Can You Use Baby Formula After Expiration Date
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Can You Use Baby Formula After Expiration Date?

Can you use baby formula after expiration date is often the first thing to cross your mind after pulling out a package of baby formula only to realize it’s past the expiry date.

Baby formula, just like many food products, comes with a use-by date to show its unopened shelf life.

Most formulas have it printed at the bottom and last a year after the manufacture date. After opening, the powdered and unmixed formula lasts for a month. 

Can You Use Baby Formula After Expiration Date

You are not supposed to feed your baby expired formula.

Buying or feeding your baby with expired baby formula can increase the risk of foodborne illness or even poisoning. 

The baby formula begins to clump, the nutritional quality breaks down, and becomes prone to bacterial growth after the best before date.

Mold growing and frosted form are common for expired powdered form formulas. 

In case of an off aroma after preparing baby formula, dispose of it immediately and thoroughly wash the bottle. 

1. How to Prevent Baby Formula From Expiring

Some preventative measures can be helpful to ensure you don’t lose your money or pose any harm to your baby.

Once opened and prepared, the bottle is safe for your little one for up to 2 hours at room temperature.

You must store it in a refrigerator if you intend to use it for a later time, but not after 48 hours. The lid should be tightly closed to prevent any aerial contamination. 

Also, feed your baby the formula immediately after it’s ready. There is a high chance you might forget about it if you let it linger. 

To store your powdered formula properly to lengthen its quality, store it in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures.

It’s best if you do not freeze milk formula. Unlike breastmilk, freezing powdered baby formula causes it to clump and liquid formula to separate. 

Always make sure you check the packaging for the best before date before purchasing baby formula.

Most brands seal it on the bottom of the container and top of the lid. Never buy a formula that’s already expired or is close to the expiry date.

You should have enough time to use the formula. 

While buying in bulk might seem affordable, at times you will end up reaching the expiration date without finishing the supply.

It’s best to buy small quantities that will last a month. 

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2. What To Do With Baby Formula After Expiration Date

We strongly recommend against feeding infants with expired baby formula.

However, instead of disposing of this a little bit of a high-end baby product, there are some alternative uses and hacks.

a) Exchange For New Formula

If you accidentally acquired expired baby formula, it’s possible to exchange it for another package.

You should be aware of your store’s expired product policy to make the exchange seamless. 

Alternatively, if you fail to return the expired baby formula, you can contact the manufacturer and let them know a particular store has out-of-date products. 

b) Animal Feeding And Pet Care

Some animal shelters use the outdated baby formula to feed puppies and kittens and feed as a nutritional supplement for sick animals.

You can donate the expired baby formula to the local animal shelter.

Also, if you have pets, you can consult your vet care provider to check if it will harm your furry friends.

Some agricultural studies suggest that outdated baby formula, when supplemented with a quality protein source, still has nutritious ingredients ideal for calves and other young animals.

c) Using It In Gardening

Nutrients contained inside baby food can serve as compost or pseudo organic fertilizer.

Depending on the baby formula, they contain calcium and other minerals that can help your garden flourish.

Expired baby formula can serve as fertilizer that’s helpful for crop growth.


Expired formula happens to the best of parents. It can be tempting to use baby formula after the expiration date.

Do not feed it to your kid, but there are lots of alternative uses.

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