Can Toddlers Tell When Someone is Pregnant
Pregnancy Toddler

Can Toddlers Tell When Someone is Pregnant

Pregnancy is that one thing that can never be kept a secret no matter how much one desires to.

Even in its early stages, many will easily find out that you are pregnant. One question has been frequently asked by expecting mothers with toddlers, can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant?

This curiosity is quite understood because toddlers are a special breed of humans who might be capable of more things than we credit them.

Toddlers are little detectives in their own right but do they have that sixth sense also to tell when their mom is expecting another baby?

Keep reading and find yourself surprised by the answer. 

Can Toddlers Tell When Someone is Pregnant?

There is a lot of evidence related to the hypothetical question, can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant? 

A lot of mummies have shared their stories of how their toddlers became more infatuated with their tummies when they were pregnant. 

Some of these stories include how the toddlers began to cuddle or rub their tummies unexpectedly or even mention the ‘baby’ word suddenly.

There is another school of mummies that believes toddlers become clingy or start acting out when they sense their mother is about to bring another baby into the world. 

It is cute to believe these stories but to date, this has not been scientifically proven.

One thing we know for certain about toddlers is their ability to sense stress.

They may not be able to sense pregnancy, but their sensory skills can detect when their parents, especially their mothers are stressed or when a change has happened. 

Research has been done in this light and it has been found that a lot of expecting mothers have anxiety or are constantly worried.

Some have admitted to being moody and others experience behavioral changes such as increased tantrum-throwing and sleep disturbances.

This second-hand stress does not go unnoticed by many toddlers. 

1. How Toddlers React to Change

As a pregnant mom, things are going to certainly change around the house. You will begin to get tired more easily.

Your energy may not be the same to play with your child as you used to.

Your toddler who does not understand the depth of what is happening might get in the way at times so you will have to be extra gentle with them. 

If you get morning sickness and run to use the toilet often or do not eat as much as you would.

Your attention level to your toddler will likely drop as you unconsciously begin to prepare for the new baby.

These changes will be noticed by your toddler, and they may begin to act clingier as their way of showing concern.

2. When to Let Your Toddler Know You Are Pregnant

Since there is no scientific proof to answer the question ‘can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant then there is a need for you to properly break this big news to them rather than assume that they already know.

For many couples, this can be a conflicting decision as they worry about how exactly their toddler will handle the news.

One best approach to this is to inform them when you are comfortable with everyone else knowing the news.

After all, toddlers are not the best people to keep a secret with. 

So, if miscarriage is a concern to you then it’s best to wait until the pregnancy is confirmed viable before sharing it with your toddler. 

3. How Toddlers Receive Pregnancy News

In most cases, toddlers welcome the news of having a new sibling with excitement but don’t be surprised if they begin to act differently.

They could display more negative emotions like anger or may seem to regress in their development. 

These changes are their way of trying to regain life normalcy. They may think that a new sibling will take your attention away from them and will try to have you all to themselves.

It will help if you carry them along as things begin to change in the house.

Let them get involved in the setting up of the nursery in the little way they can. It will make them feel important. Also, explain the new development in a positive way to them. 

4. Practical Tips on Preparing Your Toddler For the Next Baby

Now that your toddler is aware another baby is incoming, you will have to do certain things to get them prepared for this new arrival.

  • You should be more understanding and patient with them. 

  • Have open and honest discussions with them on how the baby will be. This is to help them have realistic expectations.

  • Pique their interest and excitement in their new sibling. 

  • Reassure them of your love both by words and actions. 

  • Make sure that you always make out time for them to talk to you and answer all their questions as much as you can. This will help them be more cooperative and in good behavior


Can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant? The direct answer to this will be no since there is no scientific proof to back it up.

However, we know that toddlers are special beings who observe things in their little minds. 

And given their very special bond with their mothers, it is not surprising if they can pick up on her pregnancy changes.

If you think your toddler’s over-attachment to your tummy could be because you are having another baby, it’s best to get tested to be sure and not just assume. 

Go to your doctor and let it be clinically confirmed that another beautiful baby is on the way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do first children act when mom is pregnant?

According to a survey, first children are reportedly clingier and throw more tantrums when they know their mom is having another baby.

It is not something you should worry about as they will soon grow out of that phase depending on how well you can handle their emotions. 

When to tell a toddler you are pregnant?

If there are visible and early signs that something is up with you then it’s better to let your child know about your pregnancy earlier.

On the other hand, if you already found out that you are having another baby and are worried about how your toddler will adjust to a new addition, they are likely to detect that. 

Children, in general, are very smart and toddlers are not an exception. Find a good way to let them know they are having a sister or brother.

You don’t need to go into too many details, just make it as simple as possible. 

Can toddlers tell when labor is near? 

Toddlers may be able to detect that their mom is about to go into labor due to the behavioral changes they notice.

Kids are highly tuned to the emotional disposition of the house, so it is not that they possess any special psychic ability. 

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