Can I Stop My Ex New Girlfriend from Seeing My Child
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Can I Stop My Ex New Girlfriend from Seeing My Child

As precious as human relationships are with our family, it is necessary to protect them from the influence of any new romantic relationships outside of the family.

You never know how it would affect your child to see your new girlfriend.

To make sure things are never uncomfortable between you and your child, you should try to keep your love interest away from your family life. 

Introducing a new spouse to the kids after a divorce or separation is one of the most difficult challenges for parents to deal with. 

It’s a good idea to prepare for this issue in advance because it’s extremely possible that either one of you or both may eventually start a new relationship.

Can I Stop My Ex New Girlfriend from Seeing My Child?

As parents, it is fair to feel a bit of anxiety over the fact that your Ex’s new girlfriend can be around sometimes and that you may not feel pleasant about the whole situation.

Concerns related to your ex’s girlfriend trying to mingle with your children are real and little worrying as well because it’s about your child.

How much time your child is spending in the company of a new partner, the kind of influence and caregiving she gives your child, and the overall impact they might have on your children are some of the biggest concerns parents have, and it is to be resolved on our own. 

If the new partner comes from a different value system, your child might feel foreign to the exposure they talk about and the courage they display. 

Meeting the Ex’s girlfriend in front of the children isn’t sending out a good message; it’s conveying that your role as a parent might diminish in their life, and the new member is like a replacement. 

You can control these frequent visits by fixing a day or two for visits when you can actually bond and eat together with that new member. 

1. Can He/She Be Around Your Kids?

If in a situation like this, the first thing you ask yourself is whether you should let her be around your kids, and it’s not to say that she can stay as long as she wants.

As per law, both parents have parenting time. So as long as you have that, you can openly interact with your child. 

During parenting time, both parents have the right to choose a babysitter even as per the law. 

What is to understand here is that your ex will always have custody and access.

As per the rule, an ex has the right to babysit the other half’s baby.

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2. Ex’s New Partner Can’t Be Around Your Children 

There are various circumstances where your ex’s partner won’t be allowed around children.

If your parenting plan, divorce decree, or custody papers prohibit them from being around children, then trying to babysit your child would be a violation of the court order.

The ex’s partner is even putting the children in danger, and the court will take strong action against them and later enforce a restriction. 

It’s always best to stay up to date with what your court orders say to avoid any future confusion. 

3. Different Circumstances That Ex’s Partner Faces Restrictions 

If the Ex’s partner ever has to face restrictions on meeting your child, it may be due to a painful past or event. 

The judge may decide against the ex’s partner because they have tried to jeopardize the child’s physical and emotional health or played an active part in impairing the child’s emotional development. 

Such allegations are reasons enough to pose restrictions to the ex’s partner on meeting the child. 

Such rigid court orders are only passed when the judge gets a sense of the endangerment of the child from a concerned person. 


Can I Stop My Ex’s New Girlfriend from Seeing My Child? 

Whether you can stop your ex’s new girlfriend from seeing your child is totally in your hands.

The judge may decide for or against that, but the ultimate power to control how much your child should mingle with the ex’s new partner lies with you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can I Stop My Ex’s New Partner from Seeing My Child? 

If your ex-partner has a contact order from the court, you can’t stop them or even their new partner from seeing your child.

The only thing you can control is how much or less your child should understand about the new relationship being formed with their parent. 

Can I Keep My Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Away from My Child? 

You can keep your child away from your husband’s girlfriend for sure.

Definitely, you would want to shield him from having any weird or negative influence.

This can be discussed over with your husband at sorted on your end. 

Do I Have A Right to Know Who Is Around My Child? 

As a child’s parent, you have all rights to know who your child mixes and interacts with on a daily basis.

You can even control who he is meeting and how much he is meeting them if your child is sensible enough to let you do that. 




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