Can Babies Have Maple Syrup
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Can Babies Have Maple Syrup

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When a baby just enters your life, as a new mother and parent, you are bound to have various concerns related to your baby’s health which is absolutely normal. 

The digestive system of a baby is such that it’s sensitive and responds only to a particular kind of food. 

Maple syrup is one of the products mothers are concerned about, knowing for its high sugar content. 

Can Babies Have Maple Syrup? 

For the knowledge of all mothers, maple syrup is extracted from the sap of maple trees.

In addition, maple trees store starch in the roots, which turns to sugar by springtime. 

If you see a product in the market labeled ‘maple syrup’, just know that it follows strict health standards.

You have the assurance of using a quality product when you are using a labeled bottle of maple syrup. You know it’s made from real maple sap

There are variations of maple syrup in the market, so stay away from that for your babies.

They are just syrups made with high fructose corn syrup mixed with other syrups made to taste like maple syrup.

Pediatricians advise new parents not to give food substances like honey and maple syrup. 

However, research states that maple syrup is extracted directly from the sap of the maple tree, which is boiled for some time to be preserved for consumption later.

So, it’s not supposed to be bad for babies once they are over 12 months of age. 

Once they have grown over a year, their intestines become more vital to fight any toxins bacteria may produce when consuming a particular kind of food. 

1. When Exactly Can Babies Have Maple Syrup? 

The first 10 and 12 months of a newborn’s life are always crucial.

Pediatricians have special needs instructions to the parents regarding what to feed them. 

As per his natural cycle, when a baby starts eating solid foods, sugar is still never recommended as that might spike blood sugar levels.

In addition, it may be difficult for babies to process sugary foods until they have crossed over 12 years of age. 

Once they are over a year old, you can mix a little maple syrup to their porridge and applesauce to make it sweet and palatable for the babies to have. 

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2. Is Maple Syrup Suitable for Babies? 

When a baby turns one year old, you can safely feed him maple syrup in various forms, as indifferent foods such as porridge and small oatmeal. 

Whenever buying maple syrup for your baby, always remember to watch out for factors such as exact composition, delicate taste, and crystal clarity.

Such a product will ensure your baby has a perfectly healthy and suitable syrup due to all Health concerns, no matter how great. 

The ideal maple syrup product has crystal clarity and a light flavor. It is mainly made during cold weather.

If a particular maple syrup product fulfills all the health specifications, it can be fed to your baby. 

3. Benefits of Maple Syrup 

Maple syrup is known to have many antioxidants which will fight internal damage or even inflammation.

It also has essential minerals such as zinc which will increase your resistance to any kind of illness. 

Maple syrup is considered better than table sugar to be added to different foods.

This is because it will add the required sweetness to a particular food without causing any harm to our health. 

It has an absolutely unique flavor to it, but that doesn’t mean it should be used daily.

In addition, it has a few health benefits, which you will experience only if used to a certain limit. 


Can babies have maple syrup? Whether your baby can have maple syrup or not somewhat depends on how old he is in months.

If your baby has crossed one year of age, it is safe to occasionally feed him maple syrup in his porridge and oatmeal breakfast.

That quantity is not known to cause any harm to your infant. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Should I Use Honey or Maple Syrup? 

Authentic and real maple syrup is known to have more iron, calcium, zinc, and copper than honey has.

These minerals are great for various functions of health in our body. 

Can A Baby Eat Honey? 

Babies that are younger than one year should not be given honey or any solid food at all.

This is because babies’ digestive system under one year is not strong enough to absorb such heavy foods. 

Is Pancake Syrup the Same as Maple Syrup? 

There is a difference in ingredients between maple syrup and pancake syrup.

Pure maple syrup is made from maple tree sap, whereas pancake syrup is prepared with artificial flavors and corn syrup to resemble maple syrup in taste. 

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