Gerber Soothe vs. Soothe Pro

Gerber Soothe vs. Soothe Pro

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Which is the right baby formula to give your children?

Many people, particularly mothers, find it difficult to get the right baby formulas for their newborns.

Gerber, a company dedicated to making baby formulas has many formula lines, two of which are very difficult to distinguish at times. 

Gerber Soothe and Soothe Pro appear similar to some but each baby formula aims at specific dietary needs based on the nutritional stages.

Wondering the differences between Gerber Soothe vs. Sooth Pro? Find details of their comparison discussed in detail below.

Gerber Soothe vs. Soothe Pro

Gerber Soothe vs. Soothe Pro has many differences since each product caters to specific needs.

Some of the differences between Gerber Soothe and Soothe Pro arise from the nutritional needs catered for and materials used to make them.

Below are some of the major differences between Gerber Soothe vs. Soothe Pro;

  • Soothe Pro is usually used on babies with digestive problems who often cry, while Gerber soothes are used as a typical plan.


  • Soothe Pro can be easily digested in the baby’s stomach as it contains smaller protein components. In contrast, Gerber soothes often tastes like milk since protein takes plenty of time to digest.


  • Soothe Pro has a smaller carbohydrate content, while Gerber soothes has many carbohydrate particles.


  • Soothe Pro has a higher concentration of calcium which is used by babies for the development of strong bones and teeth. On the other hand, Gerber soothes low calcium content.


  • Gerber is used on babies who find it hard to directly digest proteins, while Soothe Pro is used for lactose intolerant babies.


  • Soothe Pro has a higher lactose concentration, while Gerber soothe has a lower or normal lactose concentration.


  • Gerber soothes the B. Lactic prebiotic in the solution, while Soothe Pro provides an alternative with L reuteri prebiotic. 

1. What is Gerber Soothe and What are Its Pros and Cons?

The Gerber soothes a product formulated to help babies easily digest protein in milk. The proteins in Gerber Soothe are more compact to ensure that the child’s needs are well taken care of.

Besides proteins, it also has fats and carbohydrates necessary for child growth and development. 

The product works very well for children that experience fussiness, colic issues, excessive crying, and gas accumulation in their stomachs.

What makes this product stand out, unlike others, is the fact that it has a prebiotic called L.Reuteri, which makes the product to be easily hydrolyzed in the stomach.

The prebiotic availability also makes the Gerber Soothe nutrients last long in the baby’s body upon consumption.

Therefore, the Gerber soothe is the best nutritional product for children with a normal digestive system.


  • Contains L.Reuteri
  • Reduces crying by 50%
  • Easy to digest protein 
  • Great for lactose intolerant children
  • Non-GMO


  • Unusual taste 

2. What is Soothe Pro and What are Its Pros and Cons?

Soothe Pro has easily digestible protein particles. The product has been created to help out lactose-intolerant children.

Due to the product having small protein particles, the product is easy to digest even for babies with milk sensitivity.

By having small protein particles, the Soothe Pro ensures the baby’s body absorbs the product efficiently and smoothly, especially if the baby has gaseous or gastric complications in the stomach. 

Soothe Pro is also known to have a unique prebiotic known as FL HMO.

The prebiotic is useful in the baby’s body, especially when they are often crying or a bit fussy.

Besides, it also contains calcium which is beneficial to the growth and development of bones and teeth.


  • Reduces symptoms of milk sensitivity
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains DHA and 2 FL HMO
  • Reduces crying
  • Affordable


  • Strong smell
  • Contains lactose which can be an issue for lactose-intolerant babies

3. What are the Ingredients of Gerber Smooth vs. Soothe Pro

Both the Gerber Smooth and Soothe Pro contain useful ingredients to ensure proper development and growth of your baby. 

Soothe Pro Ingredients:

To make it useful to children with lactose intolerant, the Soothe Pro has been made using the following ingredients to achieve that result;

  • Whey milk protein paste.
  • Maltodextrin corn
  • DHA
  • Prebiotic lactase
  • Linoleic acid
  • Vegetable oils from corn, sunflower, coconut, palm, and soybeans are present.
  • Minerals such as zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium
  • Vitamins A, D, E, K, and C

The Soothe Pro ingredients help boost the child’s immune system massively and in development of the eyes and brain.

Soothe Pro is easier to digest than the Gerber Soothe because it has smaller, fine proteins, making your babies less fussy.

Ingredients of Gerber Soothe:

Some of the main ingredients used to make Gerber soothe includes the following;

  • Whey protein paste
  • Vegetable oils such as sunflower, soy, palm, and coconut
  • Lactose
  • Maltodextrin corn
  • Prebiotic lactase
  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K
  • Minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium

When the vitamins and minerals are mixed with the conjunction of the prebiotics, they help build a strong digestive system for the child.

Consequently, this helps in easy digestion of proteins.

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There are plenty of differences between Gerber soothe and Soothe Pro.

However, Gerber soothes and soothes Pro has many advantages despite these differences.

Gerber soothe has proteins that give it better flavors, has prebiotics that helps it make it related to breast milk, and carbohydrate amounts derived from lactose.

On the other hand, Soothe Pro is important because it is used for children with digestive problems and is way cheaper than the Gerber Soothe.

Soothe Pro is also known to provide children with important milk components found in milk.

Therefore, despite their many disadvantages, both products are highly beneficial to children depending on circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Geber soothe and Soothe Pro the same?

Gerber soothes and Soothe Pro are not that similar. However, they perform different functions since Gerber soothe helps the children digest milk with plenty of proteins.

On the other hand, Soothe Pro is used for lactose-intolerant children, and it contains nutrients similar to that of breast milk.

Gerber also soothes less calcium than Soothe pro, which uses calcium to help develop bones and teeth.

Is Soothe pro good for gassy babies?

Soothe Pro is good for babies who may have plenty of gas in their stomachs.

Soothe Pro is also advantageous because babies having spit-ups or crying may be calmed down upon being given the product.

Soothe Pro is also known to have smaller protein particles, making it possible for the product to be easily digested.

Breaking down proteins is quickly and easily absorbed into the body, therefore, dealing with the gas or gastric problems the baby may have.

How fast does soothe pro work?

The Gerber soothe is known to help the babies become less fussy and colic upon consumption.

This product uptake is also known to reduce the frequency in which the baby spits up and reduces crying time.

It may take about two weeks for a mother to see the positive effects of soothe Pro in the baby, which is a short period.


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