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Do Strollers Expire? 5 Practical Tips

Shopping for a baby who is on the way is one of the most hectic situations for parents, even if you are not a first-time parent.

You want the best for your child as a parent. You conduct thorough product research and select the best options for your family. You might spend a lot of money on a stroller for your baby.

Sometimes, we want to save money to ensure we have some extra cash to shop for other items or emergencies. 

Due to this, we might consider getting second-hand items or recycling some of the baby items we have from our previous parenting experiences.

Which begs the question, do strollers expire? 

Why wouldn’t you consider using an existing stroller instead of using hundreds of dollars on a new one that probably has no extra features?  

1. What are strollers? 

A stroller is like a chair on wheels where babies or toddlers can sit, and you push it along. Strollers are also referred to as prams, buggies, or pushchairs. 

There are differences between each of these chairs depending on the design and usage.

For instance, prams are for newborn babies, while a pushchair for toddlers who are at least advanced in age and can sit. The buggy is a general term used for both strollers and pushchairs. 

Strollers are in different kinds like full-sized strollers, umbrella or lightweight types jogging, double strollers, travel systems, and car seat carriers.

Each one of these is used to fulfill a specific function. 

2. Benefits of strollers  

Strollers have got a wide range of benefits, including;

  • It gives parents the convenience of not having to carry their little one all the time.  
  • Provides extra storage for things that the baby and parent may need.  
  • The stroller gives the parent some hands-free time from the baby, providing one with the freedom to run other errands while still keeping an eye on the baby. 
  • The stroller allows you to do exercises like jogging or walking when doing them together with the baby. 
  • It keeps the baby comfortable and safe from harmful ultraviolet rays and other elements.  
  • Double strollers make it possible for parents to walk with their babies.  

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3. Do Strollers Expire?

Unlike car seats, strollers don’t have any expiry information, meaning that strollers do not expire from the manufacturer’s perspective, and one can use it for as long as you see it fit. 

A stroller may function even when having a few mechanical damages.

For example, one might still use a stroller even when one of the wheels is no longer working, as long as the rest of the wheels are performing as they should.  

It means that you can consider purchasing a second-hand stroller or pass the stroller from one sibling to the other when intending to have more than one child. 

Although strollers don’t expire, you should check the product’s safety before putting your baby on it.

If you are buying a second-hand stroller, you can try placing other items on it and riding it around the shop as a test drive.  

4. How to get rid of used strollers 

Strollers might not have an expiry date, but is it possible to get rid of yours when you no longer need them?  

Yes, it is possible to get rid of your baby’s stroller by: 

a) Saving it for the next child

If you plan to have more than one child, you can consider saving the stroller for the next child, especially if the stroller is still fully functioning.

You will find better usage of the money when shopping for the next child, rather than buying a second stroller with the same basic features.

b) Sell it 

As a parent with no intentions of having another child, one can consider selling the stroller. 

Even though you can’t sell the stroller for the same amount of money you used to purchase it, you will still make a few dollars from the sale.

You don’t have to go through a total loss of throwing away the stroller if you can actually get half of what you used to buy the item. 

c) Giving to charity

Some new parents cannot afford to get baby strollers for their babies, no matter how much they need one.

If you are not planning to use yours again or do not want to sell it for extra money, you can consider giving the stroller to charity or anyone in need.

Hopefully, you now have all the answers to, do strollers expire.

If you are looking to recycle an old stroller, you can go ahead, as long as it is fully functional and has all the required safety features. 

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