Do Men Go To Baby Showers

Do Men Go To Baby Showers? 3 Reasons They Should!

Planning a baby shower and you’ve just one question, do men go to baby showers? 

Parenting methods have changed over the past decade.

In the past, only mothers were expected to plan everything involved in birth planning and even raise the child, while men were only expected to bring the money and food, fathers are now getting more involved in the whole process.

Right from the onset of the pregnancy, fathers are nowadays present- from attending doctor appointments during pregnancy to participating in birth plans.

But, do men go to baby showers?

What is a Baby Shower?

Baby showers are a long traditional ceremony for celebrating a soon-to-be-mother.

The loved ones of a soon-to-be-mom organize a surprise party to share with family and friends, give gifts, and have talks regarding pregnancy and motherhood a few weeks before the pregnancy.

Why Men Are Traditionally Not Allowed to Attend Baby Showers

The long-standing tradition of no men allowed in baby showers has reasons for it.

Whether these reasons are right or not, it is up to the parents to be to determine:

Pregnancy talks – as mentioned earlier, baby showers involve some talking, usually regarding pregnancy.

Other participants who have been through the process share their stories and what to expect during the delivery process.

In the old days, such topics were considered as “taboos” for men.

As such, men could be invited to parties where such issues were discussed. 

Relieving stress – the pregnancy process is quite emotional and stressful for many mothers.

Having a group of loved ones around who are also sharing their experiences, and offering words of encouragement can help the mom-to-be relieve some of the stress.

This kind of environment was not considered ideal for men.

Do men go to baby showers?

Traditional baby showers only involve ladies within the close circles of the soon-to-be-mom.

As times change and men become more involved in the pregnancy process, co-ed baby showers are quickly gaining traction.

These are baby showers where men in the mom’s life, like brothers, the baby’s father, relatives, and other friends, are also invited to the baby shower.

If the baby’s parents are okay with men attending the baby shower, their male friends will probably love to attend it, too.

This way, fathers also feel included in the pregnancy process, share it with their loved ones, and even know what to expect after the baby is finally born.

How to Host a Co-Ed Baby Shower

1. Choose a Theme

A co-ed baby shower will be different from hosting a traditional baby shower with only ladies.

The theme needs to consider the men and include them in activities, so they feel like part of the group.

2. Picking the Activities

Choose activities, like games and group discussions that also include men.

These games include diaper competitions where men compete in changing diapers or making the baby’s food.

You can also organize different activities where both the men and women have time apart.

This will allow the ladies to talk about the traditional baby shower topics with more intimate details without involving the men.

The father and his friends will also have a chance to grab drinks, have manly chats, and engage in their activities without the women.

3. Gifts 

Although baby showers always involve giving out gifts, the process of picking the gift may differ between groups.

Some parents register for gifts to avoid ending up with the same type of items from different people, while others prefer to let guests bring gifts they see fit and suit their wallet size.

Baby shower gifts include items for the baby like diapers, clothes, and toys, among others.

One can gift the moms-to-be with things they might need for the remaining part of the pregnancy or after delivering.

If the baby’s father will be in the shower, it is also essential to include them in the gift-giving.

Ensure that the attendees are aware that the dad is also attending the party to choose appropriate gifts for the occasion.


Best Etiquette for a Co-Ed Baby Shower

If you’re attending a mixed baby shower and are unsure about what to do when you get there, this section will help.

Co-ed baby shower etiquette is not all that different from women-only showers, but there are slight differences you should know before arriving.


Some men may not feel the need to discuss pregnancy’s physical and psychological aspects. They may know the basics, but it’s the expectant mothers who are more likely to have more in-depth conversations about body changes.

That’s not to say the soon-to-be dad isn’t anxious too. So, if you have some experience in that aspect, feel free to share. If you don’t, but know someone who does (because other fathers attend baby showers), you can start up a dad-friendly conversation by asking about his experiences.


When buying gifts for a baby shower, you may get something for the expectant mother, dad, baby, or both parents. The ideal step to take is to get something the expecting parents will find useful or enjoyable. However, you can also bring gifts for each of them so long as it’s within your budget.

Your gift for the father could be anything from gadgets to treats. He would be happy to know you included him in your thought process for the baby shower.


Traditional showers usually serve finger foods and treats. However, it’s not uncommon to find grilled meat and other heavier meals.

You may arrive at a full-blown cook-out in some cases, so come prepared.


Co-Ed Baby Shower Ideas

Hosting a mixed baby shower may be tougher than hosting a traditional one. Why? There’s a lot more info out there about the latter. You also have family and friends to share their experiences and advice.

For a co-ed baby shower, you shouldn’t panic if you don’t know what is expected for the event. Here’s a list of interesting mixed baby shower ideas you can try:

Mixed Planners

If you’re having someone else plan your baby shower, it makes sense to get both male and female planners. That way, they’ll offer a broader perspective on the event. Ideally, these people should be parents themselves, although this isn’t necessary.

Mixed planners will give your party both feminine and masculine elements.

Heavier Meals

Finger foods like cookies and sandwiches won’t cut it. You may need to include heavier meals in your menu for the baby shower. Typically, male guests have bigger appetites, so get some buffet lunches or grilled meat.

You can also include alcohol for the male folks to enjoy.

Gender-Neutral Mementos

It’s common for guests to leave with little gifts or party favors as a thank-you after a baby shower. Traditionally, the host’s hand out beauty products and other feminine gifts. However, for your co-ed baby shower, consider gifting gender-neutral items like sweets, bottles, gift cards, etc.

Fun Games

Here are some family-friendly baby shower games men and women will enjoy:

  1. Blindfold diapering race
  2. Stroller race
  3. Tinkle in the pot
  4. Food tasting and guessing game
  5. Bobbing for bottle nipples
  6. Baby bottle chugging
  7. Blindfold spoon feed
  8. Wipe out


What Do Men Do at Baby Showers?

We’ve already revealed the common activities women do at baby showers. Most men wouldn’t have much fun doing those. So, what do the guys do instead?

Watch Sports

The guys sit in front of the TV to watch their favorite sport while the women are having fun. They could enjoy burgers and beer while this is going on. People have been known to schedule their baby showers to coincide with a big NBA or NFL game.


Men also eat a lot at baby showers. We’ve already talked about how filling food like meatballs, pizza, and barbeque are ideal for such occasions.

Play Pool or Ping Pong

Hosts who have pool or ping pong tables can use them as a center of entertainment for the men. They could take turns playing or host a mini-tournament where the winner gets a themed gift.


Are there Men-Only Baby Showers?

Indeed, there has been a recent growing trend of men-only baby showers. This event is also called “dadchelor” or diaper party. It consists of a group of guy friends and family members gathering to celebrate the dad-to-be.

You’ll find them playing games, eating, and watching sports over a bottle of beer.


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Do men go to baby showers? In the traditional sense, no.

But seeing that the world is quickly evolving and men are now encouraged to be involved in the pregnancy process, yes, men can go to baby showers.

If you plan a co-ed baby shower, ensure you include a theme and list of activities that the men attending the baby shower will also enjoy.

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