Can You Cut Your Hair While Pregnant

Are you flaunting your pregnant glow and lustrous tresses, or are you dealing with skin and hair issues?

If you’re having trouble with hair loss or other concerns while pregnant, you’ll probably want to get your hair cut.

You might even want to enhance your pregnancy glow.

If you’ve decided to get a haircut while pregnant for any reason, first check to see if it’s safe to cut hair during pregnancy.

Here are some myths and facts about getting a haircut while pregnant and some safety precautions to take.

Can You Cut Your Hair While Pregnant?

Because of the various myths surrounding haircuts during pregnancy, many women are hesitant to have one.

Most superstitions, on the other hand, have no scientific basis.

Although your hair does alter length and structure during pregnancy, getting a haircut while keeping certain factors in mind, such as avoiding styling products and avoiding busy salons, may assist.

There are numerous beliefs and superstitions surrounding cutting hair while pregnant, but the truth is that you can cut your hair whenever you want while pregnant, and it will cause no harm to you or your kid.

There are many old wives’ stories, myths, and superstitions surrounding pregnancy.

A superstition will accompany your every move during pregnancy.

Well-educated people will appear to disregard science and reasoning to believe these age-old superstitions about protecting the unborn fetus.

Everyone has their own beliefs, which they are free to follow, but imposing those beliefs on another person, particularly when pregnant and dealing with drastic hormonal changes, isn’t right.

1. What’s The Deal With Getting A Haircut While Pregnant?

In our culture, there are a lot of dogmatic views about having haircuts.

Your grandmother, mother, and other family elders may have encouraged you not to have a haircut, especially if you are pregnant.


Human hair is considered sacred in many traditions and civilizations and a conduit for life force and energy.

Cutting your hair short might cause a loss of life energy and potentially shorten a person’s lifespan.

Haircutting is also thought to attract evil spirits or sickness. People have also set out a couple of days each week to get their hair cut or washed.

Haircutting may be prohibited in some cultures because cutting hair during pregnancy brings bad luck.

Haircutting was also thought to induce miscarriage, pregnancy problems, stillbirths, and health complications after birth by some of our forefathers.


None of the myths listed above have been proven to be true. Hence they are all debunked. This indicates that you can cut your hair safely while pregnant.

As your pregnancy hormones change, your hair may become dull, lifeless, and brittle.

As a result, chopping it short may improve the appearance of your hair. Haircutting is also not an intrusive operation that can harm you or your baby’s health.

On the other hand, chemical-based styling products should be used with caution and only after speaking with your doctor.

2. Precautions To Take When Getting A Haircut While Pregnant

Although there is no harm in getting a haircut while pregnant, you should be aware of the following safety precautions:

#1Avoid Visiting A Crowded Salon Or Parlor

If you need a haircut during pregnancy, go to a less crowded parlor or salon. It may get tiresome for you to be in a busy environment with your tummy.

It is also a good idea to schedule an appointment ahead of time so that you do not have to sit and wait for long periods.

#2 Avoid Using Chemical Products 

We recommend waiting a little longer if you’re considering getting a new appearance while pregnant by perming, straightening, coloring, or any other treatment.

Such procedures entail using harsh chemical materials that may create health concerns in you or your baby.

Ensure that any chemical-based therapies are postponed until after your delivery.

3. When You’re Pregnant, Is It Safe To Cut Your Hair?

Cutting hair while pregnant is the most contentious topic among individuals.

Many people question whether it is safe or not, and it is unlikely that only your parents or grandparents will object to you cutting your hair.

Even hairdressers in certain salons are unwilling to trim a pregnant woman’s hair.

Pregnancy has its ups and downs, and afterward can make you want to get a haircut for various reasons, like wanting to look beautiful or having more manageable hair. Rest assured, there is no effect on the unborn kid.

4. Suggestions For Getting A Haircut While Pregnant

Choose A Hairdo That Is Appropriate For You

Many women’s faces can get larger or rounder due to pregnancy. So, choose a style that draws attention to your best features while also looking beautiful on you.

Try To Avoid Overcrowded Salons

Given the pandemic situation, it’s recommended to stay away from busy places right now, particularly salons.

So, if your favorite salon is often bustling with customers, schedule an appointment during a time when it’s less crowded.


Now, you know about can you cut your hair while pregnant. Several superstitions accompany various pregnancy practices.

However, now that you have access to information, you may safely disregard the myth that you shouldn’t have a haircut while pregnant and other similar misconceptions.

Because it is a non-invasive technique, it will not hurt you or your baby, and you will be able to care for and style your hair as you choose while pregnant.

To avoid negative reactions such as allergies, stay away from strong chemicals.

To avoid unwanted consequences, it’s also a good idea to ask your doctor about hair products before getting a haircut.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible for a Pregnant Woman to Get a Haircut?

Whether or not to have a haircut during pregnancy is a personal decision that a woman should make because it is her hair, and she should determine what she wants to do with it.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to keep it long or short.

It’s important to note that haircutting is not a burden or a concern during pregnancy. The hair on a baby’s head is determined by genetics and ethnicity.

Some even claim that your baby would have a poor vision if you cut your hair while pregnant.

The truth is that a baby’s full visual ability takes some time to develop after birth. Your hairstyle has absolutely nothing to do with it.

How can I conceal my gray hair when I’m pregnant?

You can color your hair or use washable sprays, mascaras, or even dry shampoos to cover up grey hair.

During pregnancy, your facial shape and body proportions will undoubtedly change. Hairstyles excessively long or short can make your face appear fuller and emphasize your changing body shape.

Is it okay to touch up your hair while pregnant?

Highlighting your hair strands is not regarded as dangerous, but you may always get medical advice before dyeing your hair if you’re still concerned.

So, put those myths at bay, and you’ll be able to get your haircut pleasantly and worry-free during your pregnancy.

Also, leave a comment below with the best and worst myths you heard while pregnant.



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