Can I Feed My Baby in The Car Seat?
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Can I Feed My Baby in The Car Seat?

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As the due date for your little bundle of joy approaches, you probably realize that there’s a lot to do and that you are running out of time to prepare.

It’s an exciting but also stressful period in your life. Before you go into labor, make sure you take care of this.

It is never safe to drive with a baby, toddler, or child under four feet nine inches without a car seat.

Safety should be your prime concern if you have a baby and drive frequently.

Rear-facing car seats are especially important for newborns to ensure they are seated well while you are busy driving.

Keep reading the article to know more about feeding the baby in a car seat. 

Can I Feed My Baby in The Car Seat?

As a parent, being able to feed your child in the car seat appears to be a fantastic concept.

You can also keep them safe and comfortable while driving while allowing them to eat. Is it, however, safe to do so?

It’s crucial to understand that you can feed your child in the car seat. Most pediatricians do not encourage it.

However, you can do it safely if you use certain safeguards. Although some doctors believe that babies cannot choke while feeding, others disagree.

If you choose where to feed your child, the car seat might not be the best choice.

Babies require more range of movement than a strapped-in chair can provide.

Stopping somewhere, getting out of the car, and going somewhere safer before feeding your child is the safest way to do it inside a vehicle.

If that isn’t an option, there are techniques to make the feeding process safer while you’re still driving.

But do not compromise your child’s safety for saving a few extra minutes. 

1. Is It Safe to Breastfeed in A Car with A Newborn?

The majority of parents are curious about feeding their children in a car seat.

This is concerning because any parent’s initial concern is their child’s safety. Is it safe to nurse a newborn infant in a car seat?

To answer the question, it is not safe. Feeding a baby in a car seat is not a good idea.

The first reason is that if the baby chokes while sitting in the car seat, it can be extremely deadly.

Second, because newborn newborns cannot easily adjust their heads, it is difficult for them to drink while in a car seat.

It might become difficult for them to take a bottle or nurse. Finally, nursing a newborn infant in a car seat can make them exhausted and sleepy.

If you are driving the infant home from the hospital or is in the car for a long trip, this can be harmful.

2. What Can Be the Right Thing to Feed My Child While Driving?

This article puts together the perfect feeding items to make mealtime a breeze when you’re on the road.

Please keep in mind that your child should be able to chew their food properly, grip objects, and burp independently.

Here is a list of easy-to-eat foods with a few feeding basics.

  • Meal Pouches – You can prepare suck-on-the-go meals in meal pouches with fruit or other ingredients. Some companies produce them out of silicon, making them gentle to chew and ideal for teething babies.


  • Sip Cups for Cars- These cups are normally constructed of silicon and pose no danger in the event of an accident. They’re ideal for keeping your baby hydrated on a car trip.


  • Car Safe Travel Bottles- They carry hot water for babies. These bottles resemble hot water bottles. Manufacturers use soft but durable materials. You can stuff them with whatever liquid-based food you want.

3. Things To Remember

Parents should follow feeding rules or safety suggestions while feeding their children in car seats. Keep the following in mind when bottle-feeding your baby:

  • When your infant is eating or drinking from a bottle, never leave them alone.
  • Use a 5-point harness infant car seat suitable for use in automobiles.
  • Ensure the car seat is installed properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you’re jogging or running with the seat on and your child is drinking from a bottle, make sure you see them.
  • You should not use bottles with free-flow soft silicone or orthodontic nipples since they diminish fluid intake and cause dehydration. To avoid choking and aspirating fluids, use good quality hard spout sippy cups with regular teats.
  • Make sure that you loop the seat belt around the car seat rather than your child.
  • The backseat is the best thing to feed your kids. Feeding them while driving is never a good idea. You shouldn’t feed yourself when you’re driving since you can’t focus on both simultaneously.

4. Is it Safe to Leave a Newborn in a Car Seat for Too Long?

You should not use the car seats for long periods for your newborns.

Their bodies are still in the early phases of development, their spines are still forming, and lengthy durations of sitting upright may impede their breathing.

The two-hour rule applies to babies for no more than two hours in 24 hours.

As children grow older, this rule of thumb can become simpler. However, the two-hour rule is still a good one to observe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests stopping and getting out of the automobile and stretching the body on extended road trips every two hours.

This will help you relax and give the baby a break as well.

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Here is the end to ‘can I feed my baby in the car seat.’

As a result, you can feed your baby in a car seat, but always remember to keep your child’s safety in mind.

If the car seat strap moves around, it could be a choking threat for them.

When your baby finishes the food or drink, rest and relax the straps so they don’t get too tired. Motion sickness can occur while you feed your kid. 

These are little things that are quite obvious, but we often miss following them, creating a bigger problem in the long run.

Remember, a little alertness will help you and keep your baby safe.

Do whatever you can to drive safely and keep the baby secure while driving. You can take breaks or drive slowly.

Reaching late is better than finding yourself in a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a newborn to stop breathing in a car seat?

Infants and toddlers who were awake but unsupervised in a car seat or sling perished due to their motions blocking their nose and mouth, preventing them from breathing.

The straps of the car also have a risk of choking them. So, keep checking if they are loose enough to breathe but keep them safe.

You can also take a break from driving, allowing the baby to play freely without the straps. 

What is the prevalence of positional asphyxia?

However, research published in the Journal of Pediatrics indicated that positional asphyxiation was the cause of 48 percent of car seat deaths and 75 percent of swing deaths reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission between 2004 and 2008.

This statistic can emphasize the importance of alertness and safety measures while driving.

A little carelessness can become dangerous, thus jeopardizing your baby’s life.

How can asphyxiation appear?

Asphyxia is attributed to death by non-specific physical indications.

These include visceral congestion caused by dilated venous blood vessels, blood stasis and petechiae, cyanosis, and blood fluidity.

Petechiae are little blood clots. Do not worry after reading these terms, and they are to inform you about the risks and dangers.

It is to help you prevent any accidents or problems and keep your baby safe in the longer run.



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