Breastfeeding Food Poisoning
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Breastfeeding Food Poisoning

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A very few researches say that an ill mother can be the cause of breastfeeding food poisoning.

By any chance, moms cannot stop breastfeeding even if they’re seriously sick.

Breastfeeding should not be stopped unless the mother has HIV or HTLV-1 disease.

You must be careful about the medicines you take, as they should not result in food poisoning.

Breastfeeding Food Poisoning

When you’re ill, make sure that the illness does not pass on to your baby through breast milk.

You’ll be shocked to know that mothers can pass on certain viruses to their breastfeeding babies.

Therefore, a mother has to be sure that she does not cause breastfeeding food poisoning.

Breastfeeding cannot be stopped under any circumstance. As long as the symptoms of your illness are in your gastrointestinal tract, there will be no harm to the kid. 

If there’s a severe infection in which the mother’s bloodstream gets affected, you have to stop breastfeeding the baby temporarily.

You obviously wouldn’t want the bacteria to get transferred to your baby through the milk.

In contagious illnesses like cold, flu, etc., there is no harm to the baby.

You can continue to breastfeed as your milk will transfer antibodies to your baby’s body. Those antibodies will prevent the baby from such illnesses.

If you think that you can stop breastfeeding for a longer period, you’re wrong. During those crucial months of a baby, breastmilk is essential for superior nutrition. 

If a baby is deprived of breastmilk, there are chances that he may get sick. Don’t worry about breastfeeding food poisoning when you have a mild illness. 

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Breastfeeding When The Mother Has Food Poisoning

This opens the gate to the known fact that you can breastfeed your baby during food poisoning. It is safe because food poisoning is limited to your abdomen. 

It is even considered a good thing when you breastfeed during an illness.

This is because your antibodies will pass along to your baby via the breastmilk. Instead, breastmilk will help the baby to fight the infections, if he has any. 

However, if a mother feels extreme symptoms of food poisoning, it is best to consult a doctor before you breastfeed.

The doctor may provide you strong antibiotics which may not be healthy for your baby.

How Milk Supply Is Affected With Food Poisoning

Extreme food poisoning in a mother will indeed affect the milk supply. You are already aware of what happens in food poisoning—diarrhea, vomiting, etc. 

As a result of diarrhea and vomiting, a mother’s body will end up dehydrated.

Hence, milk production is also reduced, resulting in a lesser milk supply. Don’t worry as it is a temporary situation. 

What to do in this temporary situation? Well, you can make the baby formula while your milk supply is low. 

Don’t let your body run out of fluids. If you keep yourself hydrated, your milk supply will automatically be normal in a few days. 

Tips For The Mother During Breastfeeding Food Poisoning

When you are suffering from food poisoning, you should lie next to the baby when feeding him. This way, you won’t feel exhausted or dehydrated.

Another thing about which you need to be serious is your diet. You have to keep yourself hydrated, or you won’t be able to feed your baby correctly.

A good diet is essential during food poisoning to recover from it soon.

Obviously, a doctor will suggest you some antibiotics. When you have severe symptoms of the illness, you should stop breastfeeding for a day or two.

The antibiotics prescribed by a doctor can be strong; hence, feed your baby with the baby milk powder.


Don’t worry about breastfeeding food poisoning when you’re suffering from mild symptoms of the illness.

You must take all precautions so that you don’t end up suffering from food poisoning. 

You are not only responsible for your health but also your baby’s health. Hence, eat homecooked food and continue feeding healthy milk to your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Stomach Bugs Be Passed Through Breast Milk?

When you have illnesses like cold or flu, you don’t need to worry as the infection won’t be passed through your breast milk.

Even if you have a stomach bug, it’s good to breastfeed your baby as your milk will transfer antibodies to the infant.

Can I Breastfeed If I Have Diarrhea?

Illnesses like diarrhea cannot pass through your breast milk. However, when you suffer from diarrhea, you can consider switching to baby formula for a day or two.

This is because diarrhea causes dehydration and reduces milk production in a mother’s body.

How Long Should I Wait To Feed The Baby During Food Poisoning?

During mild food poisoning, you should not stop breastfeeding as there is no harm to the baby.

But if your symptoms are extreme, wait for at least one day to breastfeed your baby. This is so because you might be consuming strong antibiotics at that time.

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