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Top 10 Best Nap Mats for Toddlers: 2020

Doctors suggest that, on average, 14-16 hours of good sound sleep daily, leading to the overall development of the baby. And as a parent, you do want to ensure that your baby stays healthy, happy, and less cranky. Babies do fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

Make sure you have the best nap mat handy, to give your child that sound sleep that he/she needs. It is incredibly essential that your baby feels comfortable, so choose wisely. 

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Wildkin Original Nap Mat
4.8/5Top Rating

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Urban Infant All-in-One Nap Mat
4.6/5Best Performance

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My First Mattress Memory Foam Nap Mat
4.7/5Top Quality

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Hi Sprout Lightweight Nap Mat

4.6/5Best Value

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KinderMat DayDreamer Rest Mat

4.5/5Best Brand

What Points To Look At Before Buying A Baby Nap Mat?

Consider the points carefully before you make a choice- 


It is always essential to consider a nap mat, which is large enough to quickly accommodate your baby. Also, look for an easy to fold nap mat so that it’s easy to carry.


It is necessary to keep your baby away from germs. Thus, always consider a nap mat that is easy to wash or wipe out. 

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The Material 

It is very crucial to search for a nap mat that is breathable and comfortable for your baby. Go for the product with BPA or Lead-free terms in their description, since these are the safer product for babies.

Additional Specifications

If you are looking for the best nap mat, consider one with a pillow and mattress embedded in it for your baby’s extra comfort.

Best Nap Mat: Our Pick

 #1 Wildkin Original Nap Mat

– Best Overall

If you are looking for a soft mat with an extended in-built pillow and blanket for your toddler, Wildkin Original Nap Mat is all you want. It has a smooth and comfortable cotton-polyester material, with charming prints to please your baby. 

You can easily fold this mat and tie up a Velcro strap around it.

It is a budget-friendly award-winning mat and was the winner of Mom’s choice award for one of the most attractive nap mats for babies.


  • There are beautiful designs printed on it.
  • With a pillow and mattress, it is one of the best nap time mats for babies
  • Very comfortable even for sleepouts


  • It doesn’t have any pockets.

#2 Urban Infant All-in-One Nap Mat

– Best Handy

Urban Infant All-in-one Nap Mat is one of the best nap mats with several beautiful patterns and comfortable design. It comes with a removable pillow and a cozy mattress that provides perfect posture and warmth while sleeping.

It’s made up of washable material. Another attractive feature of this mat is handy pockets for storage. It is effortless to fold this mat, attach it with a strap, and carry it along with a handle.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • It has attractive designs printed on the mat, pillow, and mattress
  • It can accommodate even 5-year-old kid due to its large size


  • It has padding, which makes its bottom hard sometimes. 

 #3 My First Mattress Memory Foam Nap Mat

– Best Comfort

If you are looking for a memory foam nap mat, then My First Mattress Nap Mat is a perfect choice. It has a basic design and attractive color.

The memory foam of this mattress justifies its comfort and flexibility. One can easily roll this mat up and tug it with a Velcro strap.

Another essential feature of this nap mat is the attached pillow that provides a perfect sleeping posture to your kids. Additionally, both the mattress and pillow cover are removable and also machine washable.

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  • The memory foam has a cooling gel mechanism that keeps the baby cool while sleeping
  • It has removable pillow and mattress cover
  • Very comfortable and flexible


  • It might be shorter for grown-up kids

 #4 Hi Sprout Lightweight Nap Mat

– Best Organic Material

Hi Sprout Nap Mat has soothing and calming colors and a very soft and comfortable base for babies. Moreover, this organic design nap mat is made up of 100% pure cotton and thus is safe for your infant. 

It is 46.5 inches long, and your baby can comfortably move on this nap mat.


  • Provides a smooth and comfortable base to babies
  • It is machine washable, or one can clean it with a wet cloth
  • Portable and sturdy


  • It is quite overpriced as compared to other nap mats

 #5 KinderMat DayDreamer Rest Mat

– Perfect for Growing Toddlers

It is specially designed as a Kindergarten sleeping mat, to keep your baby away from germs. It is made up of vinyl material and thus very easy to clean this mat.

It is a 48 inches long kindergarten rest mat, with 2 inches of thickness, it is easy to accommodate grown-up toddler.


  • You can easily fold this mat thrice in a very compact shape
  • Long enough for comfortable sleep of your baby
  • Very sturdy and lasts long


  • Some users complain that it rips off easily

 #6 Milliard Toddler Nap Mat

– Best for all ages

Millard Toddler is a thrice folding nap mat for kids with a very thick base for your toddler’s comfort. 

It is a massive 58 inches mat and can also accommodate a 5-year-old kid perfectly. It is made up of foamy Low VOC material, excluding heavy material.

It has an extra soft bamboo cover, which is machine washable. This is also often used as a kindergarten rest mat.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable and fold up to 3 times
  • Made up of comfortable and soft material


  • It is an essential mat without pillow and mattress

 #7 Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

– Best Durable

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed is a perfect solution for parents to keep your child above the ground. It is made of a very durable steel frame, easily foldable into a compact mat.

It is large enough to hold even a grown-up baby or two babies simultaneously with a width of 48 inches. Made up of breathable soft material, it is very lightweight.

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  • It keeps kids at a height from the ground
  • You Can double up this nap mat into a portable chair
  • It is large enough to hold a large baby.


  • It is not ideal for small kids because of the height.

 #8 Angeles Germ-Free 2″ Rest Mat

– Best Foamy Mat

Looking for a nap mat that is not only comfortable but germ-free? Angeles Germ-Free 2″ Rest Mat suits well to your requirements.

It comes with four waterproof, separated layers, restricting bacterial growth.

With a considerable length of 48 inches and a width of 2 inches, it is suitable for grown-up kids. 


  • It comes with different attractive colors
  • It is made up of durable vinyl material that is very easy to clean
  • With 2 inches of width, it is very comfortable and foamy


  • It doesn’t come with an in-built pillow and blanket

 #9 Stephen Joseph All-Over Print Nap Mat

– Best Safety

As its name expresses, this mat has a beautiful print all over the mat, pillow, and mattress. It has a pocket for storage and strong strap to fold this mat up compactly.

It is made up of high-quality polyester, which is washable and soft to use.


  • Made up of premium-quality material
  • Has a built-in pillow mattress and pocket in it.


  • Stitching tears easily sometimes

 #10 Aquatopia Deluxe Memory Foam Nap Mat

– Best For Travel

Aquatopia is a deluxe nap mat for kids with a pillow and a mattress included in the mat. It is straightforward to roll up and carry. It can be used at home, school, and picnics easily.


  • Made up of machine washable polyester
  • Attached pillow and mattress


  • It has a strong chemical smell in some cases. 


When it comes to your baby, you will definitely choose the best. Baby Nap Mats are the right investment towards your baby’s overall well-being. Parents often select baby nap mats that are breathable, comfortable, easily washable, and portable to make the maximum use out of it. 

If you have to ask us, we will pick Wildkin Original Nap Mat. It not only is comfortable but also ensures the safety of the baby, with a strong Velcro.

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