Can You Flush Baby Wipes

Can You Flush Baby Wipes?

You’re not the only one who questions herself, ‘Can you flush baby wipes?’

People often think that flushing out baby wipes is normal. Well, it’s not. Apart from the plumbing issues, it will affect the comfort and safety of your home.

In this article, you will ask whether you should or shouldn’t flush baby wipes.

Can You Flush Baby Wipes?

Don’t think that baby wipes are similar to toilet paper! Can you flush toilet paper? Yes. Can you flush baby wipes? Absolutely not!

Baby wipes are very different from toilet paper. Toilet paper gets crushed when it gets wet. Well, it is not the same with baby wipes.

As baby wipes are thick and do not break when it absorbs moisture, you must not flush them. But, mind it, and if you flush them, your drainpipe will get clogged. 

Even if the wipes escape the drainpipe, it will undoubtedly result in issues in the sewer system. 

Another reason why you shouldn’t flush baby wipes is that it results in a fatberg effect.

In other words, wipes combine with the dirt in the pipes and take an iceberg-like shape. Obviously, this will result in a huge fault in your drainage system.

Flushing baby wipes may cause drainage and chaos in the sewer system of your city.

In addition, it would cost you a higher amount in plumbing your own sewer system. 

There are some brands that say that baby wipes are flushable. They might be misleading! Don’t pay heed to such instructions. I’ve read about such reviews a lot. 

So, can you flush baby wipes? The answer to this is, ‘Never flush the baby wipes.’ 

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Finding An Alternative

What to do when you can’t flush the wipes? Well, there are two types of materials for baby wipes. 

If the material of the wipes is synthetic, the best option is to throw them in the trash can. But, even if they’re safe, it’s the best option available for you. 

If the material of the wipes is biodegradable, it is absolutely safe to throw them away.

This is because they do not contain any harmful chemicals and are safer for our planet.

So instead of flushing the wipes, it’s better that you throw them in a trash can and later throw the garbage bag away.

Protecting Your Toilet

How can you ensure that your toilet is safe? Well, for that matter, you must clean your toilet regularly and never throw baby wipes in it. 

Flushing baby wipes, as said earlier, would cause damage to your drainage system.

Unfortunately, you’re the only one who has to take care of these things to keep your toilet problem-free.

If you toss a baby wipe into the toilet accidentally, you must take it out immediately. You can use a metal hanger to take the wipe out as it will provide a good grip.

This is obviously for your benefit! By doing so, you can ensure proper maintenance of your toilet.

When You Flush the Baby Wipes

Never believe the myth that baby wipes dissolve in water! As wipes are durable, they take a lot of time to break down in moisture. 

Most people believe that baby wipes are disposed of just like toilet paper When you flush the wipes, they block your drainage system instead of breaking it down in the water. 

The durability of these wipes makes them unsuitable for flushing in the toilet. They pick up the dirt from the toilet and result in blockage of your drainage system.

As a result, the city’s sewer system may also get affected. Thus, this little drainage fault may be the cause of great havoc in the city.


So, can you flush baby wipes? Never! If you want that your drainage system shouldn’t give you much trouble, it’s absolutely unsafe to flush baby wipes.

Though baby wipes are pretty convenient, take care of their disposal. Throw them in a trash can and later take the garbage bag outside.

This will ensure the hygiene and safety of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Dispose of Dirty Baby Wipes?

Most baby wipes are biodegradable, and hence, environment-friendly. Instead of flushing them, throw them in a garbage bag or a diaper pail if you have one.

If you have a separate bin for your sanitary napkins, you can throw the dirty wipes in it.

Are Flushable Wipes Safe to Flush?

Don’t fall prey to the flushable wipes! Even though the instructions say that you can flush them, never do so.

If you keep doing so, your drainage system will be clogged within a few days. You’d have to spend your money on their repairing and maintenance.

What Happens If You Accidentally Flush a Baby Wipe?

There are two scenarios here. First, if you’ve just dropped the wipe and haven’t flushed it yet, it’s better to take it out using a metal hangar.

Second, if you’ve already flushed it, don’t worry. A single wipe won’t clog your drainage system.

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