Should I Bring a Gift To a Gender Reveal Party
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Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party? – Answers

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Do you have an invite and wonder, Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party?

Who doesn’t love parties?

Getting the chance to dress up, go somewhere, and have fun with friends and family is always a good trip.

For most parties, it is customary to bring something to the host to show your appreciation.

How about a gender reveal party?

You may be wondering should I bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

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Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party?

A gender reveal party is kind of a big deal. It is when parents-to-be share whether they are having a boy or girl with close friends and family.

Unlike a baby shower, which mostly involves the soon-to-be mother and her female friends, a gender reveal party also involves the soon-to-be dad and other male influences.

The expectant parents usually throw the gender reveal party for other people to celebrate the good news.

It can be a simple party with lots of food, fun games to play, and space to do the gender reveal in style.

Most parents opt just to pop balloons with different colored confetti inside, depending on whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Another popular way to announce a child’s gender is by using a cake.

Cake reveals include coloring the inside of the cake with either blue or pink that is revealed only when the parents cut the cake.

For the more adventurous parents, dropping color bombs everywhere is the perfect way to announce to the world the gender of the child.

However it is done, gender reveal parties are all sorts of fun and look great in photos and videos.

Usually, the parents already know what’s coming, but some choose to be surprised along with their guests.

Unlike a baby shower, which generally happens in the third trimester, a gender reveal party is usually done within the first trimester and is pretty casual.

In addition, one can add these parties simultaneously to avoid inconveniencing other people too much.

Even so, it is good to bring a gift or two.

1. Do Parents Expect to Receive Gifts at a Gender Reveal Party?

Not all the time. In some cases, it can be pointless to bring a gift if you don’t know the gender of the baby yet. 

And in the case of a gender reveal party, that is exactly what the parents-to-be aim to find out. 

A gender reveal party is more of a celebration for the parents and the baby they’re about to have. On the other hand, a baby shower is a more dedicated party where guests help parents prepare for their new family member. 

This is why gifts are expected at a baby shower. 

2. Can I Bring A Gift Anyway?

Even though a gift is not expected at a gender reveal party, it doesn’t mean they won’t be valued. 

You can definitely give the expecting parents a gift to show that you are celebrating with them during this time of their lives. 

3. An Exception To This

There are some cases where parents celebrate a baby shower and gender reveal party in one event. 

In such cases, you can bring a baby gift with you when you attend the party. 

But since you won’t know what the gender of the baby is, the best option is to bring a gender-neutral gift. 

Gender reveal party gift ideas

While bringing a gift to a gender reveal party is not really necessary, it is just good etiquette to come with something.

1. For a Mom-to-Be

To be on the safe side, you should tailor your gift for the expectant mom.

Some great gift ideas for a mom-to-be include:

  1. A ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ or ‘Mom-To-Be’ mug and T-shirt set. The mug can come together with a supply of their favorite drink, such as teabags. You can also include a little something for dad here.
  2. A mani-pedi kit for those days that the mom-to-be wants to feel pretty as the pregnancy progresses. Alternatively, you can get her an unlimited gift card at a local salon for the same for the duration of her pregnancy.
  3. Comfy clothing, which she’ll need as her pregnant belly gets bigger. This includes a warm, fancy robe, fuzzy slippers, free-size pants, and tops.
  4. Most women crave sweet things when pregnant, so why not get her a basket of great chocolates and sweets? She’ll definitely love that, and you can be adding to it from time to time.
  5. Get the expectant mother a much-needed spa date where she can be pampered and made to feel like royalty.
  6. A nursing pillow will be greatly appreciated!

2. For a Dad-to-Be

Here are some ideas for an expectant dad:

  1. A custom shirt that says “Dad Joke Loading” would be a great way to start.
  2. A diaper backpack that looks manly since he’ll be carrying it most of the time anyway. 
  3. Matching daddy and baby onesies that they’ll love to wear when they go out. 

3. For Both Parents

If you plan on getting only one gift, here are some ideas:

  1. A matching pajama set that includes their little one will be great for impromptu photoshoots. 
  2. Babysitting coupons so you can give the new parents a chance to sleep or go on a date. This is also a great gift without spending anything. 
  3. Gift certificates for family photoshoots will be appreciated if you take awesome photos.
  4. A weekend getaway or date night while they still can. 


Gender reveal parties are fun, little pockets of time where you get to celebrate a new girl or boy with the parents.

It’s quite informal for the most part, so you may find yourself asking should I bring a gift to a gender reveal party.

While there are no rules that say you must, why not bring a little something?

It will show your appreciation and create a memory that the parents-to-be can always remember and enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal?

Gifts are never required for a gender reveal party. 

But if you decide to bring one anyway, it will be welcomed and appreciated by the expecting parents. 

It is a small gesture that they will greatly appreciate, especially since they are not expecting for one. 

2. What are the best gender reveal gifts?

There are a lot of gift ideas that would be great for a gender reveal. You can decide whether you are giving the gift to the mom, dad, both parents, or for the baby. 

Also, you can decide at this time if you will be giving a different gift for a baby shower. 

3. What should a guest wear to a gender reveal party?

If you were invited to a gender reveal party, chances are you’ll be instructed what to wear. 

The most common option is to wear pink or blue to represent the gender of the baby that you think the couple is having. 

But it’s also possible that the couple could choose a different set of color so you can always ask if you are unsure.

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