How Do You Dissolve Wipes In a Septic Tank

How Do You Dissolve Wipes In a Septic Tank

Do you want to dispose of wipes but don’t know how do you dissolve wipes in a septic tank? 

More often than not, we forget or have no idea of how to dispose of baby wipes. Sometimes, some parents try to flush the baby wipes in the toilet, like a tissue. 

Yes, some manufacturers indicate that you can flush the baby wipes. But, unfortunately, most plumbers disagree

That leaves you with dissolving wipes in the septic tank. So, how do you go about it? We have some answers.

What makes wipes not flushable?

Unlike toilet paper, wipes are made up of soft but rigid synthetic material.

This makes it difficult for water and other drain-cleaning detergents to access the individual components of the wipes to make them soluble. 

As a result, the wipes stick to the walls of the pipes, attracting more debris.

Your toilet will start clogging with time because waste cannot flush through pipes filled with wipes and other debris. 

How do you dissolve wipes in a septic tank?

Wipes can only dissolve by themselves in your septic tank. At least safely. No chemical can break down or dissolve baby wipes. 

Your septic tank and drainage system can comfortably accommodate non-fluid materials that take a maximum of twenty-four hours to disintegrate, such as toilet paper. 

On the other hand, wipes take a month to dissolve fully. When you regularly flush down wipes, they easily accumulate to block your drainage.

Wipes then coagulate material in the septic tank which makes it insufficient.

What chemicals can you use to dissolve wipes?

Although no chemical is known to dissolve wipes 100%, there might be a few options you might give a try. 

Take the precaution so that you don’t end up killing all the bacteria in your septic tank or damaging the pipes.

1. Bleach

Some sites recommend using bleach to unclog your drainage system. However, the low chances are that this might dissolve wipes.

Bleach dissolves clogs by reacting with acids in the clog to form a soluble salt and water. 

Unfortunately, wipes have a different formulation with nonwoven fabric. As a result, it makes it difficult for bleach to break down these synthetic components. 

2. Acid

Sulfuric acid might do the job. Nevertheless, you need to take extreme caution lest you land on a bigger problem.

Sulfuric acid will break down the rigid polymer in wipes and reduce the potential to cause blockage.

However, keep in mind that sulfuric acid is highly corrosive. Due to this, you should wear protective gear like gloves, goggles and work in a properly ventilated area.

Also, never mix it with any reagent, which could lead to a violent reaction.

Apart from posing a risk to you, sulfuric acid will also corrode galvanized pipes and stainless steel. Due to this, the acid will destroy your septic tank over time.  

More importantly, sulfuric acid clears out all the synthetic bacteria in your sewer, leaving your home with untreated sewage.

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How do I know whether my sewage is blocked?

It’s easy to tell. First, your toilet will flush sluggishly since the drain is full.

Second, blocked sewage will produce a foul smell in your house since sewage will now be decomposing in pipes rather than in the septic tank. 

Worse still, raw sewage will start flowing back to your home.

Outside over the septic tank, the grass will become greener, and you might as well see a water patch over the yard.

How do you remove the wipes clogging the septic tank?

You can dissolve wipes in a septic tank using sulfuric acid drain cleaners, but only with professional guidance lest you make the issue worse than it is.

A professional plumber is better skilled and pumping out such clogs in toilets and septic tanks.

After unclogging, they will also clean it up for you. Therefore, we recommend getting a professional plumber every few years, even if you have no clogs. 


You no longer have to worry about how do you dissolve wipes in a septic tank.

While the best option is to refrain from throwing wipes in the septic, we understand that errors occur.

What you can do is use sulfuric acid. Still, the best option is to get a professional plumber to do it for you. 


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