Best Washing Machine For Cloth Diapers – 3 Instant Shortcuts

Every mother wants the best and hygienic clothes for their children.

Purchasing the best washing machine for cloth diapers is an advantage. Handwashing cloth diapers can be tiresome.

Cloth diapering can be a lot cheaper than using disposables, and it can also be a lot easier. Having the right washing machine can make the entire process of cloth diapering a lot easier, and there are several features that you should be looking for.

There are a variety of machines to make your cloth diaper washing easier. These machines ease your routine by giving adequately clean diapers.

Best Washing Machine for Cloth Diapers

Using a washing machine for cloth diapers is beneficial as it is gentler as compared to your hands. It takes up less amount of detergent and gives you better results. 

I use the HE front load machine (you can use either top load or front load). Believe me, the results are remarkable.

I prefer an HE machine over a traditional one as HE ones save both water and energy. 

Most importantly, when washing in these machines, you must know the correct water to diaper ratio. Diapers should be washed in less water as they are absorbents. 

Another important thing about this best washing machine for cloth diapers is that you should set a higher water temperature.

Hot water does a better job in washing the cloth diapers. 

Finding the suitable liquid detergent for your HE machine could also be a difficult task.

You can either enquire from the seller or use a trial-and-error method to find a suitable detergent.

Agitation is an important fact to analyze when washing cloth diapers in a washing machine. Never overload the machine beyond its capacity.

The perfect way to obtain a proper agitation is when your bulking level is ½, ¾, or 2/3.

Even if you fully load the machine, there are chances that the cloth diapers will not be thoroughly washed. 

1. Traditional Machines

Although I prefer HE machines more for washing cloth diapers, yet traditional machines are not bad either.

The conventional top loader provides an enhanced agitation; hence, it washes the diaper squeaky clean. 

As it is non-HE, you have to set the water level in the machine on your own. You wouldn’t need to grab soiled diapers in these traditional top loaders. 

Having agitators in this machine is always advantageous as cloth diapers need good agitation to be clean.

I’ve even used these conventional top-loaders for a few years; trust me, they give you adequately cleaned diapers.

Be careful with these machines as you must add the right level of water and detergent.

2. High-Capacity Machines

If you own an extra-large washing machine, there can be some concerns about washing diapers in it.

This machine is not considered to be the best washing machine for cloth diapers. It raises issues such as how to manage the water level in it. 

Such machines tend to use a lot of water and operate on extra agitation.

If you put too much water or too little water in the machine, your diapers won’t get adequately agitated. 

The best way to use this machine is weekly when you quite a load of diapers to wash. The optimal bulking level should be no more than 2/3 full.

Another trick to full your machine to the above-said level is to throw hand towels and kitchen towels in the machine. 

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3. Portable Washing Machines

If you don’t plan on staying in a single apartment for too long, then a portable machine is your pick.

It’s unhygienic to wash diapers in the same machine in which you wash your clothes. 

Don’t worry; portable devices are available at flexible and cheaper prices in the market.

They can be either manually or electrically powered. Though it only washes around 5-10 diapers at a time, it is not a bad option for people living in rentals.

It won’t harm you if you use the machine on alternate days.


According to me, an HE machine (either top load or front load) is the best washing machine for cloth diapers.

Just maintain the correct water level and temperature. With the agitation this machine provides, the cloth diapers come out clean.

After all, your baby deserves clean and hygienic diapers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Sanitary To Wash Cloth Diapers In A Washer?

Unless and until you’re mixing cloth diapers with your regular clothes, it is entirely safe to wash cloth diapers in your washing machine. 

Also, if you have only one machine for cleaning all the laundry, you must wash off soiled diapers.

Washing off soiled diapers a bit before putting them in the machine is considered to be sanitary.

How To Get Rid Of The Urine Smell In The Front Loader?

To get rid of the urine smell, try agitating the diapers in hot water a few times. Do this without the detergent at first. 

After agitating the diapers in hot water at least 3-4 times, add the detergent to the machine.

After several hot washes (both with and without the detergent), wash and rinse the diapers at last. I hope that there will be no smelly diapers after that.

Do You Need An Agitator For Cloth Diapers?

No, it’s not necessary, but you’ll have to change your routine a bit. To clean well, ensure to stash in a whole load of cloth diapers together to ensure they are washed properly.


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