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Best Toddler Carrier |Top 5 Toddler Carrier Reviews

Looking for the Best Toddler Carrier?

If you’ve been struggling to find a balance between proactively and baby safety then a baby carrier can certainly help. 

Baby carriers are specifically designed to reduce the strain on your body, especially your shoulders, back, and neck. The additional padding in the design and adjustable straps help to distribute the weight of your child.

Most baby carriers come with some type of hood to keep your child’s head safe from the sun and other undesirables. 

The best part about a toddler carrier is that they are getting two things done once. It’s only a matter of time before your arms will start hurting holding a 30 pound plus toddler in your arms. if you want to multi-task and try some important house duties done, at the same time a toddler carrier can be like gold dust.   

From everyday chores at home to navigating through busy public areas, through travelling and even just being at the local leisure center a good toddler carrier can be a great hack for all parents that seek more comfort, and convenience.

Remember most baby carriers can hold toddlers up to a certain weight. For instance, a two-year-old in the 50th percentile would weight around 28 pounds, and three-year-old in the same percentile will weigh around 32 pounds

We’ve done all the hard work and research the top Toddler Carriers for you. After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of the best toddler carries available to buy today.

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Lillebaby Toddler Carrier
4.8/5Top Rating
Check Price Baby Tula Toddler Carrier
4.6/5Best Performance
Check Price Beco Toddler Carrier
4.7/5Top Quality
Check Price Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

4.6/5Best Value
Check Price Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier

4.5/5Best Quality

Here are the 5 best toddler carriers

Best Toddler Carrier

1. Lillebaby Toddler Carrier

The LÍLLÉbaby carrier holds 20 pounds up to 60 pounds enjoyably.  

IT is extremely flexible with 3 toddler carrier positions  First, you can use it off the side on your hip. Second, you can use it as a front carrier. Lastly, you can use it on your back. This makes it very diverse and makes it much more mobile and versatile then it’s competitors.

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It features a unique 3-way adjustable buckles component that allows the carrier to get bigger as your toddler does. Equipped with its very own temperature control panel it safeguards your child temperature with breathable 3D mesh material.

It’ also includes a removable hood and 2 additional pockets for storage and safety.

With a lined cushioned band that fits around your waist, it gives lumbar support with an additional cushion on the back. This ensures the adjustable strap isn’t continuously jabbing you in your skin. 

The entire body carries has extra support including the shoulders which come fitted with extra pads for heavier children.  

Note: We recommend this baby carrier if you have back pain as it comes highly recommend. The Lumbar Padding and extra support naturally protect the back and spine.

This makes for easier more pain-free carrying especially over long periods. Customers with back pain who picked up this carrier have been very impressed with its comfort and support.


  • Breathable mesh with temperature control
  • 3 positions (back, front, and hip)
  • High weight capacity is fantastic for large babies, big toddlers, and heavier kids
  • Dual-adjustable straps and  Lumbar support
  • Good for customers with back pain


Limited color options

2. Baby Tula Toddler Carrier

The Tula Ergonomic Carrier coms in a variety of colors and patterns. 

This ergonomic carrier has the widest and tallest panel of any other Tula carrier making it ideal for kids who are just that little bit bigger. 

This toddler carrier is made from a lightweight and breathable material and can hold between 25 to 60 pounds. This makes it ideal for children that are 18 months and older. 

It is able to wear both frontways and backways and is designed with a simple M-position feature that helps development for little legs and keeps their legs safe and secure. 

It has padded shoulders for neck and shoulder comfort with dual adjustable and support. It also comes fitted with a hood for your child’s head that is removable. 

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The adjustable front panel allows a further set of support giving you the ability to distribute your child’s weight evenly.  This allows for more comfortability and less press which makes a big difference when you are holding your toddler for longer periods. 

It’s a very flexible, adaptable, and stylish baby toddler carrier and it has great reviews online. (ranked as a top baby carrier for 2-year-old children+.)


  • Variety of designs and trendy patterns
  • Big weight capacity up to 60 lbs 
  • Dual-adjustment padded adjustable straps
  • The waistband offers additional support


– Some patterns are only available in cotton fabric, which isn’t as breathable than mesh

3. Beco Toddler Carrier

The Beco Toddler Carrier is a very simple toddler carrier that comes in a variety of usable designs and colors. 

It is built as a long-lasting endurable toddler carrier and is made from cotton and polyurethane allowing it to be durable and breathable for your baby. It also supports a weight of 20-60 pounds. 

IT allows you to hold your child from the hip, back, or front and even has forward and rearward capacities. Fitted with a headrest for the support it’s a good all-rounded baby carrier. 

The should straps are padded so you will get more support than a single or thin-layered baby carrier. 

The most exciting feature is that any adult can use it. It has an adjustable strap that gives plenty of options for really small or really big parents to fit into it. It also comes with a  3D mesh vented panel for added airflow. 

It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so that will begin your peace of mind especially if you plan on using it for more children. 

While the Beco Toddler Carrier costs a lot for a carrier, it’s one of the few options available for carrying a child who weighs 


  • Interchangeable positions from the front, back and side
  • Supports weight of 20-60 pounds. 
  • Lifetime warranty on all BECO baby products 


May not suit all budgets.

4. Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier 

The Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier is a comfortable carry that is versatile. It comes with 4 different positions that you can choose depending on your environment. Front carry facing in, front carry facing out, hip carries, and back carry.

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The design that is ergonomic friendly is great for both and baby and parent as it includes soft large straps, a lumbar support belt, and a breathable mesh for your little one.

The design is a well-thought one as the 360 carrier keeps your child in an ergonomic position. This prevents too much pressure on the crotch area which for longer periods of toddler carry 

This unique baby carrier comes in a variety of designs and colors with patterns to match any occasion.

Additional benefits include the cost-saving element of the baby carrier is suitable from newborn all the way through to heavy toddler.

Many customers have left reviews about the increased comparability, less strain on shoulders, and smart forward-facing abilities. 


  • 4 positions including forward-facing 
  • Lumbar support waistband and padded shoulder straps
  • Breathable mesh available
  • Adjustable seat
  • Versatile colors and design 


  • Shoulder straps a little too stocky
  • No storage pocket

5. Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier

This carrier includes an efficient and comfortable design with adjustable straps, a waist belt, and a teddy bear hood.

It’s the best asset is its price as it’s the most affordable toddler carriers available. 

It comes in  Two positions – back and front carry ad has a good all-round weight capacity and sturdy feel. 

It’s  Machine Washable Hood and includes a safety hood to protect against adverse weather, The Infantino Cuddle Up has received outstanding consumer reviews.

Parents love the value that this carrier offers, delivering a comfortable, safe, and stylish product. It’s a low-budget alternative for more trendy and pricey carriers.

Many parents say it’s one of the most comfortable toddlers carries they have tried and routinely sends their little one to sleep!


  • Affordable toddler carriers and stylish
  • Hood protects sun
  • Comfortable with adjustable straps
  • Machine washable 


  • Sturdy and gets hot in some climates
  • Impossible to stop baby in back position by yourself. 
  • Only one design

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