25 Top-Rated Games For 10 Month Old – Activities For 10 Month Old

It can be more difficult than it seems to amuse a baby who is 10 months old. The simplest things can certainly make them laugh, but it can be difficult to keep them entertained for longer than ten seconds at a time.

Learning new Games For 10 Month Old can be fun. It’s a beautiful time in your baby live and helping them learn, develop and mature into toddlers is a rewarding experience.

Many kid games for 10 month old incorporate sensory and physical activities and will help them “find their feet” and stimulate a variety of healthy learning.

Activities For 10 Month Old shouldn’t be too complicated and the focus should be on fun stable learning.

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At 10 months old your child is beginning to see the world in their own way, can spot the connection between cause and effect and are able to correctly engage with people and things in their environment.

The best activities for 10 Month Old baby at home, include activities that help them explore the world around them in a safe and nurturing way.

Remember, Your focus should be on age-appropriate challenges.

Top 25 Games For 10 Month Old

1. Make Belief

This is a great way for your 10 month old to explore the world around them and learn at the same time.

Here you give your child a mission to find something in the room or name something nearby and then you play make-believe with a stuffed toy or an object.

This sense of adventure and fantasy is perfect for their growing minds and the best part is anyone can play it with them at any time.

This is one of the best Activities For 10 Month Old baby at home.

2. Telephone pretend

This fun game involves a pretend telephone and your baby. It’s simple but very effective.

You pretend to have someone on the other end of the telephone and you let your baby babble until their heart’s content.

This great game gives your baby the opportunity for speech development and the advanced skill of relationship recognition.

It works great with 10 month olds as they are able to hold and copy your behaviour.

3. Building Blocks

This easy game involves giving your 10 month old a stack of blocks and asking them to build a tower as big as they can.

It’s a fun way to teach hand-eye coordination, balance and trial and error skills.

If you add in a few different colour blocks you can also help them distinguish between colours and potential shapes. This will help them build motor skills.  

You can also change the texture of some of the blocks so they can feel, play and learn a variety of fun materials.

4. Hide and seek

You’ve probably done it before, but peek a boo is a tried a tested 10-month-old game.

Here you hide behind something, a wall, a chair, even your hand and then you pop out and say BOO!

Try to remember to take turns so you can encourage group play and learning to play correctly.

Imitation games are one of the best activities for 10 month old baby at home as it is very easy to set up and ensures your child is developmental n track.

5. Pat a cake

You can use the pat-a-cake or clapping songs. These Games For 10 Month Old just involves you signing and clapping.

Sit face to face with your child and allow them to mimic your songs and handclaps.

This game helps children learn advanced motor functions and helps with music recollection and memory.

6. Counting fun

This easy to do game just involves you counting out loud 1 – 5 or 1 – 10 and naming your child’s body parts at the same time.

You can use hands or toes or mix it all up. It’s simple and a fun way to teach the concepts of numbers and will also promote correspondence skills.

7. Drummers Paradise

This noisy game keeps your 10-month-old engage as it focuses on sounds, movement and motor skills.

Here you find a pair of spoons or some bells and add in a few pots and pans. There is no setup required.

Just let your child hit, bang and make music!

It’s a great way for them to learn their own strength and anyway can take part.

8. Playing House

This fun game is simple to set up and will have your 10-month-old contented for hours on end.

It costs almost nothing and you can replicate where ever you go. Get a large cardboard box and cut out a small entrance in it.

No turn it upside down and you have in instant playhouse or play fort.

This is a great way to play safely environment 

9. Tube Horn

This is an easy and safe game to play with your 10-month-old. Get an empty paper towel tube and talk, sing and hum through it.

The sound of your voice changes as it through the tube and you’re 10-month-old will be giggling the entire time.

Once it’s there turn you’ll see them try to do the same and you can encourage them to even help decorate it.

This easy play tool takes n time at all to set up and helps with language and audio skills.

More Games For 10 Month Old

10 .Go Find It! 

One of the easiest indoor activities for 10 month old is the go find it a game.

Here you simply send your child on a few errands around the house and ask them to find something that is easily visible and bring it back to you.

As simple as it sounds it’s a good way to teach direction skills and helps with memory as well.

11. Dot to Dot

This interactive game helps your child with recognition.

Here you put a small dot on their face (you can use child-friendly paint or even a piece of food) and then face your child into the mirror.

You ask them to spot the dot and see their response.  

By 10-months-old your child is still learning about self and may not realise that they are in fact looking at themselves in the mirror, but this is a fun way to teach self-awareness and identify.

12. Rice Writing

Other Games For 10 Month Old is rice writing. Get some baby rice cereal or crackers and crumble it up into a big plastic container.

Put your 10-month-old inside it and encourage them to write their name from the rice.

This is a fun way to get them involves in food materials and will also help teach imitation skills.

The best Outdoor Activities For 1 Year Olds include using the some toys and your local envirnoment to paint a beautiful picture of play, fun and learning.

Here are 3 of the best Outdoor Activities For 1 Year Olds

13. Waterfalls

This is one of the fun outdoor activities for 1 year olds. Toddlers and babies like pouring and splashing.

Put them in a bath and the first thing they want to do is kick, splash and have fun.

Water fountains toys are a fun activity you can both take part in.

You can use 2 cups and pour them from one to the other.

Let you’re 1 year old get involved as well and watch the excitement on their faces!

14. Beach paradise

Grab some buckets and shovels and head to the beach. This game is a fantastic way to encourage solo play.

Also with a little supervision it’s a very safe game for them to get involved in.

They can dig, scoop, fill as many containers as they want and they may even discover their inner Picasso.

This will encourage creative play, fine motor skills and help with social awareness.

15. Racetrack heaven

Here, you make a quick racetrack from some cardboard or a safe piece of wood.

Then you find a toy car and let your child rive up and down or in a circuit.

This is a fun way to teach them cause and effect and will help their sense of understanding of the world around them as they get older.

Sensory activities are great for 10-month-old as they encourage your child’s use of play and the use of their senses at the same time.

Your aim is to get them to focus and explore different materials, objects and things around the house in a fun and safe way.

16. Painting Masterclass

Grab a canvas from your local craft store and add a few paints on it.

Wrap the paint in plastic wrap and then let your 10-month-old push the paint around with their foot or hands.

This is a fun and safe way to get their creative juices flowing.

17. Bottle Shaker

Empty a water bottle and fill it back up with rice, popcorn, rocks or anything that makes a good shaking sound.

Give the outside a quick clean and then tighten the lid.

You have yourself a homemade rattle! It’s an easy way to get creative and will keep your child engage for several minutes!

18. Tissue Box Instrument

Take an empty tissue box and wrap it up with a few elastic bands.

You know to have yourself an instant guitar! This is a cool way to get your child involved in musical instruments and is a helps them with motor skills.

19. Sock puppets

Grab two or three old socks and decorate them with some funny faces on.

Now stick your hand through and you have an instant puppet show.

You can jazz it up a bit by creating your own puppet stage and get them involved in all the making!

20. Plastic Bool Pit

Pick a pack of plastic balls and fill it in a box, a container or a pool.

Then add a child. That’s it. Instant fun, no mess!

21. Board Surprise

Cover a poster board with a few random materials and different types of objects.

(baby-friendly of course) now let your child play, feel and touch al the objects and discover something new.

Good examples are a foil, felt, bubble wrap, hard paper etc

22. Spaghetti fun

Boil pack of Spaghetti, wait for it to cool and then let your baby play in it. 

You can even get edible paints and colour get creative as well. 

It’s quick, it’s fun and it will keep them engaged!

23. Zoo Animals

Dress up as their favourite animal and go on a safari around your house.

Get creative with feeding areas, sleeping areas and areas to play in.

This is a fun way to get everyone in the house involved as you can play animal farm together.

24. Magnetic fun

Grab an empty plastic container and fill it with anything that a magnet will attract (old bolts, washers etc)

Then get a magnet and show how easy it is to move objects without touching them.

This is a creative way to build motor skills, but remember to tape the container up securely!

25. Edible Slime

If you haven’t already researched this then I’d recommend giving it a go.

There are a variety of edible slime recipes available so pick one and give it a go.

Sensory activities involve using your child’s sensory is a more active and instinctive way.

Your focus should be on giving them the opportunity to learn and explore themselves whilst simultaneous help them to stimulate their minds.

Overall these activities for 10 month old are the best and will help your child learn, grow and develop in a nurturing and happy way!

Here’s a quick video on Activities For 10 Month Old.

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