Do You Need A Mattress For A Pack N Play

Do You Need A Mattress For A Pack N Play

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Do you need a mattress for a pack n play? 

An infant pack and play is a lifesaver for many parents. However, sometimes they are not fully utilized due to unforeseen factors.

Pack and play, playards, and travel cribs can be extremely helpful for your toddler or infant.

Along with providing a comfortable nap, your little one can play with a merry-go-round toy, which you can attach on top.

A pack n play should have four characteristics – safety, comfort, ease of use, and portability.

Most packs and plays include a hard, cold, and uncomfortable base.

This article will answer the most common questions regarding pack n play mattresses and their benefits for your baby.

Do You Need A Mattress For A Pack N Play

Parents often add a specially sized mattress to make their kids more comfortable.

Your child can sleep comfortably on a pack-and-play mattress and have extra cushioning during playtimes in the crib.

Here is some information and a list of the best pack n plays for your baby to help you decide which is right for your pack n play!

For a playpen, especially one for babies, it’s unnecessary to have an extra mattress. 

Your kids will need more comfort if your playpen does not have a cushion at the bottom.

If your playpen does not have a cushion at the bottom, you should buy a floor mat to add that.

However, if your child gets heavier and bigger, the thin cushion with the playpen may need to be upgraded.

Parents often purchase a separate mattress to accommodate this situation.

1. Mattress Pads From Pack N Play

A firm pad with your Pack N Play could be used as a mattress, but you might wonder if your kids will find it comfortable enough.

This pad is usually quite hard and uncomfortable.

Most babies will have trouble getting comfortable on it and staying asleep, so it’s best to use it as a play mattress.

Waterproof mattresses are ideal, making cleanup equivalent to a breeze. 

A few baby wipes or light soap and water will refresh the waterproof cover quickly.

If you want to thoroughly clean your mattress, soak it in a tub of hot water and detergent.

If you use laundry soap on a baby’s skin, make sure it won’t irritate it. 

A mattress protector or crib sheets may be a good idea to keep cleaning to a minimum.

They can also add a mattress topper or padded sheet to their beds to make them even softer and more comfortable. 

2. Safety For Pack N Play Mattresses

Is a separate mattress safe for your Pack N Play? What matters most to you is that your baby is safe.

You can add a mattress to your Pack N Play as long as you follow some essential guidelines. 

You must get the right size mattress if you add a mattress to your set.

Ideally, your mattress should fit within your playard almost perfectly. As a result of gaps and an uneven fit, suffocation can occur.

There is no such thing as a crib mattress, as it might not be the right fit for your baby.

A breathable bed is essential. Your toddler’s bed should have a ventilated airflow system to dry them and prevent bacteria from growing on their mattress.

Your crib sheets and bed protectors should be breathable as well.

To apply a Pack N Play safely, ensure your toddler is of the proper age. You should use it between six and eight months old.

At this age, babies want to relax in a corporate environment.

Insufficient support or a mattress that is too tender can increase the risk of SIDs.

3. Pack ‘n’ Play Mattresses: Why Do You Need Them?


Pack ‘n’ Play bed pads/protectors made from a softer material are softer than the actual mattress.

You can make most of the percent n play bed pads from cotton, bamboo fiber, and Tencel, so softness and luxury are your priorities.

On top of that, infants sense warmer temperatures while napping on a bed pad than on a protector. 

#1 Make The Mattress Last Longer

Blowing a diaper, refluxing, spitting up, and drooling will probably dirty the bed.

There is a possibility that the bed will become stained over time, which is very difficult to remove.

Getting some percent-n-play bed pads/protectors is a must if the bed isn’t wipeable or the quilt isn’t removable. 

You will no longer have to scrub out stains on your bed due to the percent n play bed mat/protector capturing the maximum spit-up and diaper leaks.

Under the protector, you may have to place a waterproof pad to protect the bed from leaks. As a result, dust mite allergies are less likely to occur.

A dust mite consumes lifeless skin cells, and your bed may have lifeless skin cells if it isn’t protected.

#2 Improve Sleep By Reducing Sleep Noise

In a parenting forum, one mother shared that before she began utilizing a percent n Play mattress protector, her toddler used to wake up frequently in the nighttime.

Thus, The percent n play bed pad/protector minimizes the toddler’s noise, allowing them to sleep longer.

#3 The Surface Is Easier To Clean

It is easier to smooth and drier to use a pack ‘n’ play mat/protector than a bed.

It is best to take off the percent n play bed pad/protector if the toddler spits up, pees- poops, or vomits while in a percent n play.

The bed may still need to be removed, washed, and rinsed very well to remove stains and smells if not blanketed with a water-resistant percent n play bed pad/protector.

Drying the bed can be challenging as it can take several days to dry and stay odor-free.


Now, you know about do you need a mattress for a pack and play? A happy toddler approaches a happy mother!

Providing your baby with the safety, they require and providing comfort and support can profoundly affect new mothers.

Perhaps your toddler will love their new Pack N Play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Sheet Needed For My Percent And Play?

Based on my studies and my experience, the answer is yes; you’ll need a sheet or, better yet, more than one sheet (toddlers can make a mess) to cover the portion of the bed that you will play in. 

Percent ‘n’ Play Quilted Sheets Are Secure?

When using Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Quilted Sheets, your baby is in a comfortable and secure environment.

The sheet provides your little one with a cozy nest to play in and relax in under its soft fabric.

In addition to being gadget-cleanable and dryer-secured, you can easily clean the sheet.

How Long Is The Maximum Amount Of Time A Toddler Can Sleep In A Pack N Play?

Playing and sleeping are both safe for toddlers at percent n play.

With the bassinet attached, you could use it on the first day your baby comes home, up to about three years old.

Performance meets all protection requirements at maximum percent in conjunction with a corporation bed and a tight-fitting sheet.


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