Can you eat egg drop soup while pregnant

Can You Eat Egg Drop Soup While Pregnant?

Many foods that contain eggs suddenly carry a question mark while you’re pregnant. One of the most frequently questioned soups by expectant mothers is egg drop soup.

Can you eat egg drop soup while pregnant and satisfy your raging cravings?

While pregnancy cravings will want you to eat just about anything, it is sometimes good to limit how much one indulges.

Among the key considerations is whether what you crave is safe for you and the baby.

While you are free to eat as you normally would mostly, some foods can have a lasting negative impact on you and your baby if not carefully monitored.

Eggs usually fall in this category, and you may find yourself wondering can you eat egg drop soup while pregnant.

Here is all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your baby.

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What Is Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is an appetizer of Chinese origin and is also quite popular all over the world.

It is sometimes referred to as ‘Egg Flower Soup,’ it is made by dropping beaten eggs into hot broth.

This cooks the eggs and causes them to form ribbon-like shapes on the surface of the soup.

Egg drop soup is pretty simple to make, and you can prepare this dish in minutes.

You can also add other flavorful ingredients to transform this simple dish to your taste.

Can You Eat Egg Drop Soup While Pregnant?

When you are pregnant, it is crucial to watch your diet because what you eat also goes to your baby.

Some foods are absolute no, but there are some that you can tweak to meet pregnancy safety standards.

Egg drop soup is one of them, and it is an excellent addition to your pregnancy diet.

This soup comes with a whole bunch of nutrients that are sure to make you and your baby feel good.

It has lots of vitamins and minerals with a low-calorie count, so you can take it every day if you feel like it.

One of its major components is vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and helps you fight off infections while pregnant.

It is also an antioxidant and allows your body to produce collagen, which will help your wounds heal faster.

This soup also works excellent to hydrate you throughout your pregnancy.

As much as egg drop soup can be good for you, some of the ways you can make it completely safe while pregnant include:

  1. Ensuring that the eggs are cooked thoroughly. Raw eggs are not okay for eating when you’re pregnant, which is important to watch out for in egg drop soup. Whether you’re making yourself or getting some from a restaurant, you’ll know that the eggs are well cooked when they float above the broth. If you’re not sure, pop the soup into the microwave for a few minutes to cook the eggs before consuming the soup.
  2. Watching the sodium content in the soup. Too much sodium can cause a rise in blood pressure, which is risky for you and your baby. It means that you need to use as little salt as possible and stay away from artificial flavors.
  3. Preparing this simple soup yourself in small batches as needed. It will allow you to make sure that the eggs are cooked well, and you can even go all-natural with the flavors and fresh additions. Unfortunately, many restaurants are bound to make a lot of egg drop soup at once and use lots of salt and artificial flavors. There are many simple recipes available for you to use when you’re craving some egg drop soup.

Now that you are pregnant, you have probably had to stop eating some things for the time being. C

an you eat egg drop soup while pregnant, though? Yes, as long as you watch out and follow the above tips.

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