Help With Potty Training A 4 Year Old Boy
Potty Training Toddler

6 Ways To Help With Potty Training A 4 Year Old Boy

If you need Help With Potty Training A 4 Year Old Boy then rest assure you are not alone.

Sometimes fully trained children will regress and start to show signs of poor potty training skills.

If this happens, try to be as supportive as you can but importantly try to find out the reasons behind the regression.

When a 4 year old pooping pants after being potty trained for example its usually an accident.

Potty training resistance 4 year old is a very common occurrence.

However, on rare occasions, you can find that your child pooping in pants for attention.

If this is the case try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Spending more 1 – 1 time with them and giving them positive attention in other ways should help to reassure your relationship.

Remember, It is a common problem and there are some very effective solutions.

Potty Training Resistance 4 Year Old

Sometimes you can try every trick in the book but your child is showing potty training poop anxiety or you have a child that won’t tell you when they need to use the potty.

Problem 1: Poop Issues

Some children that have never poo’d in the potty may have an underlying issue of constipation.

The issue here is constipation can come and go, so it’s difficult to pinppint what the issue is.

It can happen even with the good diet and hydration guidelines as toddlers sometimes just don’t want to finish going potty.

They are so busy in their own world that they will go a little bit and then stop only to get constipated later.

Problem 2: Position on the potty

The wrong position on the potty or the toilet can make a big difference in terms of how effective potty training is.

The wrong position on the potty can contribute to your toddler afraid to poop in potty.

Studies show that the best position for releasing poo is called “Hip Flexion”.

This is where your toddler has their hips slightly above the hips.

A small stepping stool can help with this position and like anything else it takes a lot of practice to get right

Problem 3: Bad Strategy

Sometimes when a toddler afraid to poop in potty it’s down to bad strategy.

Potty training poop anxiety can happen when they are not sure about each step.

If they are unsure they will tend resort back to what they are cofortable with and that’s using a diaper.

Avoid this by having clear boundaries and rules that specify what the potty is when to use it and what happens if they have an accident.

3 Ways To Help With Potty Training A 4 Year Old Boy

1. Act normal

Try not to get to frustration about the whole ordeal.

It can very problematic especially if you are in public or in a car and finding a safe place to deal with the problem is not so easy.

Remember it’s usually just an accident and it’s just a part of child growth.

2. Use constructive discipline

Children learn appropriate forms of expression by fowling parents.

Sometimes they will get upset at themselves for having an accident and this may spill over to you.

If you need to issue a time out or some other smaller consequence then do so.

Make it swift and move on once it’s done

3. Give them independence

Try not to treat the clean up like diaper change.

Instead, give them the resources to help out themselves and intervene with what you need to.

Remember they can still help to clean it up which may deter them from doing it again if it was done on purpose.

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