Can You Return Baby Formula

Can You Return Baby Formula

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Baby formula is helpful for nursing moms, especially if they don’t have adequate breast milk or it lacks enough fat content.

It is also worth considering if you need to go to work or travel and you can’t pump.

Baby formula is made from cow’s milk and meets babies’ nutritional needs.

Fortunately, many stores offer different brands of baby formulas to choose from.

But what happens when you purchase a product only to find that it is damaged, the wrong type, or if the ingredients in the formula are not ideal for your baby?

Well, as a mother, it is easy to get anxious and wonder, can you return baby formula? If this has been your worry, this article is for you.

After doing extensive research, we will help you know whether it is possible to return baby formula in various stores.

Can You Return Baby Formula

Although the baby formula is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is no specific baby formula returning laws.

Usually, different stores have policies that govern the return of baby formula.

Usually, the return policy of stores is stated on the receipt and can vary from one store to another.

All the same, most stores can only allow you to return baby formula only if it is unopened and you can provide the original purchase receipt.

Your return is likely to be declined if the formula has been opened or if you don’t have the proof of purchase.

In this case, some stores may offer you store credits rather than a cash refund.

Return Policies for Popular Stores

Here is the baby formula return policy for popular stores.

1. Amazon

Being the most popular online retailer, it is not surprising that Amazon has a great return policy.

The store has a return policy of 30 days of delivery for most unopened goods and 90 days for some select baby products.

However, grocery items such as baby formula are not accepted as returns on Amazon.

Nevertheless, there is an exception for this, and Amazon may accept the return and offer a refund or replace the baby formula if it is damaged.

The other circumstance that can warrant your baby formula returnable is if it was already expired upon arrival.

For products to be returned and refunded, they must be sold, shipped, and fulfilled by Amazon.

Also, it is worth noting that the return policy for third-party sellers may vary.

To return baby formula on Amazon, log in to your account and then go to Orders. Find the formula you purchased and click on Return items.

If your baby formula is returnable, you will be asked to fill out a form.

2. Target

Target is renowned for its long list of items that are not eligible for a return in the store.

However, the company lacks a specific food return policy. Generally, the company does not allow the baby formula to be returned if it is opened.

Also, you need to return the baby formula within 90 days of purchasing it or the delivery date

However, if you are a member of the Target Circle or used the Target RedCard to make your purchase, you can return the formula at any time within 120 days.

3. Walmart

Are you wondering, Can you return baby formula at Walmart?

Well, Walmart has a uniform return policy for all its products, where returns can be made within 90 days after purchase.

You can only return baby formula if it’s unopened and has not gone past the expiration date.

Also, baby formula that requires refrigeration is deemed perishable and may not be returnable under the store’s return policy.

To get a refund from Walmart, you will need to produce a receipt for the purchase of your baby formula.

However, some stores can accept returns and offer store credit for customers that don’t have a receipt.

If you want to return the baby formula, log in to your Walmart account and fill out the return request.

Just ensure that the formula you purchased is not perishable.

4. Costco

Costco is renowned for its excellent return policy that allows you to return the formula as long as it is still sealed.

Though, some Costco stores may be willing to accept opened formula provided that it is not past the expiration period.

5. Walgreens

There is no specific return policy for returning foods at Walgreens.

According to the Walgreens return policy, one can return most products purchased from the store within 30 days of purchase.

This can be done by taking the product to the nearest Walgreens store, where you can get an exchange or refund, or by mail once you have filled out an online form.

The condition for getting a refund for your baby formula is that it is unsealed and that you have the purchase receipt at hand.

Usually, you can get a replacement or refund because of various issues like defects in the product.

6. eBay

If you purchased your baby formula from eBay, you will need to contact the specific third party seller that sold you the product to inquire about their return policy.

This is because eBay lacks a specific food return policy and each seller formulates their own return policy.


Can you return baby formula? Ultimately, most stores have a return policy and may accept returns for baby formula provided that the item is unsealed and within the date of expiration.

Generally, most stores won’t offer an exchange or refund if the baby formula is opened.

Also, ensure that you have the purchase receipt for the return to be eligible.

If you can’t get the product to a local store, log in to the store’s website and follow the return instructions.

If you can’t return your baby formula for one reason or another, consider giving it to a friend if it’s in a good condition.

You can also donate to a food pantry or sell it in the online marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return the baby formula without a receipt?

Generally, most stores require that you return baby formula if it’s unopened and with proof of purchase.

However, things may happen and you may lose your receipt. In this case, some stores offer the option to exchange or refund baby formula through store credit.

Can you return baby formula without a receipt?

No, you will need a purchase receipt to get a refund in most stores. A receipt serves as proof that you made the purchase from the store.

Also, it helps to ensure that you didn’t get the formula on WIC, which is considered a fraud.

What are the reasons that stores can accept a return?

While the return policies for different stores vary, several common reasons are grounds for a return.

Here are reasons that may warrant a return for your baby formula.

  • Faulty or Damaged Product

If the product is damaged or defective, you can return it for a full refund or exchange. Ensure that you return in its original packaging if it has one.

  • Unopened

The general rule of thumb for returning baby formula is that it is still sealed and unopened.

Most return policies allow stores to refuse any exchange or refund if the product is opened.

However, stores like Costco can accept opened cans given that they are within the expiration date.

  • Wrong Item

Most stores should be able to allow returns and offer an exchange or refund if you purchased the wrong item. This is also true if you received the incorrect product.

  • Unauthentic

You may also be liable for a refund if you believe that the product you purchased is not authentic.

In this case, you need to provide proof of purchase to get a replacement or refund.


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