Does My Child Have To Be Potty Trained Before Starting Kindergarten

Can A Child Go To Kindergarten Not Potty Trained?

Can A Child Go To Kindergarten Not Potty Trained?

This is an important question that can be the difference between a child going to kindergarten on time or having to delay it.

Finding out whether or not your child should be potty trained before starting kindergarten is very important.

Starting school, not toilet trained can have an immediate impact on education so getting the balance right is crucial.

Can A Child Go To Kindergarten Not Potty Trained

All kindergartens have their own policies so its important to first contact your preschool and find out what policies they have.

Some may insist that your children are fully potty trained before they attend and are nappy free zones.

Here they will insist that all children wear underwear instead of diapers or pull-ups.

Other kindergartens are a bit more lenient and won’t mind clearing up the odd accident here and there.

They will remind children to go to the toilet after meals and also 30 minutes after having a drink.

Sometimes you can get potty training at daycare and preschool booklets and teachers will try to prepare you and your toddler for the right way to potty train that’s in line with their policies.

Whether you opt for the stringent kindergartens or the more lenient ones you’ll want to factor these considerations in.

  • Dress your toddler in easy to take off clothers with elastic waistbands that are easy to pull up and pull down
  • Pack enough pull-ups to facilitate diaper changing 
  • Set up play dates with other potty trained children. This will encourage your toddler t to follow suit
  • Practice at the kindergarten with your toddler before or after school.
  • Give it time and accept that the teachers are doing the best they can. Kindergarten teachers have a lot on their plate so it’s important you try to set up a potty training routine outside of school first.

3 Differences Between Potty Training Girls And Boys

There is a few difference between potty training boys and girls and it’s important to go over these just in case you need to prepare for kindergarten

Let’s examine the differences in potty training toddler girls as opposed to potty training toddler boys.

1. How to wipe

One very clear difference in teaching your daughter to potty train is learning how to wipe.

Clearly explain that she needs to move the toilet paper from front to back and not the other way around.

This will avoid her getting any unwanted infections.

Sometimes you can assist this by reminding her just to pat the area instead of wiping as this will aid her memory.

2. Personalisation

Sometimes girl children can feel the urge to get a bit more creative with their potty.

Encourage this by giving them the full reign to add stickers and write her name on the potty.

This will give her a sense of independence when she is going to the toilet.

3. Special underwear

While this can apply to boys as well, having special underwear that highlights the grown-up-ness of being a big girl and using the potty will go a long way in solidifying a positive potty training regime.

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