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10 Best Hockey Gifts For Boys 2021

Looking for the best hockey gifts for boys?

It doesn’t really matter if your lad likes the Cleveland Barons, Philadelphia Quakers, or the Worcester Blades. He enjoys hockey, and that’s something you admire! And, we understand if you tend to get your young chap all those fancy hockey gears. But we must warn you against practically losing your pockets.

You see, most hockey gears cost a fortune, and the young hockey connoisseur might not yet be ready for them. So, here’s a list of the ten best hockey gifts for boys that can retain your lad’s interest in the game, while also saving you from sparing a fortune!

That being said, here are specific points you must consider before buying any kind of personalized hockey gifts: –

Does Your Boy Even Like Hockey?

With all due respect to the American Hockey fans, many people don’t enjoy it as much. And, chances (although negligible) are that your kid is one of them even though you practically root for the sport. So, it is always advisable to know your lad’s likings before bestowing him with a stick and puck!

How Do You Encourage A Young Blood Who Loves Hockey?

Apart from merely getting DIY hockey gifts, you must encourage your chap to really love the game. This involves paying equal respect to all teams. They’ll end up forming their favorites anyway. You must also teach them to respect their gear. This includes cleaning the gear after every game. Most importantly, you must allow them to practice even in the backyard if they want to! You can fetch other relevant information here.

10 Best Hockey Gifts For Boys

#1 Hockey Puzzlers Trivia Book: Best Overall

Hockey Puzzlers Trivia Book is, by far, one of the best hockey gifts for boys. Plus, this does not leave a dent in your wallet. It is a simple 76 pages paperback edition of pure fascination for your lad! It is published by CreateSpace independent publishing platform and comes with a lot of offbeat trivia. It consists of information dating to the first games of hockey to the modern rules. In short, it is one of that must-have hockey stuff for kids you need!


  • It elaborates the facts in a fun and easy to read manner.
  • It is ridiculously cheap.


  • It only comes in a paperback edition, so you can expect a lot of wear and tear over time.

#2 Spy With My Little Eye – Hockey Edition: Best in Class

Spy With My Little Eye – Hockey Edition makes one of the best hockey novelty gifts for young ones. It is basically a book filled with sets of identical images with minor differences. The book intrigues the young hockey aesthete. The book has been authored by Matt Napier, who has many similar books to his credibility. Moreover, he is the son of a professional hockey player. That gives him the experience of growing up as a hockey fan himself. In short, this book serves its purpose for being of the best hockey gifts for boys.


  • It comes in a hardcover edition, so you can relax about any sort of wear and tear.
  • It is authored by a well-known sports illustrator who practically encourages children for sports.


  • It might come with some publication errors.

#3 NHL Board Game For Kids: Most Awarded

NHL Board Game For Kids is registered as our 3rd pick for this list. If you’re looking forward to buying official NHL hockey stuff for kids, then you must certainly consider this. This is a board game that comes with a deck of cards. It is recommended for kids aged eight and above. Adults can even play it. It only takes about a minute to understand the rules of the game. The cards include a lot of important information about hockey, so your kid even learns about the sport as he plays. The overall playtime for this game in around 30 minutes! This also helps to build the attention span of your young lad!


  • It is easy to learn and fun to play with.
  • It was awarded #1 Card Game & Top 10 Board Game of the Year (The Dice Tower), Major Fun Award.


  • It is rarely available for purchase.

#4 Kids Folding Hockey Goal Set: Best Compact Design

Number four on our list is Kids Folding Hockey Goal Set. This beginner-level hockey set makes the perfect hockey gift for boys. It is compact and can be set up easily by unfolding the two goalposts. Speaking of which, it comes with two goal posts, each measuring 24 * 19 * 19 inches. It even includes two foam balls worth 2 inches each, one street hockey foam ball worth 2.65 inches, two goal nets, and two adjustable hockey sticks!


  • The entire set is made with soft insulations for the protection of the kids.
  • The balls are made of foam for durability as well as safety.


  • It does not include passer.

#5 Hockey Player 3D Lamp: Unique Gifting Choice

Hockey Player 3D Lamp marks the 5th place on our list. All gifts for hockey players somehow inspire them to play. But this 3D night light definitely takes it to the next level. Once lit, it will produce a mesmerizing holographic effect. Thus, making it one of the best hockey gifts for boys!


  • The lights on this lamp can be adjusted into seven different color settings.
  • It has an integrated kid-friendly smart touch switch control.


  • It is fragile and can break easily.

#6 NHL Matching Card Game: Best Memory game

NHL Matching Card Game basically triggers the memory of the players by showing them the logos of most popular NHL teams. This is one of the greatest hockey gifts for boys if you’re willing to encourage them to learn more about the sport!


  • Easy to understand and play.


  • The game comes with a direct warning for choking hazards.

#7 Playmobil Hockey Arena: Best Fantasy Game

The 7th name on our list is Playmobil Hockey Arena. It’s a make-belief hockey game that comes with a table-top hockey rink and four actionable player figures. The figures are integrated with movable arms and a pullback lever. The lever can be used to shoot the puck into the goal.


  • It provides an immersible experience for the kids.
  • The overall built of this game is quite sturdy and durable.


  • It contains small parts that can cause children to choke on them.

#8 Tabletop Air Hockey Table: Best Real Time Action

Tabletop Air Hockey Table is our 8th choice in hockey gifts for boys. This game comes with an integrated LED scorekeeping system, two pucks, and two pushers.


  • Real-time action makes it interesting


  • It costs more than other gifts on this list.

#9 Take Along Arena Playset: Best for Small Kids

Take-Along Arena Playset is yet another excellent option for hockey gifts for boys. Even this is a make-belief playset with multiple figures and accessories.


  • Comes in realistic color to keep the young ones engaged.


  • Contains hazardous parts that can choke the children.

#10 Automatic Hockey Passer: Best for Solo Practice

Automatic Hockey Passer makes up for the last name on our list. This innovative toy enables hockey enthusiasts to practice even when they’re solo.


  • Great design.


  • Complex handling.


All items enlisted here are worth considering for your lad’s gift. However, we are just in love with the Hockey Puzzlers Trivia Book. This is the simplest way to encourage your lad to take a serious interest in hockey. It is also an affordable gift option.

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