Can Baby Sleep In MamaRoo Overnight
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Can Baby Sleep In MamaRoo Overnight

Is your baby falling asleep and are wondering, can baby sleep in MamaRoo overnight?

You have probably learned how much your baby loves being rocked in the MamaRoo and how easily it helps put them to sleep. 

But the question is, should you leave the baby sleeping in the MamaRoo overnight or not? Is it safe for your child? 

Let’s find out! 

Can Baby Sleep In MamaRoo Overnight?

The straight answer is no. The MamaRoo is not the safest place you can have your child sleeping in all night long. 

Here’s why:

1. Your baby will have insufficient supply of oxygen

When your baby sleeps for a very long time or sleeps on their noses, they will breathe in lower amounts of oxygen. 

The MamaRoo will extend your baby’s sleeping time since babies love to sleep while being soothed and will also increase the likelihood of turning over and sleeping on the nose. 

If you let your baby regularly sleep in this manner, decreased oxygen will slow down their development.

While this might be an extreme scenario, do not let your baby sleep on the MamaRoo.

2. Suffocation

Baby sleeping in a MamaRoo overnight increases the risk of suffocation when they roll over. 

Remember that while a MamaRoo is optimized for your baby’s comfort, the design is not for sleeping purposes.

Some manufacturers have recalled some devices of these devices due to the death of babies.

While the numbers of babies death are not very high, it is disheartening. Therefore, ensure that you do not leave your baby unsupervised when using the MamaRoo. 

3. MamaRoo’s sleep increases the risk of SIDS

Compared to the normal colt, allowing your baby to sleep overnight on MamaRoo significantly increases their risk of death due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

The same risk exists if you use baby sleeping items such as car seats and swings.

In the MamaRoo, your baby sleeps in a different posture, breathing less oxygen, and is more likely to suffocate than on the colt. 

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4. Spine development

The MamaRoo only permits your baby to safely lie only on their back since lying on the tummy will most likely lead to suffocation and death. 

Keep in mind that tummy time is essential for the normal development of neck and back muscles. 

If you deny your baby tummy time by letting them stay for extended periods on the MamaRoo, your baby will most likely end up developing infantile scoliosis and other developmental issues.

5. Impaired sleep

The MamaRoo will quickly put your baby to sleep. But, unfortunately, if this becomes a habit, your baby will not learn to put themselves to sleep. 

As such, it is best to keep an eye on your baby and ensure that they do not fall asleep in the mamaroo.

That’s because they will develop sleeping problems, making it harder for them to fall asleep on their own. 

If your baby is already used to falling asleep in the mamaroo, you can start to break the cycle.

One of the ways to do this is rocking them to sleep on your own. Other ways would be to sing, tell stories or let them stay on the colt until they fall asleep. 

6. Developing Injuries

As your baby gets more active and wants to crawl around, the MamaRoo, especially at night, becomes dangerous.

Take caution that the bay might get up without your knowledge and fall from the MamaRoo. This could lead to breaking a limb or the spine.


The bottom line to can baby sleep in MamaRoo overnight is definitely a NO. 

As soothing and comfy the MamaRoo is for your little one, it poses several dangers.

A baby sleeping in a MamaRoo, not just overnight, could lead to falls, lack of oxygen if they roll over. In return, this could lead to suffocating and SIDS.

Moreover, letting your baby spend that much time on the mamaRoo will slow down development, increase the risk of injuries, and might lead to developmental issues such as scoliosis.  

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