Can Adults Drink Baby Formula

Do you have some formula in the house and wondering, can adults drink baby formula?

You are not alone in this. Many parents often have this question, especially when one runs out of milk or has some extra formula in the house. 

Baby formula is excellent for babies, especially those with dietary needs. It provides infants with sufficient nutrients they need to grow and thrive. 

As a result, it’s reasonable why many adults assume they can easily consume it without any consequences. But is it right? 

We have the answers! 

Can Adults Drink Baby Formula

The truth, the answer to this is not as straightforward as we all hoped it would be. Yes, you can drink baby formula.

However, experts also advise that you restrain from taking it. 

Like breast milk, formula milk has nutritious capabilities that give your baby the necessary nutrients. However, breast milk helps boost the baby’s immune system. 

We digress. So, why do adults result in drinking formulas? Here’s what you need to know and why it is either a good or bad idea for you. 

1. The nutrition

Baby formula has excellent nutritious components, from vitamins to minerals, fats, and proteins that help the baby develop.

Unfortunately, because of this, some adults assume that they will get the same. 

However, the formulation of this milk is made just for babies. Their needs are pretty different from that of an adult, meaning you will not benefit much from it.

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2. To increase protein intake

You know how protein is a significant part of muscle building? People buy protein supplements when exercising and trying to lose weight.

Because formula has high protein levels, many adults use it to get stronger and build their muscles. 

Is it okay? We say no. You will need to consume lots of formula to get the required protein amounts for an adult.

As such, you end up consuming more fat than needed. Remember that baby milk, including formula, has high-fat levels.

Fat helps in the development of the baby’s brain. 

Unfortunately for you, when you drink more baby formula to get the protein, the extra fat could lead to increased cholesterol levels.

Combining formula with other foods with high fat levels increases your chances of adding weight. 

3. For the human milk Oligosaccharide

Oligosaccharides (HMO) help babies in the development of their immune systems and microflora. Despite that, not all baby formula brands or types have HMO. 

Some studies show that the components in HMO can help adults with various health conditions, like arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and autism.

But, unfortunately, there is not much research backing this up.

Also, there is no FDA approval for adults with such health conditions to consume formula and breastmilk for these benefits. 

As such, it is not recommended that you take baby formula just because you are suffering from any of these conditions and need HMO from baby formula.

The best way to deal with it is still to follow your doctor’s medications. 

4. For the taste

Formulas come in different flavors, and some will be compellingly sweet.

Therefore, you might like taking the baby formula simply for its unique taste, and that is okay.

Alternative To Baby Formula For Adults 

As you can see, baby formula has no benefit for adults. Apart from the taste, there’s nothing much to gain. 

Therefore, below are some alternatives you should consider taking:

1. Protein powders 

If your issue is not consuming enough proteins from foods, protein powder is the best alternative to baby formula.

These are made explicitly for adults and contain the right amount of protein an average adult needs to consume daily.

2. Milk powders

Powdered milk comes from dried milk and lasts longer than liquid milk. You can get powdered milk from many sources, like dairy and plants.  

Can adults take baby formula? Yes, you can drink baby formula in small amounts.

While it might taste great, it offers you little to no nutrition. You will have to take baby formula in higher quantities to gain any health benefits.

This, in itself, is dangerous due to the high fat and iron levels in baby formula. 

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