizes.
  • More Functions - Compared with the touch screen, the physical keys have a longer service life and are more difficult to damage. When used, the sound is less than 50 decibels, so it will not disturb the sleeping baby.
Bestseller No. 4
Spectra Baby USA - S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump, Double/Single, Hospital Strength
  • Natural Nursing Technology: Our Spectra S1 electric breast pump features technology that allows comfortable suction levels that mimic the experience of natural breastfeeding as closely as possible
  • Perfect for Travel: The Spectra S1 is portable and rechargeable, making it ideal for an on-the-go mom, with the back compartment that fits a Spectra bottle
  • Single or Double Pumping: Can be used as a single electric breast pump or a double electric breast pump and for best results, authentic Spectra Baby accessories are recommended
  • Hygienic: Spectra backflow protector creates a complete physical barrier between your milk and the pump motor, ensuring that your milk is protected while also being easy to clean and maintain
  • Made For Moms, By Moms: We`ve committed our lives to providing the best breast pumps, accessories, education, and customer care that we can, supporting every mother with the beauty of parenthood
Bestseller No. 5
Haakaa Manual Breast Pump & Breast Shell Combo Breastmilk Collector for Breastfeeding Silicone Milk Catcher Nursing Cup Milk Saver Breastmilk Collector Soft and Reusable
  • Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump & Breast Shells Combo aim to give breastfeeding moms a better comfortable and green option when face the nursing problem. New design and concept, improve experience, meet more demand of breastfeeding moms.
  • Simple Haakaa Manual Breast Pump Easy to Use. When nursing, the quiet working haakaa pump can be put onto the breast to help catch the overflow. Avoid wetting your clothes and little one. Moreover, before or after baby eats, or at any time, you also use this milk saver to solve the breastmilk inflation situation.
  • Haakaa Silicone Breast Shells Collect Each Drop. Even if you are collecting breastmilk in the outdoors or in a public room, quiet working haakaa milk shell won’t embarrass others or yourself. About 60 grams(0.13 lb) weight of the haakaa milk saver allows you to wear without any uncomfortable feeling and pressure and they are recommended to use with nursing bra. Closely fits the breast skin would not miss any precious breast milk.
  • Refused to be cumbersome. We prefer more simple shape but pragmatic. The breast pump and breast shell have no spare parts. All-in-one design and no disassemble required. Made of food grade silicone. No BPA, PVC and phthalate. Soft but springy, not easy to deform. They are very easy to clean by clear boiling water for 1-2 minutes. The new haakaa milk collectors make breastfeeding easier and enjoyable.
  • Forget the heavy, inconvenient electric breast pump and the disposable pads which waste your breast milk. Try the new haakaa. Feel comfortable to painless breastmilk collecting. Avoid nipples working under excessive pressure. Gradually express the breastmilk and regain your light body.

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