Does Baby Powder Expire
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Does Baby Powder Expire

Infants are deodorized by means of baby powder. I remember having several bottles of baby powders all around the house. But, does baby powder expire?

We may use ointments or creams to get rid of the diaper rash. Yet, here we are, using the same old technique that most mothers have been using for decades.

Does Baby Powder Expire?

Different brands use different ingredients to make baby powder. Depending on that, some baby powders may not have an expiration date mentioned on the label.

 So, does baby powder expire?

 Of course, it does! Every man-made item has an expiration date, whether mentioned on its label or not.

So, when the bottle of baby powder is opened, it gets exposed to the moisture already.

An opened bottle of baby powder will last up to 18 months. You may use it beyond that period, but it’s a risk to your infant’s skin.

Therefore, it’s best that you replace the bottle after 18 months, whether the expiration date is mentioned or not.

 In case you’ve purchased the baby powder bottles in bulk, don’t worry. Unopened bottles of baby powder will last up to 3 years.

 Well, this expiry date may vary from brand to brand. But, on average, an opened bottle lasts for 18 months, and an unopened one lasts for three years.

 Mostly you’ll find a 3-year expiration date printed on the label of talc-based baby powders.

However, talc-based baby powders do not have an expiration date!

 Either way, it is best if you purchase the baby powder according to your requirement.

Then, purchase another bottle when the older one is about to be exhausted. Why purchase in bulk and take the risk?

1. Can I Use Expired Baby Powder?

As said earlier, talc-based baby powders do not have a maximum shelf-life.

Therefore, if you want to use an expired baby powder, first, you should know about its ingredients.

Almost all baby powders have shelf-stable primary ingredients.

Therefore, talc does not have an expiry date. Most likely, if you purchase a single bottle of baby powder, it will be exhausted before 18 months. 

 So, can I use expired baby powder? Yes, you can use expired baby powder also. Obviously, there are some ‘buts’ to it.

 When the baby powder is nearing its expiration date, it will start losing its scent. In addition, long exposure to moisture may make it unsuitable for use.

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2. How Good Is Corn starch?

Apart from its use in the kitchen, cornstarch is a great alternative for baby powders.

They perform the same functions as the baby powder – absorbing moisture and reducing diaper rash.

Cornstarch-based baby powders may or may not have an expiration date.

However, here’s an interesting fact about cornstarch – it will never go bad if it is unopened!

Because of the rising concerns about talc-based baby powders, parents have now switched to cornstarch.

Keep one thing in mind that different brands may have different printing on their labels.

Many brands mention that the shelf of cornstarch-based powder is up to 3 years.

3.  What Type Of Baby Powders Expire?

Well, all talc-based baby powders come with an expiration date.

So, for your benefit, you might switch to baby powders, including cornstarch as the core ingredient.

Though talc-based baby powders sound like a relief, they go bad once exposed to moisture. 

So, if you’re thinking of buying the baby powders in bulk, well then, go for non-talc-based powders.

They perform the same functions as normal baby powders but are much more beneficial. 

If you notice that the scent of your baby powder is fading away, immediately get rid of it.

Using expired baby powder on your infant’s skin may react oppositely and irritate.


So, does baby powder expire? Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes. 

Drop your plan of purchasing the baby powders in bulk as you might have to throw them away in the end.

Protect the bottle as much as you can from coming in contact with moisture. 

 Try to protect your little one’s skin by switching to non-talc-based powders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Use Expired Baby Powder?

Well, it’s best if you refrain from using expired baby powder on your little one’s skin.

If the powder has lost its scent, you should not use it at all.

Anyway, the expired baby powder will not serve its main purpose of deodorizing and absorbing moisture. 

What Happens If We Use Expired Baby Powder?

Expired baby powder will cease to serve its purposes of absorbing moisture and deodorizing the baby.

It may be possible that expired baby powder may react oppositely on the skin.

It may irritate the baby’s skin. So, it’s best if you avoid using expired baby powder on your infant’s skin.

How Do You Know If The Baby Powder Has Expired?

Most baby powders come with an expiration date of 18 months.

However, an unexposed bottle may last for at least three years. If your baby powder has exceeded its expiry date, it will begin to lose its scent.





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