Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On

Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On

Looking for the Best rugs for babies to crawl on?

Babies bring so much joy to our lives. They’re essentially the angels everyone looks up to. And, while God created entire heaven for his angels, we can at least give our angels a soft surface to roll and giggle on! Yes! You got that right! We’re talking about the best rugs for babies to crawl on. Let us be very clear, though.

Getting the right baby-rug isn’t easy. It’s not a décor for your living room. It’s the place where babies spend most of their time on. So, your rug has to be safe, comfortable, and adorable at the same time. So, here are some suggestions to help you out!

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4.8/5Top Rating

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PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room Rug Baby Nursery
4.6/5Best Performance

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Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug
4.7/5Top Quality

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Cozy Shag Collection Shag Rug Contemporary

4.6/5Best Value

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BlueSnail Super Ultra Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs

4.5/5Best Brand

How To Buy The Best Baby Safe Rugs For Your Home?

There’s nothing to worry about. All you need at for this is consider asking these three questions: –

Are All The Readily Available Rugs Safe For Babies?

To be honest, most rugs that advertise being baby-friendly are safe for babies. However, you must understand the critical difference in available choices. Rugs are usually made up of cotton, wool, polypropylene, acrylic, and even jute. However, the best rug material for babies is undoubtedly wool. That being said, woolen rugs are expensive and require high maintenance. Polypropylene rugs, on the other hand, deliver almost similar comfort at a way lower price.

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Can I Buy An Old Used Up Rug?

Contrary to popular opinion, you can buy and use old baby-friendly rugs. Although you must ensure the condition, they are in. Moreover, you must always get them dry-cleaned and sanitized before allowing your baby’s tiny hands and feet to touch them.

How Do I Choose The Right Size For A Rug?

Unless you plan on putting a fence around, your rug should cover your living room’s entire seating area. We are talking about the best rugs for babies to crawl on, right?

5 Baby-Friendly Rugs TO Consider For Your Home

#1 ACTCUT Area Rug

This excellent piece of rug made to the very top of our list. The ACTUT Area Rug comes in variants of fourteen colors and four sizes. Its weight varies from a mere 13.4 ounces to 5.99 pounds. That being said, the materials used to build this rug grant it a super light appearance.

It is made up of synthetic eco-friendly material that is also safe for babies. It comes with a super mushy surface and an internal sponge layering. The overall thickness of this rug goes roughly to 1.7 in. It even comes fitted with rubber spots underneath the fluffy upper skin. This keeps it from slipping away.

ACTUT Area Rug is known for its durability and close to no maintenance requirements. So, it is undoubtedly one of the best rugs for babies to crawl on.


  • Comes in multiple color and size options
  • Cheaper than usual woolen rugs
  • Soft and skin
  • Easy maintenance


  • Thinner than most

#2 PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room Rug Baby Nursery

Next on our list is the PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room Rug Baby Nursery. This rug was specially designed for the little princesses. It has a plush velvety finish. This ensures that your fairies feel its warmth and softness while playing their favorite games. It even comes with preinstalled rubber mats at the bottom. This keeps it from slipping and adds on to the safety of your babies!

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This rug comes in eighteen different color variants, each one loved by the little girls. The color options include pink, hot pink, greyish purple, red, beige, and even cream white. It is even available in 5 different sizes that fit each and every space of the room.

Everything being said, this rug requires a bit of strict maintenance. It is inadvisable to put this out for machine wash. 

Doing so might tamper the fine weave of the rug and destroy its softness entirely. It is good to wipe it off with a mildly wet clean cloth. You may even wash the entire rug by hand on some occasions.


  • Multiple color variants to choose from
  • Easy to install
  • Great manufacturing quality enables it to retain its color and softness over the years


  • Not suitable for machine wash
  • Might not always lay flat as indicated within the pictures

#3 Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug

Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug ranks 3rd on our list for a reason. Ottomanson, as a company, makes one of the finest shags and rugs. And, they’ve done complete justice to this piece of art as well.

This rug offers a smooth mushy finish on the surface that is safe for babies. This is made possible by creating the rug with 100% pure polypropylene. This is by far the best rug material for baby. It’s inner and lower surfaces are made up of 100% jute, nonetheless. This provides extra strength to the rugs while ensuring its durability. The jute layering even helps with floor heat insulation, making the rug feel warm to touch.

You babies can enjoy themselves while playing on this rug. That’s because the rugs are made with completely stain-resistant materials. This even enables you to wipe off any dirt or dust that accumulates (if ever) on the rug’s surface. Thus, making it maintenance free! In short, this is the best alternative to the usual wool rug for nursery!

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  • Affordable and maintenance-free
  • Can be styled easily with any and every form of rooms
  • Consists of jute layering for extra strength and durability
  • Sufficiently thick to prevent babies from getting hurt by falling on hard surfaces


  • Not many color variants are available to choose from

#4 Cozy Shag Collection Shag Rug Contemporary

Cozy Shag Collection Shag Rug Contemporary is enlisted as the 4th best rug for babies to crawl on in here. The manufacturing company is known to produce tasteful rugs in astonishing designs and colors. Most professional interior designers fancy these rugs. That’s because of their wide range of usability options.

These rugs are usually suited for home-office spaces or small libraries. However, they even come handy for installation in the children’s room. They are available in a variety of serene designs and colors. Furthermore, they’re manufactured in Turkey. This means that they have uncompromising quality over some usual baby safe rugs.


  • Easy and hassle-free installation process
  • Maintenance requires mild vacuuming
  • Compatible with concrete, wood, marble, and tiled floors alike


  • These are a bit expensive as compared to their counterparts

#5 BlueSnail Super Ultra Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs, 4′ x 5′

The last name on this list is BlueSnail Super Ultra Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs, 4′ x 5′. The build of these rugs might feel a bit more like blankets. These easy-to-install rugs come in a variety of 8 colors. And, they have all the major components to be called baby-friendly rugs.


  • Does not put a dent on your pocket
  • Comes with easy to install options


  • Might not lay flat for the first few days


We’ll always go with the ACTCUT Area Rug for our babies. The simple reason behind this choice is the value they provide for their price. They have enough colors and sizes to choose from. Moreover, they’re made of baby-friendly materials. And, lastly, they are the easiest to maintain.

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