Best Portable Crib Mattress

Best Portable Crib Mattress – Reviews & Comparison 2020

Looking for the Best portable crib mattress?

Babies that are more comfortable sleep better and there’s no other way to ensure your babies comfort then choosing the right crib mattress. On the essentialist is a crib, but what about a quality crib mattress, and what is the best portable crib mattress?

Safety is important when thinking about a crib mattress and a good mattress will help your baby sleep and be comfortable.
As your baby spends a good amount of the day and night in their crib picking the right crib matters is crucial.

If you are traveling a lot or you intend to have a crib away from home at the family’s house you need to pick the best portable crib mattress. We’ve researched the marketplace and can narrow down our 5 top picks. These portable mattresses are above all safe, comfortable, ergonomic, and have fantastic airflow features.

PreviewPriceBrandRatingEditor's Pick
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Dream On Me 3″ Pocket Coil Mini Crib Mattress
4.8/5Top Rating
Check Price Wonder Dream Baby Crib Mattress
4.6/5Best Performance
Check PriceGraco Dual-Comfort Baby Crib Mattress
4.7/5Top Quality
Check PriceBabyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress

4.6/5Best Value
Check Price Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Crib

4.5/5Best Quality

Best Portable Crib Mattress

1. Dream On Me 3″ Pocket Coil Mini / Portable Crib Mattress

The Dream On Me 3″ Pocket Coil Mini / Portable Crib Mattress is the top of this list with superior quality and made domestically in the USA.

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This durable crib mattress is made in the USA for your quality assurance and is comes highly certified by ASTM Standards as well as the Federal Flammability Standards.

It contains no lead and phthalates, which is potentially harmful to your baby.

The Dream On Me 3″ Pocket Coil mattress has been designed with comfort in mind with a spring coil to give maximum support and comfort. It comes with wire borders, to ensure that the shape stays through its lifetime and is durable and functional.

Featuring stain-resistant waterproof layers, it’s fit for purpose and dynamic giving your baby all the protection they need.

Moreover, it includes side air-vents which help with air circulation and the prevention of billowing in the Mattress.


  • Made with organic materials
  • Made in the USA for higher quality
  • Portable, Waterproof & Stain-resistant
  • Smart Air pockets for increased ventilation
  • Includes 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • 100% non-toxic


The cushion layer isn’t as thick as other brands

2. Wonder Dream Baby Crib Mattress

The Wonder Dream Baby Crib Mattress is produced with 100% organic, material that is breathable and non-toxic material,

This dynamic crib mattress is a dual purpose and is from enough to provide adequate support for a newborn.

As no latex or foam is used in the creation of the crib mattress it is one of the safest options available. It has hypoallergenic attributes that perfect for newborns.

It features a removable cover that is machine washable and it is also water-repellent which is a bonus. Lastly, the crib mattress is made with anti-flame materials. Overall it’s a very safe, well rounded, and the quality crib mattress.

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  • Hypoallergenic Materials & organic cotton cover
  • Water-repellent, Non-toxic and breathable
  • Recyclable & Eco-friendly


– It doesn’t have an innerspring Mattress

3. Graco Dual-Comfort Baby Crib Mattress

The Graco Dual-Comfort Baby Crib Mattress is a dynamic crib mattress that is perfect to support your child with its dual-comfort features.

It’s firm, durable, and waterproof and will allow a newborn to be comfortable and safe while sleeping. It’s also suitable for toddlers and can be easily turned around to better fit their developmental needs.

The removable cover is. Machine washable and the Mattress is manufactured with ultra-soft viscose-polyester.


  • Dual-comfort for babies and toddlers
  • Removable viscose-polyester mattress cover
  • Waterproof & Durable


– Foam made with polyurethane

4. Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress

The Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress is a 100% Breathable Mattress uses with no foam or latest or glue. It’s made from Organic Cotton and is one of the safest online. It’s manufactured with the environment in mind as it uses recyclable material, which is eco-friendly.

It dual-sided and allows your baby to have a firm but safe sleep.

This Non Toxic crib mattress regulates temperature as it allows the air to pass through the whole mattress. It doesn’t have any VOC’s, or no toxic emissions whatsoever on the mattress so to keep things very safe

This dynamic mattress is Water Repellent and has great ventilation properties. The back of the crib is made from anti-flame properties and there are no chemicals in the creation of the crib whatsoever.

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  • 100% Breathable Mattress
  • Manufactured with the environment in mind
  • Non-toxic Recyclable, Eco-friendly
  • Affordable & Lightweight
  • Dual-sided
  • Hypoallergenic: dust mite and allergen resistant


Different covers for the Mattress can be confusing

5. Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Crib With Mattress

The Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Crib With Mattress is a high-class product that has been built with functionality and affordability in mind. It is portable and versatile with rolling wheels for simple transport

It has a 2-position mattress, which makes it safer and comfortable for your baby. As it can adjust as your baby grows it makes it more robust and long-lasting. It’ also has the added bonus of preventing them from falling out of the crib as they get older as you can adjust the crib mattress to suit there new size.

It’s ASTM approved and has been passed by the Federal Flammability Standards


  • Affordable
  • Rolling wheels for mobility
  • Portable & Foldable
  • 2-position Mattress


– A strong smell of chemical

These are the Best portable crib mattress. Be sure to put safety at the top of your list!

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