Flea Bombs Safe For Babies

Fleas are difficult to eradicate; however, flea bombs are the most effective method.

Flea bombs are a convenient and effective way to protect your home from these pesky insects. Fleas can be very harmful to your baby, especially if he or she has eczema.

They are intended to disperse an aerosol insecticide throughout the space, killing any fleas that may be present.

This is an excellent method because the fog reaches all areas that may be difficult to access.

But, if you do not use it properly, it can have severe consequences.

You must keep in mind that fleabags contain insecticides that affect the insects for sure but is also harmful to your pets and babies.

If you are confused about which flea bombs to use to keep your baby and pet safe and are flea bombs safe for babies, read this article to know more.

Is Flea Bombs Safe For Babies?

Flea bombs can put your baby’s health at risk.

It contains substances designed to kill fleas and other insects, and large concentrations of the substance could be harmful to both adults and infants.

You must shield your kid from the bomb’s premises, especially if he or she has a poor immune system.

Read the article till the end to know which steps to follow to keep your baby safe.

  • Make sure that the flea bomb has reached the targeted area of your house. Then, spray it well on all the cabinets, closets, cupboards, drawers, and all the other places where you think fleas can breed.
  • Before spraying, cover all the doors and windows so that the gas doesn’t go out of the house.
  • Cover your kitchen well. If the insecticide particles stick on your grocery items or utensils, food poisoning can occur. So, when packing your kitchen, use extreme caution. Seal everything there.
  • Wrap all your furniture, tables, beds, and all other essentials to prevent them from the gas. If you have a baby, cover his/her cradle as well. Be very careful as the flea bombs are very poisonous and can cause allergies and poisoning.
  • Turn off the air-conditioner, air fresheners, coolers, and fan to avoid contamination.
  • Leave your house after flea bombing for a few hours. Inhaling flea bombs can also be poisonous, especially for infants. If they have a weak immune system, they can get severely ill.

Use a mask to protect your child. Make sure even a droplet doesn’t go into your child’s nose. Infants tend to suck their fingers.

So, do not let them touch any of the furniture for 1-2 days. After the entire process, wash your child’s accessories first to prevent poisoning.

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Flea Bombs Safe For Babies

We know that all the flea bombs are equally poisonous. But even amongst them, we can choose the best by keeping in mind a few factors like effectiveness, versatility, safe to use, prevention of re-infestation, and the size of your house.

So let’s look at the top few flea bombs safe for babies.

1 Hot Shot 100047495 Hg-20177 No Mess Fogger

This product can be considered multifunctional as it kills a wide range of pests on contact.

The best part about it is that it has no odor and can keep killing pests for up to 6 weeks. In addition, it emits a fine, penetrating mist that penetrates every hidden nook, crack, and crevice to flush out and destroy visible and unseen pests.

However, for some bugs, it might take a longer time to get killed. So, you cannot immediately clean its presence.

2 Hot Shot Fogger6 With Odor Neutralizer

This is the best option if you have a baby in your house. It comes with an odor neutralizer and can be effective without releasing any foul smell.

In addition, it instantly kills pests at the site.

Due to being friendly with kids, it doesn’t have any residue effects. Thus a few insects cannot be killed with it.

3 Advantage Flea And Tick Household Fogger

Its effectiveness is because it not only kills adult fleas but also destroys their eggs. Thus, they won’t get a chance to breed again.

However, this product has a highly concentrated chemical in it.

Thus, while using it, keep your baby and all the family members away from the house.

In addition, the person who is in charge of its application must wear a mask and proper body gear to protect their skin from this flea bomb.


The baby’s skin is new and, thus, very sensitive. With every flea bomb use, you must take care of their skin and nose protection.

Keep them away from the house and even after returning, clean their furniture thoroughly to prevent any residual chemicals.

You can consider the products mentioned above as they are the flea bombs safe for babies.

However, if you want to know more about it, you can always visit a doctor for proper consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Wash My Clothes After A Flea Bomb?

Yes, the vapor may stick to your clothes and contaminate your skin and even your internal body organs. And if you have a baby in your house, it is a strict yes.

Do You Have To Turn Off Refrigerator For Flea Bomb?

Yes, you should turn off the refrigerator and all the other electrical objects during flea bombing. They tend to spark.

So it’s best if you don’t take any chances and don’t put your pricey appliances in danger of being damaged.

Can You Set Off A Flea Bomb With Cats In The House?

It is not safe to keep pets in the house while you are spraying flea bombs. Empty the house before the application as it is not good for either human beings or animals.

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